[story hour] "Out of the Frying Pan" MONSTROUS DOUBLE-SIZED UPDATE!!


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That's right!

I had to break it up into two post because this installment was MONSTROUS. . .

This installment brings us to the conclusion of Session #29 and completes the "fugitive" mini-story arc. . .

So click on here and hop right to it. . .

a preview below:

They came through the castle gates a little more than two hours later. Jeremy, Beorth and Kazrack were cold and exhausted. In the west, the sun was beginning to set and the wind was howling in the canyons north of Gothanius.

“I will need to speak with the king immediately,” Martin the Green told the lieutenant of the wall-guard that was on duty.

“I will need to alert the captain of the guard, and the castle steward, sir,” the guard said. “But in the meantime please wait in the guardhouse, while I see that the prisoners are brought to cells. I will also have to take a report from Relaford of the Ogre’s Bluff guard.”

Relaford shot Martin a worried looked.

“Please wait patiently,” the guard told Martin and then gestured for one of his men to show the watch-mage to where he should wait. Martin looked back at Relaford and tried to nod reassuringly.

“There is also the matter of the manticore’s corpse we brought with us,” Martin said.

“It will be stored somewhere safe so that those that have more authority than I can determine whatever it is they might need to determine about it upon examination,” the guard said, sounding annoyed and dismissive.

Martin waited over two hours before Daniel the Castle Steward came for him.

“Martin, I am sorry that you had to wait so long, but I needed to take care of some things that your unexpected arrival might precipitated,” the round-faced young courtier said, putting out his hand to shake Martin’s. “Come with me, I will bring you to your former quarters. I have arranged for a meal and fresh bedclothes to be brought there. I am sure you are hungry and tired, but we have much to talk about, especially in regards to the story we got from the guards from Ogre’s Bluff.”

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