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Streets of Peril

Broken Blade Publishing


Streets of Peril is now available for purchase through DriveThruRPG! The game uses a d6 dice pool mechanic and is set within a dark Renaissance world.

Here are some the game’s features:

Urban Setting. Streets of Peril focuses on stories which revolve around major city states. Characters are expected to interact with powerful factions within their city and develop political alliances.
Grimdark Fantasy. Combat is deadly and holds social consequences. Monsters are rare and horrifying. Manipulating magic can produce unexpected and potentially dangerous outcomes.
Player-driven Campaigns. Characters declare ambitions which they strive to fulfill. Working towards and completing ambitions awards the characters with experience. Ambitions help characters discover common ground and compel them to reshape the world.
Dice Colors. Dice pools vary in color. The default white dice do not succeed as often as red and black dice. Modifying dice pool color reflects varying levels of advantage.
Detailed Setting. This book features a fleshed out world with a focus on the Cimbrian Empire. City states, religion, laws, factions, and cults are provided.

Lineages. All characters are human though they vary in their cultural, geographical, and social origins.
Experience as Currency. Rather than progressing through levels, characters gain experience which can be spent to buy advances. This allows players to create unique and flexible characters.
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