[Take 2] Let's See a Pic of Your Gaming Group!

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Here's the Fat Dragon gaming group (except for me-I took the photo):



Bumping this to keep it going. I just wish I could remember to take some photos of my groups. I might have to resort to connecting a bunch of Myspace photos together.


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I am resurrecting this thread for two reasons:

1) I have a new group picture to post, and

2) Not enough people have posted pics of their groups, and some of the old pics in this thread have gone away since it was last active.

Come on! Let's put some faces to names and some groups to the faces. . .

Here is our "Second Son of a Second Son" group:


From left to right: Jesse, Ken, Eric M., Me, John, Sean, Eric G.


el-remmen said:
It was an X-mas gift from Sean, actually. . .

As I never actually wear it out, it is always clean to wear on gaming day. ;)

You never wear it out?! I would love one of those. Do you know where Sean got it? I'm always on the hunt for retro novelty Tees.

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