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OOC: Likewise, I am behind as well. I've been getting database errors the last couple of days whenever I try to get on the site. Seems to be working for the moment, but I'm pressed for time.


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Sorry guys, It's not going to happen tonight. Too much family stuff and it's late now to catch up. I have not forgotten and will try again Thurs night.


The elf calls upon his magic and a swirl in the air announces that something is answering his summons.

Somehow, impossibly, Thorn managed to pop free of the monster's grasp, and when it lunged for her she moved with speed that bent the eye, avoiding it as it grabbed at her again and, quick as a snake, looping her chain around it's arm and giving it a great yank. The barbs and blades set into it spun, tearing into the demon's unclean flesh. The beast roared and reared back, pulling Thorn clean off the ground as it tried to sling her off of it so it could finish the job on her...but the wily warrior kept her grip on the chain and swung around onto the demon's back!

From there she ripped another bloody trail across the thing as it twisted and reached back ineffectually to slap her off. Finally it pitched itself backwards, hoping to impale her on its spined back against the ground...only to discover to its dismay that Thorn was not only fast enough to avoid that fate, but fast enough to take ruthless advantage of even an instant of vulnerability. Immediately she was scrambling up its softer underbelly, and not even the legendary resistance to damage of demon-kind could do much to soften the pain of cold iron tearing open its abdomen.

Enough was enough though...Thorn didn't press her luck any further. She leapt from her perch as the Abyssal creature howled...more in immortal rage than pain...and surged back to its feet. It barely seemed to notice when her chain whickered out again and slashed around its ankle. To any living thing it would have been a hobbling wound...but this entity was not simply flesh, but evil brought to life. It would take a great deal more to end it.

Thorn shifted stance, wary again for counterattack. This was a long way from over.

Sir Sheldon looks about and sees Thorn get grappled one minute, then wiggle free the next. She has been damaged, causing his protective nature to kick in. He concentrates for a moment and a ring of light burst out in a near blinding flash in the night's darkness. The demon hisses maliciously with spittle dripping from its maw. He is clearly displeased to the see the Paladin is still in the fight.

Isolde casts a healing spell on Sir Sheldon. The warm light of the sun shines from holy priestess to noble paladin and more of his wounds close.

Without his heavy armour Randlay is able to sprint into Bessy's optimal range. The crusader raises his crossbow and gets the demon within his sights and yells, "Sorry about bein' late to the party, but I did bring favours!" Then the bolts rain down. Two in quick succession, then another, then another. Randlay pauses for just a moment to determine whether it looks like the demon is still moving, and then he feels a surge of power within himself and he squeezes the trigger again, sending another bolt flying. The swarm of bolt whistle through the air like fierce raptors diving on their prey. The demon cries out in anguish as a brace of the missiles pierce his hide, but he remains standing.

'Keva holds his distance, just inside the range of his Darkvision, and sends four more shafts racing toward the beast. Only one pierces the beast's hard armored skin, but it does elicit another howl of rage and pain.

Meliara, feeling frustrated they are so far away and unable to help while Thorn and Sheldon take a beating, speaks her magic words and the small group suddenly becomes much faster than usual. To your awareness the demon suddenly appears slow and clumsy as you move with incredible speed.

Denir continues to run towards the demon, Gorum-var in his hands. He calls upon the strength of Gorum to imbue his sacred weapon with power, power to destroy the demon. The divine power of Gorum flares in the weapon and Denir's strides seem to lengthen as Meliara's magic takes hold. He finds himself getting close to the fight now.

The demon howls a malevolent curse at the Paladin, Sir Sheldon, on the tongue of the Abyss. He suddenly feels his body trying to respond to the dark magic. His arms and legs shiver as if they are going to shrink and his nose begins to flatten to a pig-like snout. (DC 20 Fort Save. If you fail make a DC 20 Will Save)

OOC: Please hold up for the results of the saves before we continue the action.

Scott DeWar

Prof. Emeritus-Supernatural Events/Countermeasure

The young paladin feels his body transforming all kinds of wrong. He cries out for his mistress and he feels his body shrugging of the curse like water off a duck's back.
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