Survivor Named Wizards Part Deux: GIVE BIGBY A HAND!

That's sad. Again, Tasha is the only one remaining which was not from Gary's home game, but was instead inspired by fans. A little girl, who wrote to Gary in crayon, asking for a spell that made people laugh.

And you cruel bastards eliminated her for Bigby, who is most famous for causing a brief period of all of Gary's NPC names rhyming with Bigby. Igby, Digby, etc..
Obviously mordy and iggwilv are still vastly more popular to fans than most of the list though. They both made it quite far.


Bigby 17 crushes it
Otto 0 dance party is over

e: since we finished these wizards, shall we keep it magical and do 9th level spells next? who is the biggest among the big guns
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Since my preferred more circus-magician-sounding name (Azanar) failed, I decided to vote for the silliest, Bigby and his silly Fists. The type of name my players would choose. Or the type of name my players would twist my NPC's name into.


Morkus from Orkus
I wonder if people knowing about Tasha's Charring Chuckle, Tasha's Glamorous Giggle and Tasha's Gorey Guffaw would have given her enough support to win.


Morkus from Orkus
Don't forget about Tasha's uncontrollably hideous sister, one of the least known spells she was responsible for
Getting the lock of Medusa hair to cast that spell was a royal pain. You often ended up somewhere between a rock and a hard place.