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SWS/DnD5 Star Wars - The Old Republic "A Gathering Darkness" [Rogues Gallery]


First Post
This is the Rogues Gallery thread for my Star Wars Saga/Dungeons and Dragons 5th ed. hybrid game Star Wars - The Old Republic "A Gathering Darkness"

The IC thread is Here

The OOC/Rolls thread is Here

The rules can be found Here. Basically I am porting the character creation from Saga (Feats and Talents) to the rule system for D&D 5th ed.

The present Heroes are…
Cal Domaru, a Human Scout (Naturalist) and doctor (played by Forged Fury)
This Gand, a Gand Soldier (Tech Sage) and scholar (played by Binder Fred)
Kacela Nejis, a Twi’lek Jedi padawan (Acolyte) (played by Shayuri)
Jinahna Daru, a Human ex-merc Fringer (Scout/Mercenary [Soldier]) (played by Sezarius)
Reks Seviir, a Human Jedi padawan (Acolyte) (played by Torgdor1992)

Some good background information on the setting can be found with the following vidoes…

Star Wars: The Old Republic Mini-Movies

And Old Republic Timeline

Characters will make most of their own checks and rolls, using the dice roller here. You can post the rolls in the IC or here as you wish.

Please repost your approved characters below...
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Forged Fury

First Post
Cal Domaru

Cal Portrait.jpg

Medium-Sized Human (Naturalist) Scout 5 / Scoundrel 1 / Bounty Hunter 1
Force Points: 9/9 (1d4+1) (N/A)
Initiative: +6 (w/ADV)
Passive Perception: 23 (Low-Light)
Languages: Basic, Binary, & Duros
Defenses: Fortitude 20, Reflex 22, Willpower 18
Damage Threshold: 20 (Reeling Recovery: +5)
Hit Points: 68/68 (Second Wind: 1D10+9)
Hit Dice:
1D6+5D8+1D10 (Max HD: 1d6+5D8+1D10)
Proficiency: +3
Speed: 12 Meters
Proficiency: Light Armor, Martial Weapons, Simple Weapons, Pistols, Rifles, Musical Instruments (Vocal), Tools (Forgery), & Vehicles (Spacecraft & Swoops)
Combat Options
Survival Knife, Melee +6, 1D6+6, Finesse, Light
Blaster Pistol (w/PBS), Ranged +7, 3D6+7, Light, Ammo: 100/100, Range: 40/160
Modified Blaster Carbine w/Glow Rod (w/PBS), Ranged +8, 3d8+7, Ammo: 50/50, Range: 60/600
Blaster Sniper Rifle (w/PBS), Ranged +7, 3d10+7, Ammo: 30/30, Range: 60/600 (600/1200 w/Aim)
STR 11, DEX 16, CON 14, INT 12, WIS 16, CHA 10
Talents: Acute Senses, Fool's Luck, Keen Shot, Improved Initiative, & Uncanny Dodge
Feats: Careful Shot, First Aid, Improved Defense, Medic, Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Shake It Off, & Skill Expertise (Medicine)
Skills: Galactic Lore (+4), Initiative (+6/ADV), Medicine (+9), Nature (+4), Perception (+8/ADV), Stealth (+6) & Survival (+6)
Possessions: Scout Trooper Armor, Modified Blaster Carbine w/Fixed Stock (+2 PC), Blaster Pistol (+1 PC), Survival Knife, Datamap Reader, Power Recharger, All-Temperature Cloak, MediKit (10/10 Supplies), and 700 Credits (Credstick) (Encumbrance: 26.3/33 kg); Stored on Outlaw Gambit: Blaster Sniper Rifle (+1 PC), Comlink, & Field Kit.

Background: Cal Domaru grew up on the peaceful planet of Alderaan. As a teenager, he spent much of his time exploring the wilderness of his home planet. This inquisitive nature led him to study the natural sciences. His explorations and education dovetailed, leading him on the path of a galactic explorer. Cal specialized in exploring Outer Rim worlds and studying the local flora and fauna for potential medicinal uses. While the work was oft times dangerous, he found a great measure of satisfaction from it. After a few successful discoveries, he was offered a grant by the Czerka corporation to fund his research. In exchange for funding his work, Czerka required Cal to allow them to review his work before it was published. Being somewhat naive, he agreed to the conditions.

