T1 Moathouse adapted to Torchbearer

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I'm yet to attempt the sort of agility you describe, except in a short session with my daughter, who is neither an experienced nor an exacting RPGer!

Given your experience with BW and your experience with the described paradigm broadly, I expect you'll be there fairly quickly (assuming your life allows a reasonable play schedule!)!


In my group's last Torchbearer session, I was able to introduce some information about the forgotten Temple:

The codex proper also recorded that, according to the lore of a now-forgotten temple, the void is an evil admixture of elemental air and elemental earth.

Golin's player asked me if the Forgotten Temple Complex where he grew up is full of nut-jobs. I told him that, as per what he had said back at PC creation, he hung out with the nut-jobs who worked on explosions - the combination of elemental fire and elemental air.

I've just written up the cults of the Forgotten Temple Complex; in addition to the normal tutelage that a temple provides (Theologian, Scholar), each provides tutelage in one or more relevant skills:

*Explosives (Fire, Air) - Alchemist, Cook

*Smithing (Fire, Earth) - Armourer, Jeweller, Smith

*Potions and Vapours (Fire, Water) - Alchemist, Enchanter

*Herbalism (Earth, Water) - Healer

*Wind and Sky (Air, Water) - Sailor, Survivalist

*Void (Air, Earth) - ??​

If the PCs try and spend a town phase in the Forgotten Temple Complex, they will have to join a cult first (Ob 3 Resources test) as their are no other accommodations (facilities are River, Shrine, Temple, Wall, Well).

The libraries in the temples seem the sort of places to find records of the earlier history and proclivities of the temple.

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