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Star Wars d20 starship ranged weapons


Sorry if this was previously discussed.. searched and did not find it.

Star Wars d20 revised references table 11-8 (page 214, STARWARS d20 revised core rule book, first printing may 2002) for ranges for most starship ranged weapons (lasers... etc). It arbitrarily stops at 20 squares of range for most blasters and lasers. I'm curious if anyone has used an alternate range and damage system for starship combat.

For example.. following table 11-8, say we let shots be attempted at targets further out than 20 squares be tried, but with ever increasing penalties. Like the d20 system does for personal scale powered weapons out to 10 range increments. But, add in an effectiveness reduction, after so many squares. Say 1 die less damage per range increment over 20 squares. So extending table 11-8 below..

PB 0-1: +0
Short 2-5: -2
Med 6-10: -4
Long 11-20: -6
L+ 21-25: -8
L++ 26-30: -10

Firing at a ship say 30 squares away, would be possible, but would be at, -10 to hit and the weapon damage would be say 2 die less.

After typing this I'm thinking ignoring this chart and just assigning a range increment 5 to all ranged ship weapons, and for each range increment over the initial one is -2 to hit, and -1 die of damage till you can't hit, or you have no damage left, would be way simpler.

The range 30 squares example with this simpler concept, would be 5 range increments over the initial one, so -10 to hit, and -5 damage dice.
An example for say a target at 10 squares. would be -2 to hit, and -1 die of damage.


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