After working for Czerka for a few years, Cal began to wonder why there seemed to be little progress in turning his research into medical products. After looking into a few of the worlds that he had previously explored, he discovered that Czerka had laid claim to the planets and were restricting access to them. As a result, nothing further would become of Cal's research. Doing a little more digging, he realized that many of the advances he had discovered could be used to compete with the products produced by Czerka medical subsidiaries. During this research, he also uncovered evidence of the exploitation of an indigenous species on the planet Dathomir by Czerka. Disenchanted with the company and his agreement, he sought assistance from the Republic government.
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Binder Fred

3 rings to bind them all!
A gand


Neutral medium-sized Gand Soldier 4/Scout 1/Elite Trooper 1/Jedi 1
Force 5/8 (1d4+1 to a roll)
Init +4
Passive perception 20 visual (otherwise 15)
Languages: Gand, Basic, Binary, Durese (lingua franca of spacers), 1 other
Species Trait: Exoskeleton (+1 AC), Compound Eyes (Avd visual), Oxygen sensitivity (As Kel Dor)
Defenses Ref 21 (10+1 Exoskel+2 Scout+4 armor+4 Dex), Fort 20/18 without armor (Advantage vs gas), Will 16 (10+1 Jedi)
HP 73/73 (-1HP per wound); Threshold 20/18 without armor; Second Wind 1d10+8 (Unused); 0/7 recovery dice used
Proficiency bonus +3
Damage Bonus +3 (1/2 heroic Level round down)
Speed 12
Melee +2/+7 Finesse (Vibroblade 2d6+7, Finesse, Light)
Ranged +8/+7 long range (Elite Blaster carbine, +1 tohit, 3d8+8/+7 long range, 50/50 rounds, range 40/160 or 60/600, Quick-deploy Folding stock (Free action), grav bipod)
Autofire +7-2/+7 if braced (Elite Blaster carbine, +1 tohit, 3d8+3, half if miss but >9)

Smoke grenades +7/+6 long range (Heavy Obscure, for 1 minute/10 rounds), WT. 0.5kg, Area (8-meter sphere), range 10/30).


Str 10, Dex 18, Con 12, Int 15, Wis 15, Cha 10

Skills: Perception +5 (Adv visual), Survival +5, Galactic Lore +5, Computer Use +5, Pilot +7, Ancient Articfacts +5, Use The Force +0

Talents: Devastating Attack (-5 dam threshold), Researcher (If you don't know, you know where to find it), Evasion (Area attacks do half damage or no damage), Demolitionist (advantage and +2 damage die with explosives), Controlled Burst (-2 autofire, -0 if braced)

Feats: Armor prof (Light, Medium), WP (Simple, Martial, Pistols, Rifles, Heavy), Tool (Explosives, advantage and +2 damage die), Pistoleer (No disadv at close range; If Attack, can attack as Bonus), Action Surge (Extra action, short rest to recover), Shake it Off (Advantage to recover from Reeling), Point Black Shot (+1 tohit at short range), Double Attack (Attack twice per attack action), Far Shot (No disadvantage from range), Delay Damage (as a Reaction, til after ENR, short rest to recover), Damage Reduction (1/2 ET level when wearing armor=0), Force Sensitivity (can Use The Force)

Force Talents and Feats:
Telepathic Link with Machines (as a Bonus action, 1 km, can use target's powers, can allow target to use yours, one link active at a time, resets on short rest)

Possessions: Dusty poncho with pointed hood (All-temp cloak (100 cr)), Scout trooper armor, Ammonia breather + Vocoder, Mechanical toolkit strapped to upper left arm, Short-range comlink watch with video on left wrist

Bandolier with 3 smoke grenades
Utility belt (3-days supply of food rations, a medpac, 1 spare energy cell, 1 energy pack, a glow rod, a liquid cable dispenser with small grapple hook, pirate explosive disc, a couple of empty pouches, 70 paper credit bills, a credstik with 940 credits)
- Elite blaster carbine on right hip
- Vibroblade on left hip
- Tucked in: A flare gun of her own construction + 3 flares,
- A datapad in holster (see below) with holorecorder capability (100 cr)

A set of common clothes
Briefcase with 3 blocks of detonite and 4 detonators (Currently carried by GE3-T3). 4d6, 8m radium blast each.

