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Here's a screenshot of my character using Roll20's Shaped sheet.

I am somehow my party's tankiest member. We have a bard, paladin, monk (who retired a fighter). I started her at level 3. At level 5 got to choose an uncommon magic item (cloak of protection). With a crit a Persuasion and some good roleplay scored glamoured studded leather armor (+1). I took the Defense fighting style at U Ranger 2. All in all I'm sitting at a nice 21 AC.

Don't sorry about the current ASI's or number of skills.

I'm hoping to get some insight into how well optimized she is and options as she levels up. There are a couple notes regarding a possible leveling at the bottom of the sheet, but it cuts off at level 10-ish.

I wanted to build a fightery Rogue that always acts first in combat, is difficult to hit, and has a lot of mobility.

Thanks for the input!

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Uncanny dodge is your most tanky feature, and your level 9 feature the most sticky.

Get expertise in athletics if you like grappling.

Twin shortsword would improve your damage, a second chance at SA makes all the difference. And it'd boost your HM.


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Cool combo!

Though it probably wouldn't fly where I game - UA aren't considered multiclass ready (this comes from Mike Mearls - that happens in a later pass, UA is to rough out the concepts). UA Ranger in particular is rather frontloaded.

But that's one FLGS' tables. This does work together nicely and I enjoy your concept. If you're at a more open-minded table that allows it, it looks like a hella lot of fun.

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