[Take 2] Let's See a Pic of Your Gaming Group!


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My merry band

Here are the guys who comprise my group now. There have been quite a few over the years, but I've known 4 of these guys 20 years now, and have been gaming with them off and on that whole time.

There are others who play when life permits them, and some others have moved away or dropped from gaming altogether. But here they are, in all their glory. Sort of.


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You know, I bothered to take a picture of my group a while ago for this thread, and then didn't remember to actually post it. This is my Wednesday night group, currently playing an all-psionic githzerai rrakma. From left to right, we have...

Brandy (looking excessively formal, for some reason)
Lee, Melanie's husband - and that's his hand, not mine.
Jim, the DM, and Brandy's husband

There have been other players wandering in or out, but this has been the core of the group for about the last six years, since I joined. We've lost a few core members over that period (to job relocation, graduate school, or moving to the Phillipines), but we've all been gaming together for a good while now.


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Don't think we've taken a picture for 15-odd years. In fact, I'm pretty sure at least one of our present group doesn't show up on film.


My small group from left to right...

Derek - Evilturtle
Chris (me) - caudor
Frank - scrappy
Daniel - darkpuppy


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