Strikeforce: Morituri Part One "the Mortals" Is Completed


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“The Forces That Are”

Since I have not updated in a while I thought I would take a moment to break down the two sides that are competing for control of the fate of the multiverse.

The “good” guys-

INIFINTI- Goddess of creation and divergence. She is the one that keeps the multiverse running and allows for the “core” timeline and reality to alter. Few know of her and she is not widely worshipped BUT she is extremely powerful due to the unlimited powers she normally has. She has been trapped in a struggle to hold back her counter part.

TERESA- High level cleric and direct hand of Infiniti. It was she that organized the Champions of Infiniti and has tried to stop the “bad” guys. Her place of operations and thus of the heroes was within a tower in the Lost Lands. Vandel Boc and his assassins have recently killed her.

THE CAPTAIN- From a world very close to our own. During World War II he and his ally, Private Buckley, fought for the allied forces. They were close to finding and defeating the Red Man’s newest and most dangerous plot. Unknown to them, his real ploy was the discovery of magic, which was unheard of in their worlds. Buckley was killed as well as the Captain. The Captain was offered new life if he led the Strikeforce. He agreed.
He is very proper and has a 1940’s mindset of American idealism. He had an experimental shield, which was destroyed with their encounter with a large hulking figure known as the Brute Master. During this same battle, he found a new shield and wields it. It has been strongly hinted at as being a very powerful artifact that allows direct contact with the gods of justice.

CHRISTINA OF THE MACE- Christina is a high level cleric of Infiniti. She knows planeslore and acts as a guide. She has been aiding Infiniti for most of her life traveling through the planes often with alternate history and timelines. She was captured and hidden by a planar assassin known as Jarella until recently. She can be very superstitious at times and seems to have taken to the team’s rogue with an attitude- Jim Addards.
She has a unique condition. While still on her own native plane she was cursed. Her home was Ravenloft so this curse took on new meaning. Everytime she visits Ravenloft of a different time and reality, she meets her mother whom then has something horrible happen to her. Her “true” mother was a caring and watchful spirit that followed her through her adventures. She was referred to as Mom. Jarella destroyed her. Another time her mother of the reality was killed but her spirit and essence was placed into a powerful mace. This mother is referred to as Mother and is very overprotective and at times aggressive. A third mother known as Momma was transformed into a cat then became a familiar to a powerful mage. The mage died but she retailed her abilities. She travels with Christina also. She uses a special dimensional pouch to hide during times of great danger. Recently, she met a version of her mother that was experimented on and mutated into a centipede like creature.

JEAN- The Storm Wielder grew up on the blue seas of Kalamar. It has been hinted at that a dragon was the reason she left her home and lost her family. She tried to become a thief in the city to survive but was no good at it. She was taken in by a mage and trained in the arts of sorcery. She had an eventful and noteworthy adventures with other adventurers until killed by the very dragon that killed her mother. As the others, she was given the opportunity to live in the service of Infiniti and the multiverse.
She is a nature loving and protective mage that specializes in only spells that deal with weather. Recently, she was captured and experimented on. An undead body of a zombie is slowly replacing her beauty and positive life force. She hates herself and what she is becoming.

VANDER STORM BRINGER- Vander was a mercenary Psychic Warrior during the very early stages of Athas’ Cleansing Wars. He has seen little magic then and knew of it only being bad. He was within a few hundred miles of the epicenter of the psionic/magic disaster that created the Deadlands. Instead of dying, he was thrown into a rift of the realities. He found himself in a new world that was very different in many ways from Athas but still the same. War was brewing. During his time here, he was exposed to an artifact called the Deck of Wondrous Things. He found himself once more torn from one reality into another. This time to hell. After an unclear number of years here he was traded with a savage orc within the plane of Chaos. Ten-bites made him wish he were back in hell. But he did train well for war since that was the main thing to do on Acheron. He died displeasing her.
He was brought back to life and now travels with the group as the psionic specialist and very powerful fighter. He was killed when he fought a psionic mind flayer in one-on-one combat. His body was returned and recently brought back to life again (conversion of 3.0 to 3.5 psionics).

JIM ADDARDS aka MEGAMANIA- This rogue came from a world very similar to ours except for there were the start of mutants and super powered beings. He died in the year 2003 and refers to everyday stuff as such. His story is unique in that he served another god before without ever realizing it. He was a very gifted person trained by the US Government to be a spy and when needed, assassin. He was okay with this but found his life kept becoming twisted with possible cultist. Later in life, he began to have dreams of a powerful evil leader similar to Hitler. He became convinced he was born to kill this person to allow an age of enlightenment to begin. It never happened. Vandal Boc killed him.
As with the others, he came back to aid the team. When exposed to magic for the first time he discovered he was a SpellFire Wielder. He has taken great joy in this.
Jim is a rogue in so many ways. He is anti-authoritative and often has conflicts with The Captain. He is also the person that most often thinks out of the box. He has unique solutions that often work (pure luck) in surprising ways. While in Ravenloft, he given a curse, which he has dismissed, but Christina fears for the worst. He is a womanizer but has found he cares for her greatly.

SASHA- An Aural from the Oathbound World. She is another high templar and mage that follows Infiniti. She is new and still trying to fit in. She is proving to be highly informative and seems to know the future and acts like it will be grim.

The “Bad” Guys

The foe that wishes to destroy all none core realities goes by many names. He has been referred to as The Tattooed Man, The Darqueness, and The Destroyer. It has been suggested that he was reduced to an essence with no form from a past battle. His minions were given the mission of collecting artifacts he created so that he may re-absorb his energy back to have form and thus combat Infiniti.
He has promised power to his many generals. Several of these generals have direct links to the heroes.

THE RED LICH- A gaunt viewer and manipulator of others, the Red Lich was once the Red Man that The Captain battled. He is indeed a lich and very powerful. He avoids direct conflict with the heroes. He has hired or coerced several conflicts for the heroes. He appears to be the main leader of The Minions.

BRUTE MASTER- This Ogre of enormous and unnatural strength was the first the heroes fought. He was from a world once protected by epic level heroes but killed one by one by him. He controlled anything and everything he saw. He survived his first battle with the heroes and in turn nearly killed The Captain and Vander in combat. He vowed revenge when they escaped from him.
The Red Lich offered him this chance on a whim. He sent the green brute to Ravenloft to destroy them. However, the powers that be overwhelmed the creature and trapped him making him into a new darklord of an island that is his prison. He still Vows revenge.

JARRELLA- The plane’s greatest assassin. This psionic assassin doppelganger kills with little remorse and completes her given task at any expense. She is most dangerous when allowed to study and psionically read a foe. She attacks physically but also mentally. She has outwitted the team several times and as such collected several artifacts the heroes sought.
She may have a weakness however. She has come to respect the heroes; especially the rogue Megamania. What will mean in the future is uncertain.

