EN Publishing Staff Changes At EN Publishing

There have been a couple of staff changes at EN Publishing recently! We're growing, and we have a new Publishing Administrator and a new 2000 AD Line Manager!


Angus Abranson left the company last summer when he acquired the company BoardGameGuru. Jessica Hancock joined the company early this year as our new Publishing Administrator. Jess handles a lot of the behind-the-scenes admin stuff -- dealing with printers and shippers, fulfilling Kickstarters, arranging convention appearances, handling the taxes, and so on. This role is a vital part of any company, and often one of the unsung heroes.

Marc Langworthy starts work today as our new 2000 AD Line Manager! He will be responsible for bringing you books for both Judge Dredd and the other 2000 AD lines, starting with The Cursed Earth, Rogue Trooper, and Strontium Dog. Marc is also the head honcho at Red Scar. We will be producing a book every two months under his care!

Exciting times ahead as this little company grows!
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