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DaveyJones said:
found her:

Victoria Zdrok

she has a JD from Villanova
and a PhD too from someplace else.

Aha. That explains it. She was in Playboy in 1994, when she was 21/22 years old. She apparently graduated from West Chester University at age 18. She may well have gotten the advanced degrees (particularly the PhD) after appearing in Playboy....though, according to her entry in Wikipedia, she was also in Penthouse at age 30, in 2002 or so.

I got hung up in semantics...she wasn't a PhD who appeared in Playboy, she was a Playboy Playmate who later got a PhD. :D
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Graybeard said:
Peter Weller also hosts shows on the History Channel from time to time about ancient Rome.
"Today, most historians believe that the fall of Rome was a direct result of that damn ED-209."

Danny - I'm surprised at you...

You name Skunk Baxter and Brian May and MISSED Tom Scholz
Lead guitarist for Boston and creator of the Rockman - the personal guitar practice amp he built out of spare camera parts... Graduate and Masters (I think) from MIT in Electrical Engineering.


Sorry for the OT question...

kenobi65 said:
Dunno...though, the doctorate strikes me as unlikely, given that, unless you're Doogie Howser and enter college at age 13, you aren't finishing your PhD before your late 20s, at the earliest....
Hello, Mike ;)

How late is "late"? I was only 26 when I completed mine.


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Zander said:
Hello, Mike ;)

Hey, Zander!

Zander said:
How late is "late"? I was only 26 when I completed mine.

Hmm. I may be thinking about it from a US-centric standpoint, and from my personal experience, and that of some friends of mine (which may not be typical). Assuming one starts college at 18 or so, and goes "straight through"....
- 4 years for your Bachelor's degree
- Another year or 2 for your Master's
- Another 3 (at least) for your PhD

Add that all up, and that gets you 27, which, I suppose, isn't that far different from you. YMMV, of course. :)

What I was initially reacting to was the idea of a 21 (or so)-year-old with a PhD. Even though she did whip through school, it sounds like she might have gotten the PhD after she was a Playmate.


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Danny - I'm surprised at you...
NoooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooo! :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

I must apologize to Mr. Scholz.

(FWIW, even though he's not technically a "celeb," good old Bruce R. Cordell has some alphabet soup behind his name, too.)

Geraldo Rivera has a J.D.- yet another reason to hate my profession- and was an investigator for the NYPD at one time.


Here are two that I happened to remember vague details about and IMDB confirmed:

Ilan Mitchell-Smith, who played Anthony Michael Hall's friend, Wyatt, in Weird Science, is a Professor of History at Texas A&M.

David Duchovny has a graduate degree in English Lit from Yale.

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