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Pathfinder 1E Staff of the Gormand

I'm planning on throwing a silly magic staff in as loot in my next dungeon. It's a magical staff used by the goblin head chef in the dungeon's kitchen. It will look like an oversized wooden spoon. I'm thinking that it will allow the wielder to cast Create Water, Purify Food and Drink, Mage Hand (for grabbing hot pans), and Prestidigitation (for flavoring food).

What other abilities should I give it? I'm not looking to create a super serious, take this into the dungeon to kill the dragon, staff. Just something silly to add in for my players.

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I might add a unique magical effect where the user of the staff can tell if a food item has reached their desired degree of "doneness" - i.e. whether that roast they put in the oven has reached medium-rare, maybe letting them know if it's unevenly done so they know need to rotate it or flip it.


Some sort of timing device? Cooking duration can be important...

How about an hourglass or egg-timer built into the handle?
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