[Take 2] Let's See a Pic of Your Gaming Group!

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ColonelHardisson said:
The pics you posted in your original post are just red Xs on my end of things.
Same here.

Anyways, I like the idea of the group photos. I just keep forgetting to bring my camera, and we have not had a full group in a couple weeks.



Took this candid pic at the start of today's session. Left to right: Jim (playing Cleaver the Trollborn), Eric (playing Thurven Haraaldsson), and Cal (playing Hals).


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First Post
I was looking at the photos in the original post, thinking, that "all the rest guy looks really familiar but don't know why........."

Hi el-remmen! Sometimes it takes me a little longer than most people to put things together.

Anyway, here are the photos of the more regular group that i could get. Technically, this is Qualidar's group, but Dareoon and Walt (the guy with no username) also DM a lot of the time. Capellan was in our game before he went back to Oz, and ran some oneshots. That kicked ass.

Anyway, last night, after a hard slog through the lava tubes beneath Cauldron:


Chamberlain = human(ish) albino Warlock; Agravaine = human Ranger; Kharesh = dwarven cleric of Fharlanghn/fighter; Sebastiano = human Diviner

Dareoon (Kiba = half-orc Monk/Rogue) was missing, so here is a photo of him, SirOsis of Liver, and Maverick Weirdo from GameDay April 2006. (Mav is not in our normal games,but he's photogenic and stuff, and this is an iconic photo of Dareoon. Seriously.)


And here is me. I play a human cleric of Wee Jas, Jaana Vasu.


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