VANDEL BOC- This psionic monk assassin has joined the Red Lich if only to kill Megamania. His hatred of the brash young man is so great he has left his “reality” to destroy him. He leads a powerful band of assassins and ninjas that follow his every word.
One of the most distinctive features he has is his facial scars. He received them by Megamania when thrown through glass that tore at his skin. He lost sight in one eye and has a series of jagged scars that center from his eyes and spread out.

There are many others but they have yet to be introduced.

Currently, the battle is centering on a great conflict on the plane of Acheron; The Chaos Plane. What will come of this is unclear and if Sasha knows she is not saying.


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“CHAOS Is Spelt With Three Letters W-A-R.”

The Troll crept through the rock field being watchful of any threats or dangers. He was sent here to patrol the area. It wanted more. It was hungry. The loose stones and many boulders created an excellent means for it to hide. But the ones he sought were even better at it. Kobolds.

These were no simple kobolds. These were the Kobolds of the Emerald Claw. They were stealthy, sneaky and the worse- they wielded fire.
The troll, his name lost long ago but known now as StinkTusk, heard something nearby. Now creeping through the large stones he made his way up to a cliff’s edge. Below were tents and pens and …Kobolds. Dozens of the dirty things. Within the pens were livestock and of all things…humans. Stinktusk found this funny. Kobolds stupid. Humans should be eaten quickly. Humans can be sneaky and runs away. Some even can hurt you. Unconsciously he rubs his shoulder where a magic user had struck him a few days ago in combat. He ate that mage one joint at a time. Beginning with his hands.

Then quite suddenly, the kobolds freeze. Did they see Stinktusk somehow? Then a great wind swept through the camp. The kobolds immediately went into defensive positions. Stinktusk did not believe what he saw next. Even on Acheron, a series of places within the Chaotic Plane, this was strange. Coming directly in high using the blinding glare of the sun, a woman and an armored man flew in. It was as if they flew on the great winds. But that is not possible Stinktusk tried to think. Another man, this one carried a strange and obviously magical shield entered down the main path. With him was a heavily armored woman.

Who were these humans? They were not of his tribe. They were not of any tribe he knew of. Outsiders! Outsiders are always trouble. They come not to fight. No- Strangers come here for something. Nothing else to do here but fight and find magic things left behind in war. Must tell my master.

As Stinktusk begins to move he senses something. A low hiss emits behind him. A kobold. This would be painful but required.

Jim Addards sneaks in behind everyone and reaches the cages and pens that hold the humans. Locks he can open he does. Once he finds one he can not, he begins to break them. One then another and another. A kobold rushes out to confront him. It suddenly freezes up and then is dispatched by Sasha, a catlike creature with bright yellow and green fur.

“Hurry, even these Kobolds will be hesitate but only for a moment. We do not wish to be here when they reorganize.”

“Too late human-lovers.” Comes a voice from no where.

A fiery blast erupts killing many humans instantly. The Aural hisses in pain as her fur catches on fire. The force of the blast has thrown Megamania into the pen and through a wall. Smoking he rises. A scary blend of hate and excitement on his masked face. “Time for introductions are over….”

The kobold sorcerer whom had attacked while invisible blasted them with his most powerful spell. The human wearing strange clothes seems unaffected by it. He instead raises a hand and blasts the startled sorcerer whom screeches in pain and surprise.

“The Kobolds of the Emerald claw are about to have a bad day” quips Christina.

It has been several hours since Stinktusk fought the evil toadling that wields fire. He is burned but alive. His stomach aches from the hot bones and flesh he consumed but he will live. He must reach his master and lord with the news.

Vander is back!


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“This place is really %#@@- up” grumbles Jim Addards. His skin is visibly glowing from the many fireballs and fire spells he was hit by the frightened and confused Kobolds.

When they arrived on the plane they ran first into a bugbear tribe that had human and elven slaves. Never caring much for slavery, both The Captain and Jim attacked. During the course of the conflict, they learned the bugbears had “bought” the slaves from a tribe of magic using kobolds.

The battle was fierce but Jim’s unique Spellfire abilities turned the tide of battle. The humans were free but what now? They were in no shape to survive on their own. Many even took to the charismatic Captain and the power stranger Megamania. Hero worship. The Captain was uneasy with it but had dealt with it before on the lands of Africa during the big war. They would seek out the closest human village and hope they offer aid for the survivors. Christina showed little support for the notion.

“This is a place of war and chaos. Sharing supplies with strangers can be a double-edged sword. Not all communities are willing to or able to do as you plan to ask.”

“What do you think Vander? You once lived here?”

Caught in deep thoughts he snaps out of it. “People on Acheron are survivors. Their best chance is to join a village but we can not cuddle them if the village turns them down. They at war here. The entire place. The plane itself wars with itself.”

“?” sighs Megamania. He can not imagine anything that crazy or chaotic.

They continue towards a possible village Jean saw while flying high over the stone plains. There are about 35 survivors- all human. Most are simple folk. Cannon fodder in a place like this.

Jean is uncertain if it is her changing lifeless eyes or even the strange atmosphere here. She swears she can see a faded block of uncanny portions floating in the high sky.

“Acheron is no mere plane. It is a unique series of blocks and fragments. Each has very unique properties to them. The greatest fear is to be near a strike zone.” Begins Sasha.

“Strike zone?” asks The Captain. With concern.

“Sometimes these fragments come very close creating wild magic and weather patterns. Sometimes they even strike. When this happens, hundreds of miles of land can be erased in a mere second.”

Megamania stratches his head thinking about it. He sparks living magical energy as he looks up to the sky. He can not see it but has little doubt Jean and Sasha are correct. He could die at any moments as the world literally collapses into itself. Unbelievable!

They exit the rock fields and begin to walk on a sandy barren area with little to change the scenery. Large rock monuments that are too war damaged to make out crop up occasionally. With night coming, they decide to risk exploring one. It roughly resembles a headless crouched animal. Caves and doors are visible but no signs of intelligent life. Birds, some dangerous, glide around the structure.

Getting closer- many were Wyverns. Not good. Vander is not impressed. He remembers battling one on Alion. Easy to defeat.

“Best make camp.” Suggests The Captain. “Try for a defensible spot with no occupants.”

Looking around the mound of solid rock Jean and the others come to the realization of the nature of the rock formation- it was once a single city sized settlement. Hundreds of ramps, stairs and built in ladders lead the way in. Some of the “tunnels” are very cavern like but many are carefully and skillfully shaped. Only the birds and bats seem to occupy it.

“What do you think Vander?” asks the Captain.

