Starfinder Starfinder Adventure Path #12: Heart of Night to Debut in Late January 2019

Hello again, fellow Paizo fans, and welcome back to your favorite source for Paizo news! We’re trying out a new, breezier format here with your Paizo news, so hold on tight and enjoy the ride. It’s the start of a new month which means there’s a whole new slate of releases and reveals. Up first: the latest Starfinder Adventure Path!

The fun never stops in the Pact Worlds, and for your characters that means the next episode of the SIGNAL OF SCREAMS Adventure Path! Starfinder Adventure Path #12: Heart of Night sees the continued misfortune of characters who attempted to stop the flesh- and mind-warping signal from spreading throughout the galaxy. Spoilers spoilers spoilers – things continue to go poorly, and now your heroes are trapped on the Shadow Plane with the very source of the signal itself! Can you defeat the newest and maddest of shadowy outsiders? Can you salvage your souls from corruption? WILL YOUR GM KEEP THE HORROR TRAIN GOING? Find out in HEART OF NIGHT!

Heart of the Night is the third and final episode of the Signal of Screams Adventure Path, marking the completion of what I believe is the second of their experimental three-episode Adventure Paths. From what I read in The Diaspora Strain, the Golem certainly has the chops for excellent horror adventures, and I hope they do more. The three-part structure also looks to be a welcome development, as it allows for more flexibility with your Starfinder campaigns. What do you think about this format? Are you excited for the chance to see this horror to its end? Let us know in the comments!

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Ben Reece

Ben Reece

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