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D&D General Stranger Things Image of a D&D Game

The new Stranger Things season 4 promo video dropped with a cool quick scene of their D&D game! Not much to see but the old classic pitted dice. Anyone have a clue about the minis depicted?

Screen Shot 2021-08-06 at 9.51.40 PM.png

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As an 80s middle schooler we had miniatures. Poorly painted, but we had them. I think I got my first chessex vinyl Matt around 92 or 93 but I am not sure when they were invited My first "campaign," aroung 91-92,
Oh! Same! My first "campaign" (as opposed to Scout Camp-O-Ree one-shots), buying and painting our own mini was the price of admission. This would have been sometime between 90 and 92, I'm sure.

All the people in here who were lucky enough to live near hobby shops that actually carried miniatures. I remember when the Dungeon! board game first had the plastic pieces and thinking they were cool enough to use for Dungeons & Dragons... and then seeing Ral Partha metal miniatures for the first time on a family trip to Boston... and then finding out that those Dungeon! playing pieces were actually based on Ral Partha miniatures. My mind was completely blown, and I spent too much money buying up a bunch of metal.

I never actually saw battle maps, though. The first time I saw battle maps or even 1-inch grid paper was well after college, circa early aughts. Again, never living near a gaming and hobby store while growing up sucked. LOL


Hobbit on Quest (he/him)
Gen Con was close enough for us to go while still teens. It was a real eye opener on what kind of gaming support material was available but not carried by out closest hobby store. So that as our source of vinyl battle mats in the early 80s.


Victoria Rules
While we've used minis since forever, I didn't see a battlemat like that until at least the late 1990s.

Before that, people either used large sheets of gridded paper, hand-made eraseable mats, or (as we did and still do) gridded chalkboards.


I had (grenadier) metals minis was I was 10 when I got into D&D in 79/80. We used my mom's sewing mat (heavy duty brown cardboard with 1" squares) for our gameboard.

Beyond that...it looks like that's a red dragon foot and maybe a tail on the right - like some mini's been broken into pieces.


In the eighties we played without miniatures. We didn't start using them till third edition.

Of course third edition is written in such a way that miniatures are expected, and almost required.


I am pretty sure a game I played in in 1989 was using a Chessex vinyl mat. I think they were available before that, but I am not sure.

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