Stop telling me to boycott WotC. If you support open gaming, tell who to support. (+ thread)


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Note: I think this is my first plus thread. Please only post TTRPG companies publishing content under licenses at least as open as WotC's OGLs and which are not using any of the WotC OGLs. Completely separate systems under their own licenses that will not be affected by anything WotC does with its OGLs.

Wow, I've have spent a lot of time reading the threads on the OGL drama. Mostly I'm interested in the legal discussions. What I'm starting to tire of is all the posts about how horrible WotC is and why I should never buy from them again.

It is difficult for me to get worked up about about a license change that affects companies making toy/hobby products. I don't think I'm the uninformed/uncaring consumer. There are many companies I avoid for a variety of reasons. And I know most people don't think about the issues that bother me, and even when aware of them, won't bother to change their purchasing decisions. So I am sceptical about how much damage any of this will do to WotC if they decide to stick to their guns.

But I do support open source and open gaming. I like the idea. I like the community that builds around it. It isn't either-or for me. I use Windows, Mac, and Linux every day. I use a lot of free, open source software. I also use software with very hefty license fees.

So I would appreciate it if someone would stop repeating why I shouldn't support WotC and tell me which companies offer truly open gaming content, hopefully with licenses that avoid the ambiguity in the WotC licenses. Who is publishing under creative commons, and open gaming license similar to the original WotC OGL, or something similar?

If you simply recommend that I buy from a smaller publisher that doesn't offer anything at least as open as WotC's OGLs, don't bother posting. I already by content from various companies, but I've not taken the time to research which have open gaming licenses and how open they really are. Given how strongly many on EN World feel about this topic, I'm hoping some of you are better informed and can make some recommendations.

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A Title Much Cooler Than Anything on the Old Site
Level Up 5e!

Find 3pp that have OGL stuff that is printed and sitting in storage or warehouses.

Go run other games at your FLGS, especially anything else they have on their shelves that isn't D&D? Especially current OGL 1.0 stuff.

I dunno.
Isn't Level Up still using / subject to WotC's license?


A Title Much Cooler Than Anything on the Old Site
@mamba Thanks, I've keep seeing FATE and Savage Worlds discussed and have been meaning to check them out for years. Maybe a good time to give it a look. The OGL or CC NC I'll avoid for now as CC NC isn't really open if limited to noncommercial use and OGL just means its caught in the current license mess.
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PbtA is not generically under any version of Creative Commons. Vincent and Meg, creators of Apocalypse World (the first PbtA game), have encouraged people to make games inspired by theirs because they know mechanics can’t be copyrighted. Their formal statement is here.

Several PbtA games do carry a CC-BY license; Dungeon World and Thirsty Sword Lesbians are two that I know of. I think it’s important to be specific here so that people don’t assume that (say) the Avatar PbtA game is under an open license.

The same note applies to all of the CC-BY licensed games — derivatives may not be open licensed.

GUMSHOE is dual licensed under both the OGL and CC-BY. So is FATE.

Rowan, Rook, and Decard released their Resistance Toolbox under CC-BY. It’s the system that powers Heart and Spire.

Trophy has a CC-BY SRD. 2400 (minimalist flexible system) has a CC-BY SRD.

Fari Games is not exhaustive but it’s pretty good.

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