“I am unfamiliar with it. Acheron has many secrets hidden on it. This could be any number of lost cities or fortresses.”

Staring at the immense rock structure, The Captain tries to decide on a defensible place. He spots a balcony about sixty feet up and decides to check this out first. Looking about, he finds the remains of furniture and clothing. Anything wooden has long since rotted away but the metal and glass parts remain. There are several rooms that branch off from the main room. It appears to have only two exits, the balcony and a door leading into the center of the rock city. It would not take long for them to fortify it.

“Drop your bags- we have found our camp.”

“Jim- can you do anything with that glow?” asks the Captain.

“Not really, unless I release a lot of energy now. I figured I was due for that back room with a working door. Seal myself in.” Then looking at Christina, “Sealed in all by myself and alone.”

Sasha watches the exchange. She the importance of it and wishes it would go on forever, but everything has an end, even Infinity. She goes back to casting wards on the doorway to alert them of any intruders.

They sit and eat. Vander is the center of attention. It is not everyday one dies and returns. Vander admits he feels different. His psionics are different anyway. He can still use them on an instinctual basis but they are different. He explains how the mindflayer and he fought and how he died. It bothers several members that he can recall this with no sense of pain or terror. Vander is still Vander.

Now late, Vander takes first watch while the others sleep. If he sees Christina sneak into Jim’s room, he says and does nothing. Love and feeling are beyond him at this point.

Jean, sleeping in the room next to Jim is aware of Christina. Not by sound or by being her best friend. No it is much worse. She can sense the positive life energy. It is something she craves which brings fear to her. Will she ever turn on her friends? Becoming an undead creature has some benefits however. She never sleeps and has increased resistance to damage. Some of her senses have heightened …some reduced.

Sasha, the newest and possibly strangest member meditates. She is the only none human here. She comes from a world far removed from the ones the Strikeforce have thus far visited. It is a Bastion of power and trickery. It is as dangerous as any other world but the gods are directly involved. The gods and their powerful agents. She meditates on this.

The Captain is asleep. His powerful shield within arms reach. The swirling celestial pattern forms and reforms on its surface. Then, with him still asleep, the swirls rise and reach out from the shield. It surveys the room and the Captain. It studies him.


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Jim stares at the grooved ceiling. The glow coming from his body allows for him to see it well enough. He perceives the etched lines and thinks about the Japanese stone gardens. So beautiful and with hidden meaning. He moves his head to his side. Christina is sleeping. She has her own glow. It is not the magics she used to become immune to his Spellfire that crackles on touch. No. She is happy. The happiest he has seen her ever. She …loves him and he …her.

Of all the women in the multiverse to fall for. At least Momma stayed in her dimensional pocket. He hates making love and looking up to see the cat staring at him, twitching her tail. It was worse once he learned the cat was her mother. Oh the humanity.

His moment of peace and introspective is broken by the Captain shouting out from the balcony. Intruder!

Jim runs out to the main hall. From there he sees the Captain using his shield to hold off tentacles from a troll-like creature. Each of its tentacles has multiple mouths on it. It speaks in a hard and loud language. Where its head should be looks like black cords with a mouth within it. The mouth has long and razor sharp teeth. It stands over 9 feet tall. ( Epic Handbook- Pseudonatural Troll page 211)

The Captain calls Jim to stay back as he hurls his shield. The shield flies out striking the creature several times but it does little to no harm to its resilient skin. The creature attacks again even as his shield magically returns to his arm to defend him. Five of the six tentacles complete with thorny spikes strike. One is batted aside easily but the other four snake around the shield and strike him. He screams in pain as the tentacles coil tearing into his armor and armor then they lift him up and begin to saw and pull at him. The rending attack is killing him.

Jean, never truly asleep runs out. Her room was the closest to the Captain’s watch position. She immediately releases a lightning bolt at the planar creature. The air crackles and the creature pauses then shakes and stiffens as the lightning courses through it. The Captain shudders. Jim rushes in and grabs at the Captain. He directly releases a blast of pure magic into the creature making it howl in pain. The Captain tries to pull free but can not. Sasha stumbles out saying the creature will kill the Captain if allowed to attack again. She says this before even seeing what they face. The creature pauses then changes form. The legs and arms pull into the body as new tentacles sprout from its back. The mouth gives one more snarl and hiss before tentacles spill out of it. Soon, the Captain is covered by a mass of swirling and grouping spiked, multi-eyed and mouthed tentacles. He is nearly unconscious from the pain from the first attack. Christina, still wearing only a nightshirt begins to call onto the power of Infiniti. An aura surrounds the creature then fades. “It is resistant to magical effects!” she curses out loud after trying to Banish the creature. Then comes Vander. Vander’s psionic falchion audibly sings and he pulls the sheath from it. Wearing no armor he walks directly up to the swirling mass and begins to cut at it. Two strikes hit cutting off chunks of the beast. Most of the original damage regrows back! (DR25/+6 OUCH!) If Vander is scared, he doesn’t show it.

Jean, sensing how close the Captain is to becoming lifeless, changes tactics and drops the temperature radically around the creature. Ice forms and breaks as it tries to roll and slither away with its prize. The cold strikes but it is shrugging off the worst of it. Jim, now thoroughly pissed strikes again. He blasts at the creature with as much power as he feels he can safely. The creature screams and throws the near lifeless body of the Captain into Jim’s glowing body. The attack knocks the wind out of the unarmored and surprised rogue. The creature Dimensional Doors to the edge of the balcony and tries to escape. She sears the creature by opening a small but highly effective gate into the plane of sound. The sub-sonics tear the creature apart.

Christina immediately goes to the Captain’s body. Deep cuts and torn muscles pulse sickly. “Can you help him? I don’t like the idea of another walking dead with us.” Quips Jim thinking about Vander’s resurrection. The words tear into Jean’s soul instead. “Yes- just hold him still. The damage is more than physical.”

20 minutes go by before Christina and Sasha are done healing the Captain’s visible injuries and the Constitution loss he received also. His armor is badly mired but as always- the shield shines like a universe waking up.

Sasha takes guards as she continues to watch over the Captain. The others return to their rooms. Jean sits in the dark …by herself. Silently she repeats “walking dead…walking dead …walking dead…” for many hours until daybreak occurs.


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“The Neighbors”

DM NOTE- Captain has reached 21st level and Megamania and Jean have reached 19th level
Captain= 21st level of Fighter
Megamania took 9th level of Rogue
Jean = Corpse Creature Template (CR +1)

Fortunatly, the creature attacked the Champions of Infiniti instead of the freed slaves. They awoke with the thunder and crack of unnatural lightning but learned not to show themselves. They came to trust the Captain. It caused them fear and concern to learn he was so grievously injured the day prior. It did not bother them at all when asked to remain within this structure for another day as the Captain rested further.

