Community Posts Open Letters To WotC About New OGL

Over the past week there have been several petitions and open letters posted regarding the upcoming Open Game License v1.1, asking Wizards of the Coast to reconsider its current path.

This Open Letter, posted under the social media hashtag #OpenDnD, has already been signed by over 4,000 people, including many small publishers. Behind it are Mike Holik (Mage Hand Press) and Noah Downs (an IP lawyer).

If this new license gains wide adoption, the tabletop industry will shrink to a fraction of its current size, shuttering the small businesses that populate your local cons and putting a stop to their creations. Innovation in the gaming industry will evaporate; your favorite games will be trapped in the past, instead of being allowed to migrate to your phone, virtual reality, and beyond. Diversity in the industry will shrink away, as projects from marginalized creators are effectively written out of the future.

Screen Shot 2023-01-09 at 10.45.12 AM.png

This isn't the only such Open Letter -- there's another one authored by Jon Brazer Enterprises which has a number of signatories from various OGL publishers.

As small publishers and individual creators who create considerable content under the OGL 1.0a, we the undersigned call upon you to reverse course in regards to the leaked, alleged text of OGL 1.1. As the leader of the tabletop roleplaying game industry, your direction guides us all. We believe that this new version of the OGL will hurt both us and, by extension, you, and we ask that you hear our concerns.

There are also several petitions on
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Art Waring
Here's another open letter on, that is still working, and has even more signatures:

OGL Letter

EDIT: Or perhaps this should be posted at the top of its own thread, to maximize visibility?
the search for the various OGL petitions are linked in the very top post by Morrus I think. I had it posted in my OP but it was brought to my attention that one of the petitions was started by a bad actor in the community and it was recommended that I remove it.
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I can see from Wotc point of view that the current OGL allows for direct competitors to parasite off their work. So my question is there a way to alter the license so that you can protect the "small guy" but do away with such garbage like NFT's and do away with competitors that take away customers and make large sums off their work like Paizo. I would be happy to see an OGL that aid those who add to D&D and shanks competitors, they are a business after all. As for royalties I see no wrong with get a portion from free riders that make a lot but it should be off profit over the limit not gross.

I also don't understand the hate of a company trying to make money ie the reason for them to exist. Monetization can mean many things like new merchandise lines such as clothing, accessories, etc. There is too much the sky is fall over something as natural as a company wanting to make money.


It's a rough day when we find ourselves teaming up with some of the bad actors in the community to raise our collective voices.
Yeah, people like Macris and Desborough seem to use this as an opportunity to get themselves back into the scene, but I hope people will be wiser.

Also worrying is the risk that WotC goes "The people who oppose OGL v1.1 do so because they don't like the hateful conduct clause we added! Look at the signatories of this petition!" and try to do a smear campaign on everyone.

To be fair, if they do that then I will never lay my hand on anything WotC related even if they make a complete 180 on everything and solidify the OGL.

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