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Strike unarmed - for larger than medium


I'm looking for a ruling on unarmed strike for larger than medium creatures. Looking at an Ogre, I see his grapple bonus, but know unarmed strike attack or damage. Looking in the DMG, PHB, MM, I can't find anything that pertains to Large creature unarmed strike damage. The MM has tentacles, claws etc, but no unarmed strike. I've seen rules for differing sized weapons as well.

Does anyone know if there is a "rule" that I have missed? If not, I'll make a ruling and move on, but it seems like I've missed something. Or beyond a certain strength level, can you not do subdual damage?

If you know, Thank you,

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The table you are looking for looks like this:

SRD said:
Medium Weapon Damage Tiny Weapon Damage Large Weapon Damage
1d2 — 1d3
1d3 1 1d4
1d4 1d2 1d6
1d6 1d3 1d8
1d8 1d4 2d6
1d10 1d6 2d8
1d12 1d8 3d6
2d4 1d4 2d6
2d6 1d8 3d6
2d8 1d10 3d8
2d10 2d6 4d8
So, a medium-sized humanoid's unarmed strike does 1d3 non-lethal damage.

A large creature's unarmed strike will therefore do 1d4 non-lethal.

The next size up is 1d6, etc.

You always do subdual / nonlethal damage with an unarmed strike, unless:

1. You take the Improved Unarmed Strike feat;
2. You take a -4 on the To Hit roll.


Ok, base if off of weapon damage like any other weapon. That's probably where I would have ended up(exhausting my search for a special rule for unarmed strike). Thanks for the pointer. Sometimes the simplest answer...

Thanks again,

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