These survivors told of the legends of this structure. Several deadly creatures lived here. It was avoided by resting armies. The people had never had any incidents occur to them on any occasion that they were forced to stay. The creature last night was the first danger seen beyond an occasional Wyvern or other flying predatory creature.

Not one to sit and do nothing, Jim decided to explore some. Christina and Vander joined him.

Jim knew better than to go too far in. Stealth was out of the question as both Christina and Vander wore full plate armor. Though Jim could convince Christina to shed her armor, he knew better of Vander. Looking into exploring chamber two levels higher, they used ropes and climbing gear to go up.

Jim climbed onto a new balcony and helped the others over the sand worn rail. His skin still glowed and sparked at contact. Jim would only shrug whenever he accidentally bumped into Vander causing a static discharge that stung him. Vander was not certain what to make of Jim’s powers over magic. Vander never liked or trusted magic. Especially unknown and uncontrolled magic. Jim seemed to be getting more control over it but it was obvious that there was room for improvement.

Christina allowed Momma out for stretch and stroll. The black cat was not happy with either of the two. It was obvious to her that the two were becoming closer again. She did not approve of Jim entirely. He was too much of a rogue and wild with his affections. He seemed to have little restraint and control. Ignoring Jim, Momma walked ahead of them and looked around.

Vander continues to look out across the barren plain from the balcony. If he is thinking of anything, he is not saying.

Momma hops onto a low knocked over shelf. She peers around into the darkness. Her tail begins to flick. Something is bothering her and it is not that her daughter is romantically involved with the child. Something is here …but it is not …here. “Beware…. we are not alone.” She says.

“Yeah I know- Vander is out there looking around.” Smirks Jim.

She hisses at him. “I do not joke.”

Christina walks up to her mother turned cat familiar. “What do you sense Momma?”

She glares into the darkness with her cat eyes trying to pierce the darkness. “I do not know. If only she was here. Her senses were better for this than mine.” Christina frowns. She knows that the cat refers to Mom. Her natural mother whom became a ghost. She was destroyed and put to rest by the psionic assassin known as Jarella recently. Her connection to the ethereal plane was incredibly helpful. “Is it a spirit?”

“No. We should go though. There is nothing to gain here.” The black cat hops down and hurriedly makes her way towards Vander.

“Momma- what is it oooooooooohhhhh!”

Jim whirls around and sees a yellow mist surrounding Christina. She is stumbling forward but coughing violently. Vander’s falchion sings in the background.

Adjusting his mask’s visor, Jim goes from normal vision to darkvision. A swirling mist is visible but nothing else. Looking at it, the mist is not airborne however. It is moving on its own. “Smoke monster in the dark!” he yells as he grabs Christina and withdraws his energy weapon.

A swirling mass of gray and white mist becomes visible as it moves out of the stark darkness. It reaches out to strike Christina and Jim again. Jim shields Christina’s body with his own. The mists strike through him three times. His armor becomes frayed and the knees of his blue jeans wear out and split. Never missing a step, he scoops up Christina and moves out of the way. It strikes him again for his effort. His pure black modern armor becomes dark gray and scuffed.

Vander powers up with his Lion’s Charge and attacks the mist. The falchion sparks blue and green as it passes through the mist. His falchion slices up the mist with great ease. (163 damage!) Christina casts divine spells onto herself to stop what she senses is beginning to happen- She is aging!

The mist reforms and pauses (Time Elemental Tome of horrors) then casts Time Stop and disappears deeper into the darkness.

“Are you okay?” Jim asks Christina.

“Yeah…Stomach just feels sick.”

“You have best to gather your senses. We have company.” Implies Vander looking out across the plains again.

Not far away, dust is rising as something, rather many somethings, charge across the plain towards the rock formation.


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“Steel Predators”

“Get the survivors somewhere safe Sasha. We have company and it looks aggressive.” Says the Captain from his vantagepoint. “I can’t make out exact numbers due to the dust but I’m guessing between eight and ten metallic creatures running full bore towards this location. They’ll be here within a few minutes.”

“Acheron’s Steel Predators Captain. They hunt in small prides looking to fed on anything available- anything metallic mainly.” Then she turns and begins down the stairs to the room where the human ex-slaves are hiding. She hesitates at the area Jean was last. “Jean, Don’t use lightning. Sonics are no good also. Try your cold abilities.” Then she returns to the task given to her- the safety of the survivors.

The Captain watches the dust cloud near the base. He hopes the others can see this.

“What is wrong Vander? No war cry and attack?” Mocks Megamania as he checks the energy level of his weapon before reholstering it at his hip.

“I recognize the creatures. Steel Predators. They will seek Christina and myself first. We wear the heaviest and purest metal complete with magical and psionic enchantments. Don’t underestimate them.”

Jim looks at him as he stares at their charge. Jim smirks and shrugs then tells Christina that it’s only Steel Predators and he’s to greet them in person.
Not knowing what they are, Christina hurries after him. Then she sees the creatures more clearly once she reaches the lower edge. She feels a sickly at the sight. Dark colored metal creatures that have tails and claws. She sees Jean take to the sky using her boots of flight and begin to weave a storm. The Captain’s Shield speeds out from within a hole below her and strikes a creature repeatedly, which makes it fall from its furious climb up the rock structure.

Megamania fires his weapon of choice at the creatures. Their leaps and bounds avoid the three shots of energy. The Captain throws his magical shield. The creature never hesitates and takes a powerful strike that bends its metal snout. Even as its grip of the stone loosens, the shield magically whirls around and strikes it three more times before returning to the Captains waiting hand. The creature’s pieces rain onto the predators below. They look at them then turn cruelly up at the Captain and snarl. They continue their climb with leaps and bounds growing nearer to the Captain. Jean focuses her growing storm and castes it onto the creatures. She tries to freeze the creatures. The cold strikes at it causing an icy glaze to form. The ice shatters as the creature bounds to a new stone ledge. The cold isn’t very effective against these either thinks Jean. Christina calls forth a column of divine fire hoping to strike more than one creature as they climb the vertical wall. She strikes but one and it shakes off the fire but the divine afterglow remains. It’s armored skin is pitted and steaming but it still moves forward. Vander hesitates. He has seen captain in full plate torn apart by these creatures. They have an uncanny ability to damage armor- even enhanced armor. He calls on his psionic tattoos to give him flight. Perhaps he can attack while still protecting himself and his previous and beloved armor.

