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D&D 5E Storm King's Thunder


Aremus stared at the dwarves in disbelief, "I should think that the good people who live along the river will have heard news of a giant army moving south. Perhaps even seen their supply wagons loading water. You'd think they'd need plenty of it. But I am happy with whatever route we take, if it continues our adventure. I am happy to travel with you all."

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I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
"There are no settlements in the hills north of that bridge, ford, village...we need to check wild hills not settled country. Unless they already started the attack in which case we might find burned towns and slaves taken."
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Cloud Giants: Zephyros said he will meet back with the group in a ten day. He went off to search for clues / protect other small folk settlements. The young prince will stay in Goldenfields until the wizard returns. He is indeed now a target of his father's wrath, but can provide ariel surveillance for the fields.

Storm King: As best you can all understand, the different races of giantkind have declared war on each other. Normally, they are kept in check by an intricate caste system, but that belief seems to have been abandoned. Zephyros mentioned someone called The Storm King, the giant who sat at the very top of the caste, has gone missing. The wizard is hoping he can be found, alive, so that this war can be stopped before the small folk cities are destroyed from collateral damage.

Tranio: You explore the nearby hills and come across a very fancy looking barge. Purple banners with a golden goose hang from the sides. From speaking with one of the crew, who was stretching their legs, you learn it is called "The Grand Dame". It is a very popular floating Casino and would be happy to transport the party through the valley - provided you all buys some drinks and make some wagers.

Kobold Stew

Last Guy in the Airlock
Tranio feels he has not adequately explained the threat they are pursuing, but is happy to share the news that a riverboat casino is willing to transport them in the direction of the hill giants.


Round 0

“A casino?” Dren asked in disbelief. “Bah! A fool an’ ‘is gold are soon parted! But if ‘tis wot we ‘ave, I guess ‘twill ‘ave t’ dae. I’m jus’ foine wi’ drinkin’, but nae self-respectin’ dwarf wastes ‘is gold on games o’ chance. Noo if they’ve go’ some friendly wagers o’ skill an’ ability, then mebbe we c’n talk.”

Bonus Action:
Object Interaction:

AC: 16
HP: 35/51 HD: 6/6d8+2
Ki: 1/6/R
Darts 10
Arrows: 18 Used:

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Tranio - half-elf death cleric
Fistan - human wizard
Carolina - halfling rogue
Dren - dwarf monk
Bethany - human fighter
Aremus - half-elf paladin
Ordrar - dwarf eldritch knight


While it's not quite what Aremus had in mind when he liked the idea of travelling upriver, a popular riverboat may make for some interesting people to talk to. He's in.


I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
"We can go upriver, at least for a time." Ordrar comments. Not that he is eager to be on a funboat (or any boat) after Nightstone loses. But they will be faster that way.

Crew: The ship's crew consists of a captain named Nelvin Storn, a Tethyrian, and eight deckhands who all look like they've seen their shares of bar room brawls Storn is eager to meet with the party and discuss anything he should keep his eyes open for.

Grand Dame: An hour before dusk, a mob of commoners (thirty-two rowers, six chefs, six servers, a dozen card dealers, a dozen escorts, and three musicians) arrives at the docks for inspection by the captain, who stands on the pier next to the ship's boarding ramp. Storn promises each hired worker 5 gp for good service, with payment made the next morning. Once the workers are aboard, rowers report to the lower deck (area 4), servers and chefs to the kitchen (area 8), card dealers and escorts to the casino (area 9), and musicians to the dance hall (area 14). Wealthy, well-dressed guests begin arriving around the same time as the workers. Guests are free to wander the ship but are advised to keep away from the bridge and crew quarters on the upper
deck (areas 11-13).

Security: An older shou woman, in a green silk robe, patrols the boat. You notice that she has a magic bag, just like the one the cultists had, filled with gambling chips. This woman is never out of ear shot of the party.

Grand Dame.JPG



Aremus sat down for a drink with the Captain at the earliest opportunity. "How far North does your ship travel? Can we stay aboard as far as Yartar? That would be most convenient for us. While I expect us to enjoy your ship's hospitality, it is also of the utmost importance that we find any information we can on the movements of Giants. Any Giants, to be certain, but we are particularly interested in any information that confirms the movements of a Hill Giant army. I expect it is nothing, but rumours of this army has come our way, and I'm sure you understand, we would like it confirmed. Or better yet, refuted. We are, of course, willing to pay for any information, if it is good information."

OOC: Is it possible for me to have gotten some "bribe money" from the Abbott out of the "Goldenfields Security Coffer"?

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