[sblock=Datapad content]Datacards (Adv on Wis or Int rolls in)
1. Galactic Lore
2. Galactic Dictionary
3. Dead languages
4. Ultimate Alien Anthology
5. Xenobio and Botanical Almanac (AKA Nature)
6. Chemistry and chemical compounds
7. Physics of Space and Time
8. Vehicle maintenance/mechanics
9. First aid/Medicine
10. Mining Engineering in a Modern Galaxy
11. Dathomir compendium (including topo maps)
12. Detailed History of the Quelii sector

Republic representative contract (from the Coruscant Survey Corp)
Holovid of the first meeting with the Kwi
Holo of the hole created by the Crater Worm and the Crater Worm scale
Holo of dead Rakata, one skinned and one whole lesser worms and the demon crystal.
Holo of the glowing runes on the Force Door, with sound file translation.[/sblock]
Background: One without name leaves no trace. Nameless artifact hunter, probably part of a diaspora team working for a Gand Janwuine. Maneuvered to get onboard the Survey Corp rescue expedition to get a free ride to Dathomir, the birthplace of the Kwa.

Wish list: Science Sensor pack (forearm-mounted if possible), Jetpack, Camera droid.
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First Post

Name: Kacela Nejis
Medium Twi'lek Jedi 5/Jedi Knight 2
Init: +3; Perception: +1 (passive 11)
Languages: Basic, Ryl
Force Points: 12 (1d4+1; 2/roll)
Defenses: Fort +18 Ref +18 Will +19
Hit Points: 73
Spd 12 meters
Melee +6 (lightsaber +7, 2d8+5)
Ranged +6
Base Proficiency Bonus: +3
Abilities Str 10, Dex 16, Con 12, Int 11, Wis 13, Chr 18
1 Lightsaber Defense (+1 all defenses when lightsaber is ignited and held at ready)
3 Dark Side Sense (adv on checks to locate/perceive darkside force users with the Force)
5 Resist the Dark Side (Dark side force users are at disad to affect you with the Force)
6 Lightsaber Form: Makashi (+2 Reflex when using a single, one-handed lightsaber)

B Force Sensitive
B Force Training
2 Skill Expertise: Use the Force
3 Force Training
4 Force Boon
6 Double Attack

- Adv on Charisma (Deception)
- +2 Fort defense
- Low Light Vision

Persuasion +7
Insight +4
Supernatural +3
Use the Force +10

Force Powers:
- Move Object
- Negate Energy
- Force Slam
- Surge
- Mind Trick
- Farseeing
- Force Disarm
- Rebuke

Force Techniques:
Improved Move Minor Object (can attack using Use The Force vs Ref for 2d6+4 dmg, 30' rng)

Armor: None
Weapons: Simple, Lightsabers
Tools: Land vehicles (speeders)

Jedi Acolyte

Lightsaber, +7 atk, 2d8+5 slsh/energy (self-made, w/ crystal giving +1 all defenses when wielded; stacks w/ lgtsbr def)
Holdout blaster pistol w/extra cell, +3 atk, 3d4+5 energy, 6 shots, 40/160 rng
Short-range commlink
Aquata Mask
Field kit
- Canteen
- Water filter
- Sunshield
- Rations (1 week)
- 2 glow rods
- Breather mask (24 filters)
Jedi Icon
Credstick: 300
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SWS/DnD5 Star Wars - The Old Republic "A Gathering Darkness" [Rogues Gallery]

Jihahna Darut - Human Ex-Mercenary

Scout 1st level - Scoundrel 3rd level - Jedi 2nd level - Force Adept 1st level


Fortitude: 16 (18 with armor), Reflex: 18 (19 with armor), Will: 18
Hit Points: 67 (HD 3d6, 2d8,2d10), Damage Threshold: 16 (18 with armor)
Second Wind: 1d10+6
Speed: 12 meters
Force Points: 7 (Down to 5 at 7th level re dark side)
Dark Side Points: 2 (Historical)
STR 14 (+2), DEX 16 (+3), CON 14 (+2), INT 12 (+1), WIS 13 (+1), CHA 10 (+0)

Proficiency: Simple, Martial, Pistols, Rifles, Advanced melee, Lightsabers.

