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Thanks for your replies gentlemen! I was pleased to come back to find more discussion. Although.. I didn't mean to start a contentious discussion, but it looks like Morrus has things well in hand. ;)

I'll be comfortable allowing monks now.

As for the Background Feats.. I think I'll take the following stance.

1.) I'll point out that they're not in the CB, so nothing will be conveniently calculated for them.

2.) I'll tell them that they may be powerful. They're good players. If the feats really capture their imagination, I'll ask them to audit them on how best to make them a little more balanced. Perhaps by not being "free feats" but rather selected feats, and/or watered down a little. Most of them don't like to munchkin anyway.

3.) I'll point out that the spirit of the background can be kept along with a bonus that is more in line to examples in the Core Books.

Again, I appreciate the discussion!

I got kinda pulled away from this when I made it to Round Three in RPG Superstar! :D

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Adding my experiences with the BotR Feat. All characters now have it, 2 having chosen it at 1st level and 2 having joined after the White Wyrm encounter I believe.

Now, granted, we have only just finished the -something- Dead encounter, but none of the characters have even used it, except for perhaps the Insight bonus written on their character sheets.

So, therefore the feat has been a non-issue so far for my group.

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