Andion Isurand

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It occurs to me that it might make things more simple if there were a "Register New Character" button next to the "Login Now" button on the first log in page for ISRP. Right now there are two pages...

ISRP on EN World
ISRP Chat on EN World

...and unless I'm missing something, it occurs to me that we should really need only one Log In page. I just think it would help simplify things, even if it is in a very small way.

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What could we do to get more players into the chat rooms? Is there any way we can post a link or some sort on the main EnWorld page to the ISRP chat? It would bring a lot more variety.

Andion Isurand

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Recently I've been promoting ISRP on other forums that don't have their own chat rooms, either with my signature or by my post. But yes, as far as EN World is organized, you really have to hunt to find the ISRP section. I don't know how things are between the Magi and the EN World admins, so I don't know what we are in a position to ask for.

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