(Class) Mechanics +4,
(Class) Electronics +4,
(Scoundrel) Security Kit +4,
(Background) Slicer +4,
(Background) Vehicle (speeders +6).

(class) Athletics +5
(Class) Initiative +5
(Class) Insight +4
(Race) Use the Force +3
(Background) Survival +4
(Background) Perception +4
(Scoundrel) Computers +4
(Jedi) Medicine +4


(Human)-Force Sensitivity
(Scout Bonus)-Shake it Off
(1st)-Advanced Weapon Proficiency
(Scoundrel bonus)-Point Blank Shot
(3rd)-Strong in the force
(Scoundrel second)-Precise Shot
(6th)-Tech Specialist
(Jedi)-Double attack

(Scout 1st)-Resistance
(Scoundrel 1st)-Skirmisher
(Jedi 1st)-Battle Meditation
(Adept 1st)-Empower Weapon
(Scoundrel 3rd)-Dastardly strike

Senses: passive perception 14
-Binary (Proficient in Computers skill)

Gear: Empowered Blaster Rifle (hit +6, (+7 point blank) damage 3d8+5 (+6 point blank) energy, ammo 75 power cell, range 60/600, stun 2d8+5 (+6 point blank), Wt. 2.5kg; or auto-fire: hit +2, (+3 point blank) damage 3d8+5 (+6 point blank), area affect 4x4meters), with two extra power cells (Wt. 0.2kg)

Lightsaber Bayonet, Owner made (+1 to hit), (hit +7) damage 2d8 slashing & energy, Finesse, light, ignores hardness of items. Damage 2d6 dismounted, (Wt. 0.5kg)

Concealed Knee Mounted Empowered Vibro-Dagger (hit +5, damage 3d4+4 piercing, (Wt. 1kg)

One additional bayonet (hit +5, damage 1d4+4, thrown hit +7, damage 1d4+3, range 10/30), (Wt. 1kg)

Utility belt, Field kit (Wt. 10kg), comlink (short ranged) (Wt. 0.1kg) Common clothing, credstick with 270 credits, Mechanics tool kit (Wt. 1kg)

[sblock=Background changes since campaign]
Since working with the Republic Survey Corp, Jihahna has been forced to see many things differently, the peaceful thinking of This Gand has shown her that there is more than one way to achieve a desired outcome, in fact, the peaceful solution has been far less mess so far, which Jihahna appreciates.

The two jedi who took Jihahnas original outburst have been more than kind to her since her anti-force outburst and as it would seem, Jihahna appeared to have been repressing some of her potential through her anger. However, more curious than resentful of the force, Jihahna has now cautiously decided to give the Jedi and their teachings a chance. The fact that she has successfully sniffed out a sith spy probably helped to give her the confidence to think she might make a passable Jedi.



