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I may be new to this community, but I entered it with a purpose: to begin a Grand Empire At War AAR Campaign. Now, what exactly does this entail? Well, thanks to the extremely active modding community for this game, we have mods spanning 3 major eras in the Star Wars universe. As such, I shall be utilizing three specific mods to accomplish my task. I will begin with the Clone Wars and the rise of the Empire with Fall of the Republic, witness the gripping conflict between the Empire and the Rebellion in Awakening of the Rebellion, and eventually see through to the Imperial Civil War in Thrawn's Revenge, all with the same character! As you will soon see, my roleplay will be done through the eyes of a single character, one that I made up specifically for this AAR. All perceptions of what occurs in the galaxy will be his, and we shall all follow along in his journey as he turns from a bright-eyed officer to a grizzled war veteran. I hope to have lots of fun with this new project of mine, and hope that everyone who views this has a good time as well!

P.S. Feel free to offer suggestions on what I should do! I will take everything into consideration and may also integrate it as roleplay!
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Log 0: A Command of My Own
I think everyone had the same amount of shock that the Galaxy was engulfed in a war, no matter how they found out. Whether it be through a HoloNet News article, one of the many speeches given by senators, both Republic and Separatist alike, or word of mouth, we were all stunned. I remember exactly how, when, and where I found out.
I was sitting in my office one quiet morning, enjoying a hot cup of caf, just about to start my day when I received an incoming transmission on my holoprojector. I was a bit surprised; I didn’t usually get early morning transmissions. Curious as to who it was, I accepted the request which sprung the holoprojector to life and displayed a human female in her early 30’s wearing a Republic Navy uniform. My eyes widened a bit as I cracked a smile.
“Juli! It's been quite a few years since I heard from you. Not since our CDF days, I believe.”
She smiled back at me, “Your memory is as strong as always, Kio. I apologize for not keeping in touch, the Republic Navy has kept me very busy these last years.”
“I am sure it has. I myself have had my hands full with overseeing just a single section of the Corellian shipyards, so I can only imagine what you have to handle.”
“Yes, yes. Look, I’m sorry if this sounds rude, but I did not call to catch up. I have an important reason as to why we are talking.”
I raised my eyebrow, not with unpleasantness, but a continued curiosity, “Well, best not keep me in the dark then.”
Juli nervously rubbed the bridge of her nose before she spoke, “Kio, are you aware of what happened on Geonosis recently?”
I thought for a moment. I admit, I didn’t keep up with the news as much as I probably should, though the name Geonosis did ring somewhat of a bell.
“Not specifically. What happened?”
“A Jedi strike team was dispatched to the planet to rescue two fellow Jedi and a senator. Many of the Jedi died, with only a fraction of the original force surviving. They too would have perished had it not been for the reveal of the Clone Army.”
I gave a bewildered look, “Clone Army? We have one of those?”
“Apparently so. No one has questioned it, and I doubt they will. We are at war now, Kio. A group of powerful corporate leaders allied together with Count Dooku and formed the Confederacy of Independent Systems with an army of millions of Battle Droids. Geonosis was the first battle, and now systems from all over the galaxy are seceding from the Republic. We’ve been caught on the backfoot, and we desperately need combat leaders. That is why I have come to you.”
I stared at Juli with a mix of confusion and excitement. She was offering the one thing I had always wanted: a command of my own. Ever since I was a child, I had wanted it. Throughout my time in the CDF, I had wanted it. And even in these years as an administrator, I had wanted it. Juli was most likely preying on this dream, since she very well knew about it, but I could hardly resist. I gave a simple response.
“When do I start?”
Juli grinned widely, “Report to Kuat as soon as possible. There you will be given your ship, an Acclamator, and meet your crew. After a short adjustment and familiarization period, you’ll receive your orders. I wish you good luck on the battlefield, Captain.”
The holoprojector shut off as she disconnected the transmission, leaving me alone in my office with a cup of now lukewarm caf. I sat in my chair for a few minutes, collecting my thoughts, before joy overtook me, and I started packing my things. I was an officer now, an officer of the Republic, and I would make it proud.


