Level Up (A5E) Synergy Feats


So I was messing around with some builds using synergy feats, and realized that I'd misunderstood the pacing around when you access them. It's conceptually possible that you'd do a Class A 3/Class B 12 build and get third part of the chain online at level 15, but it's much more likely that you're going to do Class A 4/Class B 4 for the first two, and then decide which one you want to push. Most synergy based characters are probably going to end up as 4/16 builds between their two classes.

This led me to wonder though, if there's an interesting build that goes for 4 synergy feats, going 2 steps down 2 different chains. You're taking a ton of options, but not much outright power, particularly if you try to combine martial and magic classes. Maybe something like Herald 4/Bard 4/Fighter 4/Wizard 4 that takes Bladesinger and Proclaimer?

With some of the overlapping synergies from GPG, you could also do a Class A 4/Class B 4/Class C 8 build.

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