Tabletop Adaptation of Video Game Boyfriend Dungeon Lands on DriveThruRPG

The official licensed RPG of the dungeon crawling dating sim is available in PDF now


Kitfox Games and designer Maso Perez released an officially licensed adaptation of the 2021 video game Boyfriend Dungeon. This tabletop RPG uses the Powered by the Apocalypse system and replicates the hack-and-slash dungeon crawl and dating sim action of the original video game. From the product description:

The cult classic shack-and-slash, in an all-new format. Boyfriend Dungeon TTRPG: Life On the Edge is a tabletop roleplaying game that lets up to 4 players (plus their Master of Ceremonies) explore their inner psyche, confront their fears, and smooch swords! Roleplay as your favorite lasersaber or make up your weapon-person. Wield your friends, defeat enemies, and level up your love... around the table.

Includes three beautiful, printable PDFs:
  • The Core Rulebook (50 pages)
  • Character Sheet templates (6, one for each weapon type)
  • The Mini-RPG, a one-shot quickstart guide (5 pages)
All you need to bring is two six-sided dice and your imagination!

The rules were composed by Maso Perez in coordination with Kitfox Games to create the ideal storytelling experience in the vein of (but distinct from) the Boyfriend Dungeon video game. But you need not be stuck in Verona Beach if you're craving something more fantastic. You can easily use it to roleplay as Arthurian knight-swords, anxious roommates, an adventuring party, star-crossed Shakespearean rapiers, or any other weapon-people you can imagine.

The 50-page PDF for Boyfriend Dungeon TTRPG: Life on the Edge is available now for $8.99.

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Darryl Mott

Darryl Mott

Whizbang Dustyboots

Gnometown Hero
Aw, man, when I heard there'd be a TTRPG based on Boyfriend Dungeon, I was excited, because I love that game, but seeing that it's PbtA makes me sad. Might still check it out, but... That's really not my style.
The DTRPG listing says a lot of it is very modular to other RPG systems. I would guess people will immediately start trying to make it work with 5E and maybe Pathfinder and OSR.

Rebel Mage

Powered by the Apocalypse is a really popular system for new games. Seems like every other week there's a new PbtA game or Mork Borg game making headlines here at EN World.
Yep, and I'm happy for those that like the systems, more power to you, many games for you to love. I'm just sad because it just doesn't work for me. For PbtA, it just feels too restrictive and too free simultaneously. I've played Mörk Borg only once, so don't have as strong opinions on it, but I didn't immediately fall in love with it. Still, it has a unique art style, which I can always appreciate! I've occasionally bought a TTRPG without really looking at the rules just because the art was such a Vibe.


I remember a 3PP created a PC race for D&D or Pathfinder what were sentient weapons with the power to change to a humanoid shape.

There is also an isekai anime about a man who is reincarnated into a sentient sword with a voice to talk and telekinetic powers to move.

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