Star Wars: Thrawns Revenge?


So Ahsoka finished up and I managed to get Thrawns Revenge working again on the PC. It's a strategy game based the older legend material using the Empire at War base game and its a conversion type mod (its on steam). It was also the last Star Wars strategy game. I would like ENworld to help me pick what faction to play. A campaign might take 20-40 hours to play.

I haven't tested the latest patch yet as they have overhauled the mod. The basic idea is conquer the galaxy progressing through 7 eras. The eras change what ships and heroes are available. Imperial factions have a reunification mechanic to unite the Empire.

The Factions.

The New Republic

In Era 1 they rebelHeroes and fleet start of at Endor (Luke, Han etc) with some admiral and other heroes scattered across the map. Consolidating the area in the galactic south and retaining Mon Calamari are priorities. Probably the strongest faction in the game with the best heroes, best ships, ok on land. They start off with tanks mon calamari star cruisers and great fighters/bomber carrier type faction and by era 7 have the best most powerful new class ships.

The Empire
The Emperor is dead all hail Sate Pestage. Who? Exactly. The fleet lays broken and scattered and it's piggy in the middle time. You're the pig. The Rebels want to finish you off along with all the other imperial factions. The galactic core isn't that secure with multiple ways in and everyone wants Coruscant. And you fleets scattered. If you can survive until Era 4 the Dark Empire Palpatine returns in clone form and you have the best powerful toys. By era 7 better hope you have crushed the New Republic your ships are kinda pathetic. Solid all round fleet options era 1-7. Best dreadnought faction if you dont lose any in earlier eras.

The Empire of the Hand.

Thrawns personal "good" Empire. Very good ships and sone overpowered ground units. Expensive ships, poor hero units and no corporations to assist you spamming key ships eg Kuat or Corellion Engineering. Thrawn only hangs around for era 1 and leaves to rejoin the Empire. Good units but kind of hard to make a cohesive fleet less versatility. Fastest jump drives in the game to run away no dreadnought options. Kind of a hybrid faction of the Empire and New Republic designs.

Warlord Zsinj.

Formerly one of the most powerful Imperial factions the Warlord got nerfed as he lost his Suoer Star Destroyer. You can upgrade to it but its expensive. Zsinj is an oddball imperial Warlord with access to some New Republic ships and some pirate units. He will use whatever he can get. Some of the best infantry in the game and he has Dathomir. If you watched The Clone Wars or Ahsoka that Dathomir. Can recruit rancor riding nightsisters. Can build several super star destroyers if you can get the resources. Bad starting position due to multiple hostile neighbour's.

Hapes Consortium
Matriarchal pirate faction with battle dragons one of the best frigates in the game. So so hero roster and ground units except infantry which is fantastic. In universe allied the New Republic. Very good fighters and bombers poor capital ships and no dreadnoughts whatsoever. One trick pony but that one trick can be devastating but can be very expensive in a drawn out slugfest with opposing capital ships. Poor starting position.

Corporate Sector Authority

Reasonably secure small but rich starting position. Corporate dystopia rich worlds, poor heroes except economy boosting ones. Poor army units. Did I mention the economy? Your space units are a mish mash of ex imperial obsolete units and the finest eft over units from the clone wars. Trade federation battleships, B1 battle driods, corporate cops/mafia and an RNG based market to buy random ships from other factions. Your ground units are strike breakers and militarized corporate security (poor).Poor bombers and fighters. The junk faction but lots of it and rich. Late game nightmare with tanky donut trade federation battleships. Roger Roger. Hint capture Mandalore for their units pray to RNG Jeebers for decent units.

Pentastar Alignment

The imperial carrier based faction. It seems all the clone wars Venators ended up in this faction. Small but secure starting location galactic North. If you like TIE fighters, bombers and carriers this faction is for you. Good heroes and leaders with over powered gunships for land based battles. Comparatively poor heavy units and infantry. Their capital ships tend to be older carrier based designs with limited access to standard imperial units. They have various new frigate designs and venators in the cruiser type role. Reasonable access to dreadnoughts with several options. Basic idea bury your opponents in fighters and bombers, then swoop in with large amounts of frigates.

Eriadu Authority
Grand Moff Tarkins old stomping grounds. The battleship Imperial faction with somewhat poor frigate, fighter, bomber and support ships. Poor leaders. Biggest baddest Super Star Destroyer design on top of things like Vaders flagship. Has wide rage of Star Destroyer and heavy star destroyer designs to pick from along with pocket super star destroyers. Leader can also upgrade to the Knights Hammer yet another super star destroyer. Notice the recurring theme here. If you get access to some frigates via various means becomes an S tier faction. Starts in Galactic South near Endor........

Greater Maldrood.

The imperial frigate faction. You have good frigate and cruiser designs, limited access to capital ship designs. Comparatively poor fighter and bomber options. As far as imperial factions go weakest access to numbers of smaller and fast light SSD designs. Great support ships with a biggest fleet tender in the game with big aura/radius. Basic idea cram a heap of frigates in that aura and use it to tank hits while using a few Star Destroyers. Thrawn woukd love this faction but no Thrawn for you. Your leaders are quite skilled but few in number.

Other stuff.

You advance eras by killing the imperial leader (Pestage. Isard, Thrawn, Clone Emperor, Daala, Pellaneon) or waiting for time to pass.

Leaders do not respawn except a rare few who get new ships in later eras and rare exceptions. Dead is dead.

You can recruit various heroes as most factions. Imperial factions share the talent pool. If you recruit them they're gone from the leader pool for other factions.

Some planets have unique units to recruit eg Mandalore.

Some planets get unique buildings or corporations for some factions. Eg cloning tanks at Wayland.

New Republic can switch head of state which allows new units. This also effects what admirals are available.

Admirals are ranked in skill I to V. I is the best (25% fire rate, damage, damage reduction iirc, V is 5%) V is kinda bad but better than nothing. Thrawn and Ackvar are skill I, typical imperial is IV or V good ones are skill II or III. Typical New Republic is around III. CSA is IV or V, Hapes similar to CSA but can recruit unlimited lvl III with house influence mechanic but have no level I or II. Empire of the Hand IV and V. Maldrood has several II and III.
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Thrawn wants his possessive apostrophe back.


Just watched that video looks like they have overhauled things.

Looks like you could play as Empire, progress to Thrawn and have him create the dark empire summoning the clone Emperor.

All the imperial factions can do this apparently.

So you can keep Thrawn the whole game. Unite the Empire, get the imperial superweapons.

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