D&D 5E [Spoilers for Tomb of Annihilation] Looking for help from the Hive Mind


So, my party has just failed spectacularly at the Tomb of Annihilation--they managed to hand the Soul Monger over to Asmodeus, who is using it to hoover up the souls of anyone who dies on the Prime Material plane. They are back in Port Nyanzaru, and are planning to travel to Hell (by way of Skullport and then Sigil) to destroy the Soul Monger, for real this time.

Now, I have a Tiefling paladin of Kelemvor (god of death) who is looking for help from his deity. It makes sense that Kelemvor would be very motivated to assist and stop the diversion of souls. What sort of assistance would you suggest? Looking for something that would meaningfully assist the party, without unbalancing things or creating too much of a shortcut.

So far I am kicking around ideas like:
  • a magic item / boon / blessing
  • an ally who can provide lore or other assistance
  • something to assist with the planar travel (but not bypass Sigil)
  • something to assist in the destruction of the Soul Monger.
In typing this out, I have come up with the idea that there is a portal key that opens one of the gates to hell in Sigil. The portal key is currently in the grave of an plane-traveling adventurer in Skullport or Waterdeep. The PCs have to dig up the grave to retrieve the portal key. The paladin gets a vision of this grave (or crypt) while praying/meditating.

Other ideas/suggestions welcome!

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No rule is inviolate
Paladin: Um, Kelemvor? You out there? I kinda screwed up and need some help. Maybe an artifact, or if you can't do that maybe nudge someone my way who can help me clean up my mess. Pretty please?

Kelemvor: You just spectacularly screwed the pooch back there, totally botched it! And now you want more help? What did you call those smites I gave you, or those auras? It's not easy dishing out divine essence to every mortal who wants a piece. I know life would be easier if the gods just swooped in and bailed your arse out or gave you a boost when the chips are down. But that wouldn't be fair, and you know me, I'm kind of a big deal when it comes to being neutral about people. I'd think about it, but only when it's a cleric, level 10 or higher. Are you a 10th level cleric? Aha, didn't think so. Anyhow, chin up, little buddy. You can do this. I have faith in you!

Paladin: grumbles Why you tight-fisted, selfish bony-faced...

Kelemvor: What was that?

Paladin: Nothing! Just saying it's a bit light misted out for the pony race...
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First: How did you know that we are a hivemind? :p

Second please use a spoiler warning if you start your post with the result of a campaign some of us not so hiveminded might have not yet played but would love to without being spoiled.


In Descent into Avernus there is a sage at Candlekeep that knows a wizard that can perform planar travel. That's how the party gets to Avernus. Maybe he could help your party get to wherever they need to go? Of course, they have to gain admittance to Candlekeep first, which requires a rare book not in their library. I saw this on DMs Guild:

101 Books to Gain Entry into Candlekeep (pay what you want)

Your party can perform a quest to gain a rare book that will allow entry into Candlekeep and perhaps meet with the sage who can help them on their journey?


Ability to use Channel Divinity to Turn Undead as a cleric (if no cleric in party) or to speak with dead?

Boost to paladin aura that prevents creatures within aura from being animated as undead?

Other abilities inspired by the Doomguide prestige class?


Lord of the Hidden Layer
Storm King's Thunder has a chapter with things that happen / people you meet when you dig up legendary heroes' graves. Pilfer an idea or two from there.

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