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Survivor Named Wizards Part Deux: GIVE BIGBY A HAND!

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Morkus from Orkus
Leomund might have lost the fight, but you will follow up shortly
and Tasha laughs at both of them

Tasha was killed by evil sludge on another planet. Let her go back to her eternal rest.


Limit Break Dancing
Bigby 11
Mordenkainen 5-2=3
Otto 11
Tasha 11+1=12
Tenser 11

Yep, Bigby's gonna win. Might have been Tasha if MordenAlwaysPetitioningForALongRestkainen had been voted out sooner, but now we have to spend our downvotes on that useless McMansion developer instead of Bigby. But that's okay. Bigby's a pretty great wizard all things considered.
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Heretic of The Seventh Circle
Bigby 11
Mordenkainen 2
Otto 11
Tasha 14
Tenser 7

I won’t get the killshot today, but I have faith that we can cut off the serpent’s head.

Come, friends! FINISH HIM!

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