Super Mario brothers as a game setting?

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Sure, I can see it.

I would put the Mushroom Kingdom in the Feywild. The party fell into the world through a mysterious pipe, well, sewer tunnel, or other setting-appropriate, large-diameter plumbing, and now they have to find their way out.

The regular monsters like Goombas, Babombs, etc. would all be reskinned fey creatures, and Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Koopa, and other NPC/Boss characters would be different archfey. Mario and Luigi are lords of the Court of Pipes, Koopa is the lord of the Court of Turtles, etc.

Yoshi is a mount (use stats for Axe Beak) that can breathe fire (as a Dragonborn, but with a recharge 6). And I would adapt bits of the Car Wars RPG to it, specifically so I could have a Mario Kart minigame in there somewhere.

I can see this being a great adventure, or even a whole campaign setting.
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"Oh, a star"... bounce, bounce, bounce... * grabs star *

Now I am raging with action surge, flurry of blows, infini-smite with a light-spell cast on myself!!!! Chaaaaaarge!!!
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