Frowning under his mask now, Megamania takes a moment to aim better. He fires and the creature dodges. He fires again and strikes. It merely stops its charge. His next shot misses wildly. “Uh-oh” The creatures continue up and two reach the Captain. They smell and sense his metal scalemail armor and his shield. His wonderful shield. They attack him together. He easily avoids their attacks making them look clumsy and robotic. The Captain then begins to counter attack them. His shield strikes at them bouncing between them. This keeps them at bay while still attacking. Tears and punctures form in their metal skins. A greasy blue fluid leaks from the wounds. Something between oil and blood. Jean continues her storm. The creature shakes off the worse again. The cold is no longer stopping it. Christina Flamestrikes at the smoldering Steel Predator again. The divine energies swirl around the creature causing more damage but not enough to destroy it. Vander begins to three his psionic gems at the creatures. Two of the three bounce and explode next to a creature. The explosion sends the creature down to the landing below. Little damage was done. His frustration is beginning to catch up with him.

Speaking of frustration, Megamania holds his gun in his right hand and points with his left hand. He releases the Spellfire held within him at the closest creature to him. The magical energies blast into the creature causing small fractures and fissures to appear. It stops and snarls at him in defiance. His afterglow has settled down considerably now. One of the creatures reaches him by surprise. It bites down onto his arm. Megamania screams in pain as the heavy and large creature pulls him down with its weight. Its hind legs tear into his kevlar armor. The two on the Captain continue to attack but can not get a direct hit on him or his tasty shield. One creature enters a tunnel. It can smell the metal components Sasha carries on her. The others look for any chance they can get to grab Vander or go higher to where Christina is. The Captain’s shield strikes and tears into the two predators causing a great deal of damage. They will not survive another attack from him. Jean decides on a new tactic. She wills the storm to produce a highly powerful acid rain and sweeps it into the creatures. The creature howls at the first drops of acid that bore into it’s skin. It runs into a hole to avoid the full assault of the acid. Christina knows the creatures will reach her in a moment she prepares a spell for their arrival- Wrath. Vander sweeps in to attack more directly. His falchion shimmers and crackles as it hits the creature. The electric burst seems to merely pounce off but the explosive psionic energies and Vander’s own great strength makes up for it. He strikes at it again and again. The creature can do little as it is hanging onto the stone wall with its claws embedded into the rock.

Though he hates to use up his Spellfire energy, he blasts at the creature again. He uses the very arm the creature holds. His blast knocks the creature back but in doing so he loses his energy gun. Smoke still rising from its face, it looks at the strange piece of metal and gobbles it up. “You M***********! I CAN’T REPLACE THAT!” The creature ignores him and begins to consume the weapon. Megamania bolts. He fears what can happen if the energy is released too quickly. Two of the creatures reach Christina. They attack by flanking. One misses but the other strikes into her magical armor. It is only a minor injury. The creature dealing with Vander tries something out of desperation and hunger- it jumps at him! It successfully jumps into him but fails to catch him and falls thirty feet down onto the hard rock below. More cracks and fluid leak from its ravaged body. It is slow to get up. The Captain uses his shield to batter the creatures and drops both of them. Not even breathing hard yet, see looks to see where he can help next. Jean follows the predator and catches it with her acid storm. It screams in pain and torment before dying. Strangely, Jean enjoys the moment of destroying it with her powers over the weather. Christina releases her powerful spell. The divine energies erupt from her body and tear into the creatures. It seems to only anger them in the end. Vander swoops in and delivers a powerful strike that splits the creature in two. He continues to chop the remains up for a few seconds before he realizes he has defeated it. He then hears the others in trouble.

BOOOOOOOOM! Goes the weapon throwing the creature back in a ball of rapidly shifting flame of yellow and green. It shakes off the explosion and finds its target has moved away. Megamania is not sure what to do. His energy is low and the ****ing alien wannabe ate his weapon. That leaves only his ionic club, which he rarely uses. Not good, not good at all. Wishing she ran instead, Christina is attacked by the creatures. Each bite and hold on and drag her down. Their hind legs tear into her armor as they rake her body. Hoping to catch the Captain off guard, one creature pounces on him while he looks into Vander. It merely bounces off of his magical shield. The Captain then releases the shield into the creature. The shield repeatedly strikes the creature then returns to his arm. Jean hears Christina’s screams and turns. Her friend is in danger. Why is she hesitating? Then she flies to her fearing the answer. Christina tries to defend herself but can not. She is torn by the two creatures. One has her leg and the other an arm. Clumsily she tries to strike at one with her mace. She swings more due to Mother’s commands and her own instinct than any concentrated thought. She hits but once. The fire, electric and cold leech out to strike but are ignored. She merely puts a small dent into the large forehead of the Predator. Vander hears her screams and takes to the air to save her. He flies up and lands next to her and the two predators. He can psionically feel Mother calling out in anger.

Megamania waits for it to come. He hopes to sneak attack it with his club. To bad he learns later the creature smells the studs of his blue jeans and the metal within his vest and mask. He still hits it once but the backlash of the vibration of hitting it makes him reconsider this action very quickly. He has no choice.
The predator strikes at him and brings him down again. The creatures continue to kick at Christina. She stops screaming. The one facing the Captain circles him. It hopes for him to make a mistake. It does instead. It stayed there. The Captains shield flies and it tries to catch the shield in midair. It only loses its lower jaw. Then it loses its upper jaw and it dies as the shield strikes it again before returning to the arm of the team’s leader. Jean arrives and blasts at the closest creature with an acid bolt. It howls and stumbles away from Christina’s prone body. It wobbles then falls inert. Christina lies still. Jean senses life but it is …not hers?!? Vander charges the remaining creature on her. “I DEFY YOU!” He screams as he charges falchion first. The creature seems to explode (3 of 4 hits were crits!) as he steps through it.

Jeans stares in fascination and horror. Christina is healing. Not much but a little. Just enough to stay alive. She moans then struggles with her armor. “It is squeezing …the life …out of me.” Vander looks to see if any more predators are about then helps her with her armor.

Megamania becomes desperate. He is uncertain if he can survive another moment with this creature. He releases more magical energy and blasts the creature. It splits and it’s armored skin peels away in several spots before falling over.

The Captain climbs above to where Christina is reportedly down. When he gets there he finds Vander is supporting her. Her chest plate and torso armor has been removed. What the Captain sees horrifies him. “How?!?” he stammers in utter confusion.

Jean looks at her swollen stomach. “You are correct Roger …she is with child and it grows quickly.”


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It has been three days. Three very strange days.

At noon of day one Horizon Lee Culterdoss was born. She was born not into darkness but light. She was the source of the light.

Horizon was born of pure magical and positive energy.

Now at day three, she stands at 2 feet tall.

Everyone is quite taken by her except for Jean and Jim.

