Support the OGL v1.0a; sign this petition

Two decades ago I helped create the Open Gaming License which helped save Dungeons & Dragons. Today that license is at risk of being changed by Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast. I am hoping that a coordinated response by the community might make them reconsider their plans.

Please join me in signing this petition on The more people who sign, the more visible this effort will become and the more likely we will have an impact on the decisions being made by Hasbro.

I believe time is of the essence. An announcement of their plans may happen today, Thursday the 12th of January. If you are inclined, please sign the petition now.

Thank you for your support!

Ryan S. Dancey
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Ryan S. Dancey

Ryan S. Dancey

OGL Architect


The next step should be to start a crowd-funded legal defense fund. No single vendor has the legal resources to fight Hasbro but if vendors and other supporters join together it can be done.

Doctor Futurity

Me too, but if WotC is genuinely looking for metrics with numbers behind them, petitions are one, even if their importance is sometimes dubious.
Yeah, this is all I have, since I have never held a paid subscription to DBB to cancel, and I doubt my not buying a WotC book in the future will have immediate impact where it counts now.


hmmmm.... still waiting for my confirmation email to make my name appear... is it coming?
(edit: took over 20 mins, be patient!)
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