Swordmage class

I know this is from last year, bt gonna bump for any chance of seeing an updated version of this. Very interested in playing Swordmage in my next campaign and this structure looks like you guys almost had it perfected

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I second the bump: I found this thread again, and was wondering how development was going. Did the SCAG inspire any changes to the mechanics, with cantrips like booming blade or greenflame blade?

I was wondering if you'd consider changing the Aegis of Assault reset time to a short rest. I could see it being done more frequently than once a day.

I'm also curious if you'd consider opening up their ability to prepare spells like a Wizard rather than using Spells Known. Old school D&D had everyone finding spells as treasure, including bards and fighter/mages. Now only wizards have that as a feature, with everyone else just "learning" like the mysteries of the universe pop into their heads. Full disclosure, it's the Eldritch Knight and Arcane Trickster who I'd houserule this for in a heartbeat. I think a Swordmage would be a cut above, too, having a high Int. You've got a great spell list here, of course, so maybe they're just spells that swordmages designed?

Anyway, keep up the great work, and hope you keep going with this.

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