Jean feels her aura. It conflicts greatly with her own undead aura. Jim Addards, the father, has yet to take it in. He is a father. The father of a nuclear light bulb as he puts it.

Roger Stevens, The Captain, thinks it is a good sign. However, he recognizes the timing is poor at best. However, Horizon seems to share some of Jim’s Spellfire abilities and has divine qualities similar to Christina’s following and beliefs. However, she is growing …fast! Vander finds ease around her but wishes not to touch her. He fears he will damage her accidentally.

What does Sasha think? Whatever she thinks or knows she keeps to herself. As always.

They continue across the barren plateau and reach a series of deep crevasses. Jim notes that Vander is very uncomfortable at the sight of these. When asked about it, he says it is nothing and takes a few quicker steps to get beyond Jim. “Nothing my butt.”

The cracks in the earth are deep and maze-like. They travel all day with the refugees but feel they have only traveled a few miles as a crow flies. Jean considers flying them but notes there are many flying creatures over head. Predatory no doubt.

They come across a small ruin. The Captain and Jean check it out while Vander and the others hold back as support and defense to the freed slaves. They find nothing of danger and settle in for the day.

Day becomes evening and evening becomes twilight. Vander remains on edge as noted by Jim. Looking for something to think about other than his glowing child he tries again to learn what is bothering Vander.

“You will not let this go will you?” grumbles Vander.

“Ah- nope.” Answers Megamania with a smirk. He takes his padded mask off and gloves. “Well…?”

“We are near …the place I died.”

Jim tries not to think about it much. “oh?”

“Do you see those stars up there?” Vander says as the first of the stars twinkle overhead. “They are lined up nearly exactly as they had when I died. Sometime in the next few weeks I will die near here. 10 Bites will tear me apart in a rage unseen since that of the Brute Master.”

Jim lets it go. Over the past few months he has heard of much concerning Vander’s past. Maybe too much in truth. Near the end of his first life, he was slave to a ruthless war leader in on the plane of war and chaos. She used his mighty body in combat …and to satisfy her less bloody needs. Sometimes, Jim forgets that other people have their problems also. Why must his be the center of the universe? He is a father. He should be happy. He looks at Vander. Vander looks almost helpless now. He loathes what may happen again. He …. Hey. Wait a damned minute.

Horizon, now about 2 ½ feet tall gets up and walks and stumbles to Christina. “Mom-ma!” Tears well in her eyes. She looks at Jim hoping he shared in this moment. He has his back to her talking to Vander. She looks for her best friend, Jean, and notes Jean is keeping a clear distance from the child. As she walks through the camp, she goes the long way to avoid Horizon. She looks away from the child, staring into the dark shadows as they grow.

Steve sees that Christina is hurt by the two closest people to her are staying away from her and her child. At first he thought the child was a good omen but unnatural all the more. He questions its existence. Then he notes how the child is so innocent. So caring. How can the child be evil? He gets up to give Christina a pan of stew he finished cooking. She thanks him and continues to watch Horizon.

“She is a miracle.” He says to her.

“That she is.” She answers watching as the child walks up to an amazed and awestruck ten-year-old girl. She notes the bruise on her arm. “owwie.” She says and reaches for it. The girl pulls her arm back from the glowing 3-day-old. “Owwie.” She repeats and touches her arm. The glow spreads onto the girl then disappears. The bruise gone. “Owwie go bye-bye.”

Both Roger and Christina are uncertain of what to say then it happens-


The Captain stands up quickly and becomes fully alert.

Christina calls over Horizon while hefting up her mace in her other hand.


Jean tries to make her unnatural ears depict range and distance. Impossible in these canyons.

Vander grows pale. His hands shake. “It…it has begun. The Battle of Broken Years….I will die within the week.”


Megamania, near his pack, holding pencil and paper stops to look at Christina and Horizon. He finishes the note and folds it. A look of purpose on his face.

Sasha watches Jim Addards leave. “And thus the curse begins…… and thus comes the final battle. One I do not know the outcome of.”


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Any thoughts other than being so long since the last update?

What do you think of Sasha? Horizon? Where is Megamania going? What are those drums?


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Chrystrall held his gaze at the ogre until it is cowered. The Mind Flayer reached into his mind next. The simple creature had simple needs and these were easily caressed to get the desired results.

= Do not make me strike you down Giant-kin. I will feed on your mind as I would any other creature. Do not forget this =

The ogre backs down and slinks away. Once more the leader of the Legion of Doom has proven the better.

Thy flayer’s tentacles twist and churn in the emotions he feels. The battle needs to begin. His troops are becoming restless and he is not so certain how long he can maintain control. The Legion of Doom was no mere troops. They were a force. Trained Ogres, Trolls, Hill Giants, and other monstrous creatures were part of the Legion. These mercenaries called for top dollar within and without the planes. This was no different.

A large battle was to begin so between two armies. One army is mainly humans and the other goblinoids. What becomes of this matters little. There is a third party here. A team of very specialized and skilled warriors and mages that may interfere in the benefactor’s plans. The Legion is here for them. They are here to destroy them. This is why they are called the Legion of DOOM.

The benefactor seems oddly out of place for this battle. He deals with stealth rather than brute force. Perhaps this is why he needs the Legion.

Two miles west of the Legion-

A human army of 10,000 men and women amass. They fight the endless battle to win their personal freedom. They have fought for so long and for so many generations the true prize has been forgotten. The ancestors speak of pride, power and prestige. Others speak of freedom and peace. Others sigh and say nothing.

Two miles east of the Legion-

A goblinoid army of 12,000 grows and spread like a deadly fungus. Goblins, hobgoblins, bugbears, orcs and even a few kobolds and Ogres are thrown in. They also have fought for many generations. The original cause and reason has been forgotten but the goal is clear- to survive and conquer. This new army of humans will bleed and die slowly on the battlefield.

Two miles north of the Legion-

A lone human wearing a tattered and soiled brown cloth and hood sneaks from rock to rock, ruin to ruin. Why? He wishes to prove himself. He needs to feel worthy of being alive. He wants to do something for another that over shadows his own wants and needs. Jim Addards aka Megamania is looking to save Vander Stormbringer.


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“RAAAGH! Where is he? Where is the human puke named Vander!?!” The scarred female Orc screams as she tears a painting from the wall and throws it across the smoking room.

“Mistress Ten-Bites the human is outside tending to the survivors.” Grovels a kobold.

“Truth?” She asks as she stops and seemly calms down instantly.

“Truth. I swears.”

“Tends humans or goblinkind?”

No answer comes quickly. The kobold takes tiny steps backwards towards the broken door doorway.

Several goblins looting outside the burning home stop as they hear the kobold scream in pain. Before he has finished, they share an evil smile and return to their looting.

