Stocking Stuffers: Dice Ideas for Every Class

If you need a quick stocking stuffer, dice are a great choice. But they're not cheap anymore, and in fact the dice industry how exploded with options. The dice listed below are in alphabetical order by class. Best of all, they all ship using Amazon's Prime shipping (that's still not a guarantee it will arrive on time, but it helps!).


Artificer: Steampunk Metal Dice ($22)

Metal gears in ancient bronze is perfect for any artificer.


Bard: CooAoo DND Dice Set Electronic Dice Set ($13)

Who needs regular dice when you can have dice that flash when you throw them? Bards, that's who.


Barbarian: Bloodstained Metal Dice ($23)

If you're wondering what dice look like for a barbarian, it involves blood spatter.


Cleric: Blue and Silver Metal Dice ($21)

Evoking the sparkling blue of divine magic with the silver edging of metal armor, this set is perfect for clerics or paladins.


Druid: Flower Dice ($14)

These dice have flower petals inside them, as befitting nature casters.


Fighter: Dark Cyan/Gold Sharp Edge Dice ($26)

This dice set is as deadly to tables as your fighter is to monsters. If you've ever wondered why there are dice trays, sharp-edged dice are one of the reasons. And it comes with its own armor: a metal dice box.

Monk: Red and Gold Metal Dice ($18)

This set is brightly-colored in red and gold trim, evoking an Asian theme.


Paladin: Silver and Gold Metal Dice ($18)

I also like to call these dice "chandelier dice" because of the gold numbering on the silver dragon background.


Ranger: Color Changing Dice ($18)

For the ranger who travels across all kinds of terrain, this set changes between red and black. One caveat is you'll need to live in a place where the temperature swings between 26 ℃ (79 ℉) and 33 ℃ (91 ℉).


Rogue: Amiven Glow in The Dark Dice ($10)

These dice glow, but first keep them out in sunlight before prowling about at night.


Sorcerer: Red Dragon Scale Dice ($21)

This handsome red and silver-edge dice set is perfect for dragon sorcerers.

Warlock: Hollow Skull Metal Dice ($46)

This is my favorite set of dice, with a bat-winged skull on each face.


Wizard: Purple Gold Metal Dice ($20)

The purple sparkle and gold trim hints at the mystical powers of the arcane.
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Michael Tresca

Michael Tresca


Community Supporter
I'm not sure I agree that dice "aren't cheap anymore." There are lots and lots of inexpensive dice available. There are lots of good quality Chessex sets available at very reasonable prices.
I should probably have said "there are now luxury options for dice." 40 bucks for dice blows my mind, but here we are.


Heretic of The Seventh Circle
I got my wife a set of amethyst dice for about $65 for her birthday this year. Generally 20$ is our limit for stocking stuffers. Above that, it gets to sit under the tree! 😂

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