There's a gamer seeking gamer forum. This thread may be more at home there.
Hello! I took a look around that forum and it didn't seem to be precisely what I have in mind for this thread. Thanks for the suggestion though!


Perhaps I'm confused what the tread is about beyond Star Wars.
I'm using the thread to post about my Empire at War game in a creative and more roleplay-oriented way. I've played this game for a few years, and I enjoy writing, so I thought I'd combine the two.


I learned nerd for this.
I'm using the thread to post about my Empire at War game in a creative and more roleplay-oriented way. I've played this game for a few years, and I enjoy writing, so I thought I'd combine the two.
I thought you were trying to recruit folks, my bad.


I learned nerd for this.
Welcome to the community. There's lots going on around here. Feel free to jump in wherever you feel comfortable. The grognards tend to bite. You'll figure out who they are with time. Just try to keep all appendages inside the vehicle at all times.


Welcome to the community. There's lots going on around here. Feel free to jump in wherever you feel comfortable. The grognards tend to bite. You'll figure out who they are with time. Just try to keep all appendages inside the vehicle at all times.
Will do


Log 1: First Taste of Combat

I didn’t truly understand just how splintered the Republic had become until I arrived at Kuat. Sure, while on the trip I read about how Republic Sector Forces in the Outer Rim were being overrun by Separatist fleets and armies, but seeing the updated galactic holomap displayed in front of me is what did it. We only had two potential defendable positions that we could launch assaults out of: the Core and the worlds around Kamino and Rothana. As expected, the bulk of the Republic armada was in the Core Worlds defending Coruscant, Kuat, and Carida, among other planets, with some of our top minds commanding the fleets. Out in Kamino, there were fewer ships and fewer naval officers, but a fair amount of ground commanders in the form of Jedi generals and skilled clone troopers.
But, to my surprise, that was about it. The only other worlds with a Republic presence were Eriadu and Mon Cala, the former of which was expected to fall within weeks due to its untenable position. Mon Cala on the other hand had a decent chance at becoming a fortress world thanks to its impressive orbital shipyards. Command wished to increase those chances by having a hypervelocity cannon constructed on the planet’s surface, so they were able to supply the materials necessary through several shipments via freighters. If the Separatists ever knock on the Mon Cala door, they’ll be met with a nasty surprise to the face.
In more ‘exciting’ news, there was a Separatist attack on Alderaan not too long ago. The fleet wasn’t that large, but it was headed by a Providence-class Destroyer which easily blew through what little resistance the Republic defense station could put up. Now Alderaan was just a jump away from Kuat, and I pleaded to Juli to let me lead a counterattack. However, she said it was too dangerous, and the fact was there were currently no available capital ships at Kuat to assist. The closest ships were at Humbarine, but they were needed to defend the planet’s shipyards. She didn’t want me to get myself killed in my first battle. I wanted to protest, but I chose against it. Besides, Command had already dispatched a fleet from Coruscant to deal with the invaders.
We suspected that they had attacked from Vulpter, a CIS-held planet in the Core Worlds and one that could produce capital ships via their shipyards. With the Separatist fleet gone and busy with Alderaan, a fleet could easily strike at Vulpter and put the shipyards back in Republic hands. Then, from there, they could relieve Alderaan with an attack at the rear. This is pretty much how it went, with famous naval officer Adar Tallon commanding the assault force. After that threat was swept away, a ground force was assembled from all over the Core. Platoons of Clone troopers, several companies of AT-TEs, and a fair few supporting LAATs gathered in the orbit of Vulpter.
From what I read, the invasion went as smoothly as one could expect. The Separatists were so eager to repel the Republic forces that they didn’t take the time to organize themselves into a cohesive fighting unit, instead opting to attack the defenders in small waves. Due to this, the Republic troops were able to dig in between each wave, strengthening their position and making it more difficult for them to be pushed out. The enemy eventually exhausted themselves enough for our troops to launch their own attack, completely overrunning the remaining battle droids. I hear that General Plo Koon, a Jedi Master, led the attack personally, alongside Colonel Hurst Romodi in his A5 Juggernaut. The casualty rates were low on our end, so I certainly respect the tactical mind of this Jedi.
After the victory at Vulpter, Adar Tallon and his fleet arrived at Kuat for repairs. I personally oversaw the process to ensure every ship was in fighting shape. There was also a meeting of high-ranking officers. Commander Tallon was of course in attendance, as well as Major Lynch Hauser and Admiral Arikakon Baraka, to name a few. I wasn’t there, but from the looks of it, Admiral Baraka has been dispatched to Carida to link up with the fleet there which is currently commanded by Captain Pellaeon. I suspect that they’ll strike Brentaal IV in addition to Balmorra. Both planets are vital to the security of the Core Worlds.
Speaking of which, word of Rendili’s takeover has reached Kuat. The Trade Federation took advantage of the confused state that the Republic is in and conquered the planet, shipyards and all. Not only will those shipyards be used against us, but the Trade Federation could also strike at Vulpter before proper defenses can be established. Republic Command has ordered Major Hauser and Commander Tallon to take the fleet at Kuat, link up with the force over Humbarine, and destroy the enemy fleet. One might think this is overkill, but it is reported that the Separatists have a Lucrehulk in the fleet, and those things should not be underestimated. The sheer amount of fighters they can hold is worrying enough, but combined with the shields and hull, the ship turns into a floating fortress.
I am to be a part of this task force, and I couldn’t be happier. I haven’t been in combat since Juli and I repelled a pirate raid on a merchant convoy in the Corellian sector. The battle is expected to be a decisive victory for the Republic, so I am not too worried. Oh, seems like we’re about to head off. I best get to the bridge. I should speak with Juli after the battle and tell her how it goes. I’ll need to remember to attach a recording of our conversation, for sentimental value.