The old woman was alive but would not make it through the night. Vander considered beheading her to end it quickly. This was not proper. The torture of old people and children was wrong. He placed his hand onto the weapon of his choice- the psionic falchion.

“What do you do little tick?”

Vander turns quickly. Ten Bites stood before him. She was chewing on bloody meat that looked raw and fresh. Vander hoped it was not a child.

“What would you be doing little puke? Mercy for the human? The old woman?”

Vander looks to the ground and says nothing.

“I say who receives mercy! I – Ten Bites! Not you little puke of human flesh. I will pass the judgement on her. Not you!”

Twenty minutes later, after much screaming in rage and pain, the remains of the woman is brought out and fed to the Worgs. Vander, beaten and bloodied, crawls out. As he nears a large war-horse, Ten-bites pushes him down with her boot. He falls into manure. “I have s*** on my boots. Clean it little puke.”

Another hour goes by before the human rogue sneaks into the camp. In time he finds whom he sought. He has found Vander before he dies. Before he dies from Ten-Bites rage.

“Psst. Yo Vander…” calls quietly Megamania.

The massive psychic warrior remains crumpled on the floor. He has been beaten once more.

Crawling as he was taught in the Marines, Jim crawls quickly to Vander. “Psst. Vander buddy. It’s me …opps. I forgot. We have not met yet.”

The beaten man peers from his shielding arms and knees at the figure before him. The human has blonde hair and face paint and mud with grass. He looks like a scout. He opens his mouth to call out for help but Jim is quick to grab his jaw. “Shhhh.”

Beaten as he is, Vander can not remove the smaller man’s gloved hand from his mouth. “I’m here to warn you and help if I can. I have a strong gut feeling you will die tonight if you allow that be-otch on steroids to beat you again. I can’t stand seeing you this way. Don’t you remember who you are? Com’on man.”

Vander looks to the ground in shame. A tear wells in one eye.

“Com’on.. you can say it.”


“I….. Defy you. ….?”


“Aw ***** ****** Vander! Snap out of it.”

“You can say it. It motivates you. Kinda like the orange rocky thing in the comicbooks. I defy you. Say it.”

One blinking eye peers out to look at this new tormenter.

Jim uses his other arm to move Vander’s hands away. The face is beaten and a jagged chunk of flesh that was once an ear is torn free. “Now I understand the “Bites” part of her name. Com’on man. Leave here with me. You can do it.”


Jim gets closer to lock eyes then pulls back. “Man you need a breath mint. Your breath smells like crap. I mean it really …oh crud. That is just wrong.” As Megamania begins to understand how far vander has fallen and what levels of punishment and disgrace he is willing to endure.

Jim rests his head on his arms looking at Vander (from a breath-clear distance) and tries to figure out how to do this. The Vander he knows is so proud and so take charge. Then something crosses his mind. Two things in truth. The team travels the multi-verse. Each “universe” has different qualities and histories. What is the Vander he knows did not originate from this universe? What is this universe Vander is a whipping boy while the Vander he knows would scream Defy you and hack you up into dozens of pieces. The other thing he remembers is something Vander gave him. It was a long time again. Jim had forgotten about it in truth. It is a crystal. Vander suggested it carried a bit of him within it. Not being a believer in new age religions, Jim dismissed it. A lot has happened since then. Jim is more open minded. After all, in the last three days he went from having no children to having a four-year-old lightbulb of a child.

“You have been through a lot of s***. Literally. I feel for you man. I really do. Maybe that is why I am here. I’m trying to save you. Save who you are. I guess you are not the man I thought you were. I have to leave. As it is, I have a lot to explain to Christina and the Captain. I leave you this Vander,” he holds out the crystal, “It’s not much but it meant a lot to a man I liked and hoped to save. It means a lot to me. I want you to have it. Goodluck and watch out for that freak of a female.”

Slowly Jim backs out leaving the crystal on the floor. Vander stares at it for the longest two minutes he has ever experienced. Then he reaches out unsteadily. He touches it and the crystal throbs in his fingertips and begins to glow. “I …. I ……..” and he looks to the floor again.


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Just thought I would throw this out to to beviewed by you folks-

Cries of Doom will defenses be crushed
Friends and Allies raise shield and sword
You will run from the battle feeling rushed
And as a result, a friend will die by your good word

To avoid this horrible fate
You have but to face your death
Battle it with desire and purity; not hate
Or the battle will take your last breath
A Ravenloft curse placed on Jim Addards aka Megamania by a dying Adept


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“We are in a bad spot Captain.”

“I know.”

“What we seek is within those ruins. Two large armies are converging on the ruin. A large war is about to breakout and we are going to be in the direct middle of it.”

“I know”

“Any suggestions?”

“We need to be careful, the two armies are at war with each other but we will be looked at as an enemy by both if only since we are an unknown.”

Sasha steps up to Jean and The Captain. “I suspect the Tattooed Man’s minions will be here also.”

“Any word on Jim?” asks Christina.


“That is so like him. And to think he had me believing him before.” Frowns the Captain.


“He was discharged without honors from the military. He convinced me it was the enemy manipulating his leaders. I can see he has done it again.”

“Is that fair?” asks Christina. “He is not here to defend himself. Perhaps there was a reason.”

“Not now. This is it. Don’t you realize this? If we fail this time the relics that can restore the “Destroyer” or “Tattooed Man” can be used to empower him and thus begins the end of the Multiverse.”

“Maybe it would be for the better.” Says Vander a bit louder than meant to be.

“WHAAAT?” says several members at once.

“You can’t mean that Vander.” Says Jean.

“How can you say that?” includes Christina.

“It seems all of the worlds we have entered were wrong. They were broken. Maybe by this god of reality destruction is good. Maybe limiting how many different varieties of worlds is good. It could become manageable. Maybe not so chaotic.”

“I feel your pain but Vander- think of the worlds that are good. Think of the billions of innocent lives that would be lost. No- forgotten.” Adds Sasha. “There is no doubt you have lived a hard life. Everyone here has but you have had it the hardest. I would think you could appreciate the desire for the innocent to continue. Not all of the Vander Stormbringers of the multiverse suffered as you have. Once we WIN this and have time to settle we need to travel for the sake of travel. We need to see the better worlds. To know what we have fought for so hard.”

“Can we start in the world where Pamela Anderson, Britney Spears and Jenna Jameson all want me?”

“Jim!” Christina yells.

Out of the hidden passage leading to the top of this canyon, Megamania steps up. “What did I miss?”

“Where were you? I demand an answer!” commands the Captain.

“Scouting.” Answers Megamania looking towards Vander. “If you recall, that’s what I do.”

“And what did you find?” asks Sasha knowing more than she ever will admit to.