Primary Motivator: Once motivated by money, Jihahna had a change of heart awhile back, when an old man had stood between her and her target, refusing to let her complete the task. The elderly mans' eyes spoke a silent challenge to her. He was unarmed, but he would fight to defend to the death, a total stranger! This act of kindness broke Jihahna, who fled confused and let her mark go. When she attempted to leave the cartels, a bounty hunter was sent after her. They believed she defected for other reasons, perhaps to betray another cartel with information. She killed the hunter before collapsing and was pronounced dead at the scene, her body badly scarred, left arm and leg shredded (requiring surgical removal later on). As luck would have it however, when she awoke in the morgue, mysteriously alive by a miracle, the man in charge was the same old man whose actions had convinced her to leave. This man who had seen enough of death, helped Jihahna so that she could live. With his medical assistance and the remainder of her finances, he replaced her limbs with crude cybernetic replacements and smuggled her off-world. In short, she is a character who is presently unsure of her primary motivation, but may develop more selfless motivations in future.
Outlook: Jihahna grew up on a cartel controlled desert Fringe planet in rough beginnings, then became a mercenary in order to feed herself. Always originally a loner, Jihahna preferred to avoid working with gangs as she has always been gruff and a bit too free thinking for such a thing. Her outlook on the universe has always been dark until her encounter with the old man. She believes that everyone has a hidden motivation whenever they are kind and that no-one can be trusted. She considers herself a realist, but perhaps there is a part of her that wishes that she could have been more idealistic in a dark universe.
Integrity: Jihahna is at a crossroads at present for her integrity. Before the incident with the old man she was the sort of mercenary who was always dependable and professional. It's only recently that she may have begun to develop a new side to her. She is not the sort to change her alliance for financial gain as she has always taken pride in her being reliable, however, next time she felt MORALLY obliged to change sides in an assignment, she would very possibly do so.
Impulsiveness: Jihahna is gruff and cool headed. Her prosthetics' remind her daily that every action has a consequence, a cost. She is by no means impulsive.
Boldness: She is as bold as an ex-mercenary can be. She has no qualms at being assertive as well as straight and to the point and if it is clear that she must act on something, she will do so with determination.
Flexibility: Jihahna likes structure and routine and always has done, particularly since having to care more for her health. A change in routine either means she is in danger, or she is on assignment and has already prepared for such a thing. If she has time to prepare for a change to her routine, Jihahna is fine, otherwise, she experiences increased stress levels, leading her to being more gruff than before.
Comportment: Jihahna displays a rather professional, short ad to the point comportment around those she does not know and becomes awkward and quiet everyone else starts making friends with each other. She does not trust people, but she does not want them to catch on to this and because she is not particularly sociable, this often leads to awkward conversations, or worse, awkward silences.


Emotional Disposition: Jihahna is actually quite emotionally stable which can be observed over a period of time by her consistent behaviors, though some might see her as a bit of a bore. She uses routine to stay emotionally centered, though this makes her come across to others as cold and robotic (emphasised by her prosthetics)
Moodiness: When everything falls down around Jihahna, she doesn't cope well, becoming shorter tempered than before, though she continues to be professional. When this happens, she tries relentlessly to fix the problem with a gruff determination and angry energy.
Affinity: Deep down, Jihahna has always felt something special lies somewhere in her life either inside or outside her. Though she mostly waves the thought off at nonsense, sometimes she thinks that there was some greater power at work when she survived death, that she was always meant to meet the old man.
Interactivity: Jihahna very much APPEARS to be on auto-pilot with a lot of her emotions what with her gruff nature, however on the contrary, she simply comes across this way as she regularly reflects on her feelings internally. Sometimes, especially after the 'incident', she sits and ponders her existence and why she is the way she is along with what her purpose is in such a big galaxy in the grand scheme of things.
Disclosure: If Jihahna had a close friend or lover, she might be more likely to disclose her feelings regularly, but she needs to build her relationships on strong foundations of trust first.
Conformity: Jihahna is a lone wolf in that she will not conform to doing anything she does not agree with now. Before the incident with the man, she was not always an ideal mercenary, sometimes skating outside the lines of her role, however, she always got her job done. She is now more awake to what is right and what is wrong and finds that these things overrule conformity in most cases.

