[Take 2] Let's See a Pic of Your Gaming Group!


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This was one of the threads we lost with the boards' crash and I thought it was high time I brought it back, figuring by now all the people who claimed that they were going to a pic of their group "next week" would have that pic ready and were just waiting for me to start the thread up again. . . Right? . . . Right? :] Get crackin' ya slackers!

And in case you missed it last time, I don't want no pictures of your ugly mug all by your lonesome, I want groups, baby! Groups! The weekend is here and all across America and the world ENworld gaming groups are going to be getting together to roll some dice, kill some stuff, grab the loot and/or wax philosophical about the ethics of killing orc infants - Take a moment to gather at one side of the table and snap away, be it with polaroid, digital camera, camera phone or if you want to draw a sketch even. . .

And as I said last time here is an excuse to have a keepsake of your group at this point in time with this set of people that you can look back on and smile. I wish I had pictures of more of the groups I have played with over the years.

Anyway, here are two incarnations from my "Out of the Frying Pan" campaign group. The first one is summer 2003 and the second is summer 2005. Their character names are noted on the photo.


(Standing: Left to Right): Eric G., Ken, John G., Me, Brian
(Sitting: Left to Right): Eric M., Helene


(Left to Right): John G., Eric M., Jon S., Eric G., Jesse

This one is from sometime around 1998 and it is the group that called themselves "The Oath".

(Standing: Left to Right): Ken, Craig, Sean
(Sitting: Left to Right): Neil, Chris, Colleen

So no need to be show. .. Show me what ya got!
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I will keep bumping my own thread.

Don't think I won't. :p

I know at least a handful of people posted pics of their groups last time and many more said they would - so I am keeping this where it can be seen until it gains some steam. :cool:


Here are the Spellwardens in all their glory:


From left to right: Sa Qebah (Werecheetah assassin played by Nerissa), Miriell the Dwarf (Paladin slightly modified with Greenbond abilities played by Melissa), Mandingo the Archer (at the front, with the bow, Hummingbird warrior played by Domingo), Amalruth Ironhorn (at the back, the big purple thing, played by me), Jezabell the Quickling Faen (the tiny fey at the front, played by Tiana), Nacht the Unfettered (swashbuckling rogue played by Lisa Maria) and finally Slydracna, the Mojh (reptilian mage blade played by Caroline).


From left to right: Mandingo the archer, Sa Qebah the assassin (DM), Jezabell the winter witch, Slydracna the Mojh, Nacht the rogue and Amalruth the devil (DM).


From left to right: Mandingo the archer, Sa Qebah the assassin (DM), Jezabell the winter witch, Slydracna the Mojh, Nacht the rogue and Miriell the dwarven (greenbond) paladin.
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A few years old, at a reunion of many of our players:


Back row: Blackjack (plays Malachite), Fajitas (played Sharala), Raevynn (played Raevynn), Bandeeto (played Arcade), The Crawling Chaos (hasn't crawled in ages), Sialia (played Dylrath), Piratecat (DM), Rofan (played Rofan), Sito (played Claris).

Front row: wisdomlikesilence (played Kiri), Dr. Rictus (played Palladio), KidCthulhu (played Nolin), Jobu (played Tao), and Tremere (played TomTom Badgerclaw.)

Current players missing: Wulf (played Stone Bear), Alomir (plays Agar), Aravis (plays Galthia), Sagiro (plays Velendo), and Kodiak (plays Mara.)


I don't have all of the group, but here's part of it from a gameday I attended in January, where three of the six came with me --

Description and screen name on these forums:
Left, eyes squinting from a photo-flash is Oncarou;

COBRA t-shirt is Torm;

Yellow jacket with thumbs-up is kernelpanik.

I may yet get a group photo out of these guys sometime soon.


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Ashrem Bayle


My group and the Tact-Tiles playtesters!

From left to right:

Kyle (Khan, Kalashtar Psychic Warrior)
Rob (Marcus, Human Wizard and dragonmarked of House Deneith)
Krissy (My wife, and casual observer)
Me (Mike, Rat-bastard DM)
Tom (Guest Player of Gulo, Shifter Barbarian & Co-Creator of the much loved Tact-Tiles)
Trace (Reblyn, Elven Scout & the other Co-Creator of the much loved Tact-Tiles)

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