“That open space ahead of us is where you said the last artifact was. There are the ruins of several large fortifications there that you can see. What you don’t see are the tunnels below it. As in below the entire field.”

“What do you mean?” asks the Captain growing concerned.

“There are maze like caverns and tunnels below there. I didn’t go far but I saw enough to know to return.”

“What did you see?”

“The devil. And he wants my soul.”

The Captain frowns- is he joking or not.


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A few hours before-

“Where can he be?”

“I don’t understand this- it’s too dangerous to wander off here. Anywhere we go. He knows this.”

“I’m sure Jim had a reason.” Answers Christina as she holds Horizon. The child was becoming more of a young adult than babe now. Within a few days she would have the height and maturity of her mother. However, she still spoke and acted more like a toddler. Her body aged far quicker than her mind or mental self.

“Don’t go far but Jean- can you fly up and look for him?” asks the Captain.

“Already on my way.” And up she goes.

She looked for Jim in the shadows. Her darkvision of the undead found nothing. She followed a path that lead down towards the ruins Sasha was certain contained the “Book of Creation.”. It was the final artifact needed to bring the destroyer back to power. It was odd that a creature known for destruction would create a book about creation. But then again- she stood for nature and beauty but now has become a living zombie. It was so unfair.

= I can fix that. =

“Huh? Jim is that you?” Jeans hesitates and hovers about 100 feet off the ground.

= I can fix your beautify body. I can remove the undead curse placed into your system. =

“Who is this? Show yourself!”

= I can make you feel the sun light again. I can make it that you feel the cool water on your bare skin when you wade into stream. I can make your eyes blue again. I can do that for you. I want to do that for you =

“Who is this? A minion?”

= I merely wished to help you. I am sorry to offend you. I can leave now if you do not want my help. =

“NO!” she yells with a wrinkled flaky arm raised trying to feel for the voice in her mind. “Don’t leave. I … I want to talk but I need to locate a friend.”

= Your friend is nearby. He was fulfilling his destiny. This was not your destiny. You never should have lost your beauty or your grace. =

“Who are you?”

= Someone that wants to help you regain your rightful beauty and vitality. =

“How?” She says turning slowly in the winds that gather and flow with her. She can not feel the currents on her skin. She still senses direction but can not feel it. She truly misses feeling nature around her.

= I have the means to repair things.=

“What kind of things?”

= many things. Health and beauty. YOUR health and beauty =

Jean is quiet. She looks with her yellowed eyes at her undead hands. Her nails are cracked and split. They look old and bony. “What you ask …it …is comes at a cost. A great cost I believe.”

= you know what needs to be done. You can do it. You can regain your youth and beauty. =

“…my youth and beauty…..”

= yessssss…. Health and beauty.=


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“aaaaarrrrrgh…..” how why?” Megamania slowly rises to his hands and knees.

“You are not he. If you were, the lightning would have been absorbed.” Says Jean with anger in her voice. “I know who you are and why you have come.”

“I was under pressure to succeed quickly. My mistake and now yours….!” Megamania’s form melts and turns into a blue skinned female with black hair. Her red leather armor rises from her form. Jarella.

“You will never regain your prior appearance weather witch.”

“Despite being undead, I still have a soul. Your actions and the actions your master spoke to me of would have erased that soul.”

“That is too bad.”


“Lost the ability to move Jarella? I specialize in weather related arcane powers but I can do more. I can do many things.”

“You have removed my abilty to move, basically Holding me still but my mind is still free and that is MY greatest weapon and one most underestimate.”

“We underestimated the situation …again.” Says the Captain suspecting what has happened.

“The shapeshifter…?” fears Christina whom was nearly killed by her when last she struck the team.

“Yes and think she is using Jim’s form to trick us. Jean’s eyes would work regardless of the lack of magic or psionics. She knew.”

“She did try to stop me from entering here. I …wish I listened to her now.” Says Christina.

“She tried to tell me something important before we left but didn’t give her the chance. Jim was still missing and we needed to act quickly.” Continues the Captain.

“She waited until the child was safe.” Answers Vander. “She would have known the shapechanger would have used the child against us. This way she was away from her."” He pulls forth his psionic falchion. It sings softly to him and the others. A faint glow illuminates a few feet around Vander. He uses the drawn weapon as a source of light to look onto the walls and surroundings of their new prison.

“Solid rock everywhere.”

“We’re entombed and can not get out.”

“Secret doors to leave by?” asks the Captain.

“None.” My detection of portals is finding nothing at all. Magic or standard.”

“Then what are our chances?” asks the Captain frowning and frustrated at the ease Jarella has once more trapped him.

“We die when HE is resurrected.”

“There is a way. There always is a way.” Says Vander with a grim look on his face.

Megamania hurries back to the camp. He hopes Vander will think about what he said. His friend has been through so much. He deserves better. He looks up as he senses movement above. The sky is nearly glowing from the falling stars above. “I hope those are stars and not spells.” He says as he begins to climb the ridge.

He looks again. “Man- that is eerie. It looks so much like….oh ****! IT CAN”T BE!”

Then, only because of years of training, he instinctually twists as something moves by him quickly. He hears a dagger or some thrown weapon hit the rocks past him.

“Show yourself!”

“Hello James Scott Addards aka Megamania aka Lt. Addards aka The Pathfinder aka Government traitor.”

The voice chills Jim to his soul. To the very depths of his soul. He slowly turns and looks. Behind him, on a large boulder, stands a man with thick heavy scars spreading across his face light a burst originating from his forehead. His red leather suit and black boots appear to be made of similar materials as his own 2003 technology.

“Vandal … you @#*&% Bastard!”

“I’m happy to see you also. You were missed after your death. After you killed Pittfire.”

“His mommy must have warned him about riding speeding motorcycles and what a thin razor wire can do when stretched across the road.”

“Meet the NEW leader of my assassins.”

“no….oh you ****ing bastard….you didn’t….”

“I believe you know her.”

“I’ll tear your heart out you ****ing bastard. Tear it right out of your ****ing a*****.”

Before him, stand several darkly clothed warriors of stealth. One steps forward and pulls back the cowl of the uniform. She then shakes her long black hair free. Her blue eyes burn into Jim’s. “Hello lover.”

“… Theta….you’re alive….”

“I wish I could stay Jim but I have a meeting with a mindflayer and don’t wish to be late. If you will dear…”

She lowers her head and closes her eyes.


She rises her head and the blue eyes are now blood red and fangs appear. “Jim my beloved. Give your high school girl friend a hug and kiss…..” and with that she pulls free a glowing katana from an invisible sheath at her side. Each of the ninja-like warriors draw weapons.

“**** me…”

“Already did. Kill him boys!”