Recording Start
“Greetings, Captain Cedrix. It still feels weird to call you that.”

“Feels weird to get called that.”

“I felt the same way when I was given my first command. So, I heard the battle over Rendili went well.”

“Yes, indeed. The fleet was smaller than we had anticipated. We knew that they had a Lucrehulk, but that was pretty much it outside of a few corvettes and garrison fighter squadrons. Seems like they hadn’t gotten the shipyards up and running yet.”

“Care to share the details? I’ll be getting the report from Commander Tallon sometime soon, but it’d be nice to hear it from you personally since it was your first battle.”

“Well, the fleet’s formation was the most critical factor since we didn’t want to risk any of the Acclamators from being solely targeted by that Lucrehulk. As such, Commander Tallon established a line of four Invincible-class Dreadnaughts with five Acclamators in the back. The Invincibles were basically meant to soak up all of the turbolaser fire from the Lucrehulk while tearing through its hull with concussion missiles. The Acclamators stayed behind and offered mild support, but mostly acted as carriers by sending out fighters to combat the enemy’s own fighters and bombers to disable key points throughout the Lucrehulk.”

“How was it for you?”

“I…I enjoyed the thrill of battle. There was something about it that just felt right. I might be a small cog in a very large wheel, but I am content with that. I want to serve something greater than myself, and I believe I am.”

“I’m glad you find it enjoyable. Good officers should.”

“I also got a compliment from Commander Tallon himself.”

“Oh? Do tell.”

“He complimented me on the usage of my fighter squadrons. They were able to intercept a large formation of enemy bombers before they could slip around the flank and strike at our backline. I assumed the Separatists would try such a move, so I had my fighters in the optimal position to prevent it.”

“There you go, already getting yourself some glory.”

“I wouldn’t call it that, but I certainly appreciated it, especially coming from him.”

“Take it with pride. Not many high-ranking officers will offer that sort of praise.”

“I will. Well, I should get going now. We’re preparing for the land invasion of Rendili and Generals Plo Koon and Kit Fisto should be arriving here shortly.”

“Sounds good, Kio. Be sure to call me again soon, yeah?”

“Will do, ma’am.”

Recording End
Screenshot (544).png

The Stargazer, Captain Kio's ship, and the rest of the Republic fleet engages with a Separatist Lucrehulk over Rendili

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