Friendliness: Gruff, but professional with people initially, Jihahna is however loyal to her friends first, then her contract before herself. She is not necessarily a woman of few words, but, simply always has a way of summarising her message at the end in few words.
Topics of Conversation: Jihahna is gruff, but she's not unsociable. She can hold a conversation, but probably does so mostly to learn what she can from those she keeps company with. She does so more out of polite curiosity than anything else, but sometimes may come across a P.I. Because of her cold mannerisms.
Quirks, Habits, Oddities:Jihahna finds it difficult to relax around people, always on the watch for danger. She sometimes may appear disinterested during conversation, but she would have been more likely distracted.
Games & Enjoyments:Jihahna doesn't know really how to let her hair down, unless she were to lock herself in safety with a bottle of alcohol and her back to the wall, however, she enjoys any game of skill or wit and is fond of such banter as inside jokes or giving nicknames to allies etc (friendly verbal games). She ignores puns, but secretly enjoys good ones.
Sense of Humor: Jihahna has a dry sense of humour that RARELY emerges as she believes it to be unprofessional.
Tolerance:Strictly professional
Expression of Beliefs:Jihahna is not openly for or against any religion, keeping her opinion on the matter professional. It is a matter she buries so she doesn't HAVE to acknowledge her feelings on it. A small part of her does believe in something though...
Converting Others: N/A
Attitude towards Religion in general:To Jihahna, though some people have found that religious belief helps them in some way, it's just another scam to her on the surface, though deep down, she WANT's for there to be something more.
Favorite Pastime: Work (A busy mind keeps her from having to think). She always strives for the best results in a universe full of cheats, chumps and unreliable workers. Psychologically, she's searching for purpose in her work.
Favorite Food: Growing up on a dessert world, Jihahna has always had a love of sweet fruits and nice juicy vegetables. Secretly, she loves their fragrance and is also fond of flowers too, though she wouldn't admit it.
Favorite Drink: She mostly drinks water, though if she felt safe enough to do so, likes fruit juices or vegetable juices. Any naturally sweet drink.
Favorite Hobby: When she's alone and without any work to do, Jihahna watches the stars or goes to somewhere where she can gaze at nature, listen to and feel the breeze and relax.
Favorite Music: Nil - Unexplored - but if she was introduced to an in game equivalent of classical music, would secretly fall in love with it.
Favorite Art form: Nil - Unexplored
YOUR PAST____________

Favourite Person: N/A at present
Fondest Memory: the severing of her limbs. Though this was a painful experience, when she blew a hole in the bounty hunters head before losing consciousness, she was free! Then she woke up.
Favorite Place: Space. Anywhere in space amongst the beauty of the stars.
Biggest Accomplishment: Leaving the cartel and surviving.
Worst Memory: Waking up in a freezer in the morgue still alive.
Biggest Disappointment and/or Failure: That she had never aspired to be something more than a mercenary.
List Any, along with a number between 1-5. 1 being small and 5 being very serious.
2-Severed arm (prosthetic replacement)
2-Severed Leg (Prosthetic replacement)
5-Her old Cartel wants her dead
2-Her mentality and her ideas of right and wrong are somewhat conflicted and could go either way depending on environmental factors

List any significant fears, along with a number between 1-5. 1 being small and 5 being very serious.
5-She does not fear death, but she fears her ex-employers bounty hunters, but her biggest fear is not that they kill her, but that they try and take her back.
3-She fears that her recent change of heart may just be temporary, that she does not have what it takes to do what is right. This fear ties in with self-doubt.[/sblock]
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Reks Seviir
Medium-Sized Human Jedi (Acoylte) 1
Force Points: 6/6 (1d4+1)
Initiative: +3
Passive Perception: 11 Languages: Basic, Binary
Fortitude 15, Reflex 16, Willpower 15
Hit Points: 40,
Threshold 15
(Second Wind: 1d10+3)
Proficiency: +2
Speed: 12 Meters
Proficiency: Lightsaber, Simple Weapons, Tools (Electronics +2)
Combat Options:
Dual Lightsabers: +6 to hit, 2d8+3 energy/slashing damage (finesse, light, ignores hardness, can use bonus action to make off-hand weapon attack).
STR 11, DEX 16, CON 14, INT 10, WIS 12, CHA 14
Talents: Lightsaber Defense (when wielding an ignited lightsaber you gain +1 to all defenses)
Feats: Dual Weapon (when wielding a melee weapon in each hand add +1 Reflex Defense), Dual Weapon Mastery (add ability modifier to off-hand attack damage), Force Sensitive, Weapon Focus-Lightsabers (+1 to attack rolls with lightsabers)
Skills: Acrobatics (+5), Insight (+3), Persuasion (+4), Supernatural (+3), Use the Force (+4)
-----------------------------Possessions: Lightsabers, Short-range comlink, Breath mask, Field kit, Jedi icon, Datapad, Jedi Robes, Common clothing, credstik 10credits

Background Info:
Reks was sent to investigate the Kwi people and why they are becoming so violent as part of his trials to becoming a full-fledged Jedi Knight.
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Vivian Rell, Republic Survey Supervisor, Medium sized togruta, noble 1/scout 1

