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SUN AM - Twilight Dominion (Fantasy Craft)


Twilight Dominion is a Sword & Sorcery campaign set in a world in its dying days. Cataclysms brought forth by clashing stars and powers unleashed by mighty wars of ancient empires of man have laid the old civilizations low. Vestiges of the ancient race of man still struggle to survive in a world scorched by a swollen sun, against each other and against interlopers from far off worlds, brought to the world by bizarre arts.

Your characters is one of the few remaining heroes brought forth by bravery or circumstance to face the perils of this primitive landscape.

Twilight Dominion is inspired by stories of such Sword & Sorcery masters and Clark Ashton Smith, Jack Vance, and Robert E. Howard, as well as the “schlock” fantasy films that echo primitive worlds of these older tales: Conan the Barbarian, Conan the Destroyer, Beastmaster, Krull, The Scorpion King, and the Den and Taarna sequences of Heavy Metal.

So grab your sword, strap on your loincloth, and get ready for some gritty fantasy action!

Twilight Dominion is run using the Fantasy Craft system by Craft Games, and will feature combat, intrigue, investigation, and problem-solving challenges.

For more information about the Fantasy Craft system, see here.

1) Reserved
2) LordKruelos
3) Dovaj Viajiir
4) The Wyrd
5) Bretbo
6) DaveStebbins

1) Madwabbit
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First Post
Somehow I got it into my head that it was 'today' not '7:00 today'.. I'll be back later. I was wondering why so few people had signed up. Please ignore my overeagerness.
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And in.

I'm not going to call this "full accepting alts" until my reserved players confirm. One sounded less-than-certain.


Thanks for playing guys! Glad you had fun, and am generally happy with the way this turned out. I liked your solution.

If I run it again, I may throw in a few more complications. ;)

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