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Sale Starfinder RPG - Dawn of Flame AP 1: Fire Starters- Paizo Inc. (FG VTT)


Belle Muerte
Starfinder RPG - Dawn of Flame AP 1: Fire Starters
-Paizo Inc.

It Takes One Spark
A magical portal to the Plane of Fire disappears into the sun just after something exits it for the first time in recorded history. An overwhelming telepathic burst from within the star quickly follows, and a scientist recruits the heroes to help her find out what's going on.
The mission takes the heroes to a Lashunta enclave called Asanatown in the Burning Archipelago, a bubble-city in the sun's atmosphere, to meet with another scientist who can help. Before that meeting can happen, however, the psychic disturbance leads radicals among the telepathically sensitive Lashuntas to take matters into their own hands, closing Asanatown off from the rest of the sun-based city.
Trapped, the heroes must rescue their contact and return power to the proper authorities to escape!

Reg. $22.99 On Sale $18.39 thru July 18th.
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