Vivian Rell.jpg

Force Points
: 1, Dark Side: 0
Fortitude: 13, Reflex: 16, Will: 16
Hit Points: 23 (18+1d8), Damage Threshold: 13
Speed: 12 meters
STR 11 (+0), DEX 12 (+1), CON 10 (+0), INT 14 (+2), WIS 14 (+2), CHA 13 (+1)
Skills: Computer Use +4, Galactic Lore +4, Insight +4, Investigation +6, Nature +4, Perception+4, Stealth +3*, Survival +4*
Feats: Skill Expertise (Investigation)
Proficiencies: Simple weapons, Pistol, Vehicle (Speeder +3)
Talents: Explorer (advantage with survival checks*), Jack of All Trades (+1 bonus to all non-proficient skills)
Traits: Pack Hunter (+2 melee damage with advantage), Sneaky (advantage with stealth rolls*), Spatial Awareness (blindsight out to 10m)
Senses: passive perception 14, blindsight 10m
Languages: Basic, Binary, Rodese, Sullustese, Togruit
Blaster Pistol: Range Weapon Attack: +3 to hit; Hit: 3d6+2 energy
Other Gear: Short-range comlink, datapad


First Post
GE3-T3 ("Thirteen"), GE3-series Medium sized protocol droid, nonheroic 3

GE3 '13'.jpg
Fortitude: 10, Reflex: 10, Will: 12
Hit Points: 8 (3d4), Damage Threshold: 10
Speed: 8 meters
STR 10 (+0), DEX 10 (+0), CON N/A, INT 14 (+2), WIS 10 (+0), CHA 15 (+2)
Skills: Computer Use +4, Galactic Lore +6, Investigation +6, Persuasion +4
Feats: Skill Expertise (Galactic Lore), Skill Expertise (Investigation)
Proficiency: Tools (Electronics +4)
Senses: passive perception 10
Traits/Systems: Translator Unit III (Int check, DC 12)
ACTIONS no combat action.


First Post
Spaceport Thugs and Goons

[sblock=Feeorin ‘Leader’]
Medium sized humanoid, Soldier 2
Force Points: 1, Dark Side: 2
Fortitude: 18, Reflex: 13, Will: 12
Hit Points: 39 (30+1d10+4), Damage Threshold: 18
Speed: 12 meters
STR 18 (+4), DEX 11 (+0), CON 14 (+2), INT 10 (+0), WIS 11 (+0), CHA 9 (-1)
Skills: Athletics +6, Intimidation +1*, Nature +2, Survival +2
Feats: Bantha Rush (with successful melee attack and move opponent 2 meters in any direction), Power Attack (up to -2 to melee attack for +4 melee damage)
Proficiencies: Heavy Weapons, Simple Weapons, Pistol, Rifles, Light & Medium Armor, Tools (Mechanic +2), Vehicle (Speeders +2)
Talents: Melee smash (+1 damage with melee weapons)
Traits: Low-light vision, Scary (advantage on intimidate checks)
Senses: Low-light vision, passive perception 10
Languages: Basic, Feeorin
Really big-Wrench: Melee Weapon Attack: +6 to hit; Hit: 1d8+5 bludgeoning[/sblock]

[sblock=Aqualish Corporate Goon]

Medium sized humanoid, Scoundrel 1
Force Points: 1, Dark Side: 2
Fortitude: 14, Reflex: 15, Will: 14
Hit Points: 24 (18+1d6+2), Damage Threshold: 14
Speed: 12 meters
STR 12 (+1), DEX 12 (+1), CON 15 (+2), INT 13 (+1), WIS 12 (+1), CHA 10 (+0)
Skills: Athletics +3, Galactic Lore +2, Gather Information +2, Perception +5, Stealth +3
Feats: Skill Expertise (Perception)
Proficiencies: Simple weapons, Pistol, Tools (Electronics +3)
Talents: Connected (can get illegal goods cheaper and find additional information)
Traits: Amphibious (can’t drowned, advantage on Athletic/Swim checks and treat all rolls below a 10 as a 10), Low-Light Vision
Senses: passive perception 15
Languages: Basic, Aqualisese
Big Wrench: Melee Weapon Attack: +3 to hit; Hit: 1d8+1 bludgeoning
Additional Gear: Datapad, Short-range comlink[/sblock]

