Free Tales from the Gnomish Tarot: a D&D Webcomic on Webtoon


I am drawing "Tales from the Gnomish Tarot", a webcomic (picture book?) based on the 4E and 5E D&D campaigns which I ran for my friends and students in Korea. Tales from the Gnomish Tarot on Webtoon
"Lordly elfin knights and valiant belching toads, angelic fairy princesses and wise ferocious dragons, all wrestle against the bonds of fate. And seers and loremasters all seek to understand the destiny written in the stars and omens of the earth, but none can tell the stories of chosen heroes as well as the gnomes in their whimsical cards."
(Updates every Saturday.) Patrons on Patreon can see episodes early or even see the art before the script was added.

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Found this from your reply in the Feywild thread. I like your style very much. The whimsical medieval feel is refreshing after the years of dungeonpunk, magitech, and 19th century aesthetics that seem to be popular these days...


I am still scribbling and scratching along with this webtoon. Here is a sample to whet your appetite:

06 Tarot Cards scripted resized  cropped.JPG

12b Wolf Song resized.JPG

Tales from the Gnomish Tarot

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