Swashbuckler and Ship Mage (new archetypes)


I think it would be cool to remain a swashbuckler and change class. Inverted... Again, no precedent. Do you think my rule is OP ?

No, it's probably not too OP. And it would be an interesting experiment to keep the same archetype across multiple classes... When it comes to multi classing design, however, I have a real weak spot...I just can't get interested enough to put ideas to pen (er, or typing). Most game design I look forward to working on, but multi classing leaves me cold...it just feels like soulless mechanics to me. I just can't find the creative spark there. I dunno. It's my weak spot.

If you feel like tackling it, however, be my guest.

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The fun with it is that it is not really multiclassing, it is a swashbuckler that want to be more a fighter one year, or a rogue next one, etc. Like Queenie's Katarina if I understand her posts!

My feel is that such a character Class is Swashbuckler, and Dilletante or Jack-of-all-Trades is the archetype. The character travels a lot and always get a new job. Conan in litterature is a good example: Barbarian, reaver, pirate, brigand, burglar, mercenary, tomb raider, army officer, slave, then king!

I did start a thread with Swashbuckler meta-archetype in a musketeer perspective. Take a look! How can you get the "spoiler" button ?
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