[sblock=The Thugs]
Angry Mine Workers, Medium sized humanoid, nonheroic 2
Fortitude: 12, Reflex: 10, Will: 10
Hit Points: 7 (2d4+2), Damage Threshold: 12
Speed: 12 meters
STR 14 (+2), DEX 11 (+0), CON 12 (+1), INT 10 (+0), WIS 10 (+0), CHA 10 (+0)
Skills: Intimidation +2, Perception+2, Survival +2
Feats: Skill Training (survival)
Proficiencies: Simple Weapons, Tools (Mechanic +2), Vehicle (Speeders +2)
Senses: passive perception 12
Languages: Basic
Stun Batons: Melee Weapon Attack: +4 to hit; Hit: 1d6+2 bludgeoning or 2d6+2 stun. [/sblock]
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Halina Yass, Local PR Manager, Medium sized human, noble 3
Force Points: 1, Dark Side: 3
Fortitude: 12, Reflex: 13, Will: 16
Hit Points: 25 (18+2d6), Damage Threshold: 12
Speed: 12 meters
STR 11 (+0), DEX 11 (+0), CON 10 (+0), INT 14 (+2), WIS 13 (+1), CHA 15 (+2)
Skills: Computer Use +4, Deception +6, Galactic Lore +4, Initiative +2, Intimidation +4, Medical +4, Perception +3, Persuasion +6
Feats: Cutting Words (Bonus action with Persuasion check vs. Will defense of enemies you can see. Success and the next attack by enemies is at disadvantage, but only first one), Skill Focus (Deception, Persuasion), Weapon Proficiency (advanced melee weapons)
Proficiencies: Advanced melee weapons, Simple weapons, Pistol, Vehicle (Starships +2)
Talents: Boost Ally (action, ally automatically recovers from Reeling and if at less than ½ HP, gains +5 temporary hit points), Inspire Connections (have many contacts and can fine less then legal items)
Senses: passive perception 13
Languages: Basic, Binary, Gran, Ryl, Huttenese
Hold-out Blaster Pistol: Range Weapon Attack: +2 to hit; Hit: 3d4+1 energy
Vibrodagger: Melee Weapon Attack: +2 to hit; Hit: 2d4+1 slashing & energy
Additional Gear: Datapad, Short-range comlink

Gall Doogota, Local Administrator of Internal Affairs, Medium sized gran, scoundrel 5
Force Points: 1, Dark Side: 4
Fortitude: 14, Reflex: 16, Will: 18
Hit Points: 35 (18+4d6+5), Damage Threshold: 14
Speed: 12 meters
STR 12 (+1), DEX 15 (+2), CON 12 (+1), INT 13 (+1), WIS 12 (+1), CHA 16 (+3)
Skills: Computer Use +4, Deception +6, Initiative +5, Perception+4, Stealth +8
Feats: Action Surge (can take an extra action on your turn; requires a rest to use again), Careful Shot (if 'aims' adds +2 to attack roll and +2 to damage with ranged attacks), Feinting Attack (using a bonus action, one opponent within 2m you have Advantage against and do +1 damage. Must complete a rest to use again), Point Blank Shot (+1 hit/damage within normal range), Precise Shoot (can fire into melee without disadvantage), Skill Expertise (Stealth)
Proficiencies: Simple weapons, Pistol, Tools (Slicer +5)
Talents: Crafty Action (bonus action to Dash, Disengage or Hide), Knack (can re-roll any one ability or skill check that you just made; must take long rest to use again), Sneak Attack (+1d6)
Traits: Darkvision 20m, Target awareness (can see about twice as far), Triple Vision (can move up to ½ speed and still “aim”), Conditional feat (precise shot)
Senses: passive perception 11
Languages: Basic, Gran, Binary
Hold-out Blaster Pistol: Range Weapon Attack: +5 to hit; Hit: 3d4+4 energy
Blaster Pistol: Range Weapon Attack: +5 to hit; Hit: 3d6+4 energy
Additional Gear: Datapad, Short-range comlink

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