DMs Guild Tales of the Infinite Planes in PDF and POD!

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Tales of the Infinite Planes

Explore the World Serpent Inn and the Multiverse with 8 Adventures!​

Adventures previously released have been collected into one convenient package!


The magic of Dungeons & Dragons and other roleplaying games is the unfolding story that happens at the game table, whether it’s a virtual or real table. The Dungeon Master sets the stage and narrates the actions of the nonplayer characters, but the players dictate how they approach the story. It’s the story captured at the table that people most remember, in my opinion.

But crafting the details of that story for the players to fill in can be a very daunting task for any DM, new or old. Knowing which NPCs to flesh out, including the ones that are important to the events happening outside the eyes of the players, and juggling the wants and needs of the characters is no small feat. DMs need every tool at their disposal to manage it.

One of the best ways I’ve found to manage it is to have it written down. Sketching out ideas for hooks, motivations, encounters, and NPCs before the game starts can be a lifesaver (I know I struggle at times to come up with NPC names on the fly!). It’s just a short hop from this idea to sharing it with others in an easily digestible format, and from there the idea of the adventure scenario falls into place naturally.

Adventure scenarios are a great way to get insight into how other DMs craft their stories, and it can be a welcome break to rely on the heavy work of others rather than create something from nothing. I designed the adventures in this collection with the idea of being as helpful to the DM as possible at the table, which is good as they all utilize that most fantastic of shared settings in D&D – the infinite planes of the multiverse!

The eight adventures in this volume run from 2nd to 15th level, and they serve as stand-alone scenarios. You could string them together to form a long campaign but you would need to weave some strong elements behind each one to connect them together coherently. They are presented as unique scenarios to make them more usable, and the World Serpent Inn can serve as the hub for the party if you wanted to use that option.

Codex of the Infinite Planes

The planes of D&D are a strange and wonderful place filled with danger and excitement without end. The eight scenarios in this collection each feature a different plane, but there are more than 20 more that are outside the scope of these adventures. And that doesn’t include the various layers of each plane which can offer unique challenges and environments all on their own!

Expanding the multiverse and encompassing more planes is beyond the scope of this product, but if you are looking for more details, you can find Codex of the Infinite Planes on the DMsGuild. That weighty tome includes detailed descriptions, mechanics, features, inhabitants, and sites of all the Inner Planes, Echo Planes, Transitive Planes, and Outer Planes, along with information on traveling the planes through paths like the River Styx, River Oceanus, and Yggdrasil the World Tree.

You do not need a copy of Codex of the Infinite Planes to run the adventures in this collection; all of the relevant mechanical details are reprinted in each adventure along with descriptions and highlights necessary to run the scenarios on each plane. But you can expand upon each with details found in the Codex, and even add more monsters with the companion title, Monsters of the Infinite Planes, also available on the DMsGuild. An infinite source of adventure opportunity awaits!

Adventure Length

Each adventure presented in this collection should run between 4 and 8 hours as written, depending largely on how the party approaches each situation and their general size. Each adventure scenario can also be expanded upon to encompass elements of one or more characters’ background, or continued utilizing the villains and NPCs introduced in each scenario.

Adventure Overviews

This book contains the following sections.

World Serpent Inn provides a broad overview of the World Serpent Inn, a planar hub and potential home base for any band of planar adventurers. It’s a bustling place of infinite doors and infinite possibilities, and includes a host of patrons who could provide jobs for adventurers and sprawling, unknown sites worth exploring. This section also includes details on using the World Serpent Inn as a Group Patron along with five detailed encounters used to introduce and adventure within the mysterious planar tavern.

Jade Waters Job is a 2nd-level scenario that takes the party to the City of Glass on the Plane of Water in the employ of a marid merchant. Once in the metropolitan planar city, the marid is robbed, and the thieves take refuge in the frozen underworld of the city where no patrols dare enter.

Trial of the Wine Lord is a 3rd-level scenario featuring Bacchus, Lord of Wine, being accused of criminal activities in the elven realm on the plane of Arborea. The quest to clear Bacchus’ name takes the party across the first two layers of Aborea to find the truth.

Jewel of the First Khan is a 5th-level scenario set on the Plane of Earth. The characters find the resting place of a fabulous jewel possessed by the first Great Khan of the Dao, but it seems they may be too late – leading into a hunt for the thief.

Roots of the Hungry Mine is a 7th-level scenario set on both Twin Paradies of Bytopia. It seems a mining operation on the wild layer has gone silent and the surveyor who found it needs help figuring out what happened.

Dreams of Brass is a 9th-level scenario focused on the City of Brass in the Plane of Fire. A plot to overthrow the Grand Sultan pulls the characters into unfolding events involving a cult of water worshippers and a displaced salamander queen.

Vault of Dusk is an 11th-level scenario taking the party to the Plane of Faerie. The fallen elven city of Cendriane has long attracted treasure-seekers, and the characters must navigate its dark streets in order to find a site of incredible power before a band of drow beat them to it.

Riddle of Hate is a 13th-level scenario that unfolds on Elysium, a normally peaceful plane of rugged individuality and good nature. Some sinister forces have infiltrated the plane and the party stumbles onto their devising in a journey into the mysterious swampy layer of Elysium.

Labyrinth of Scorn is a 15th-level scenario that serves as a follow-up to Riddle of Hate. Now, the party is tasked with taking on a minotaur king in his own labyrinth lair on Gehenna, but before that they must find the Crawling City of the yugoloths and pull off a daring art heist.

Want a multiverse of adventure to explore? Check out Codex of the Infinite Planes!​


Want to populate the multiverse with new monsters? Check out Monsters of the Infinite Planes!


Check out Heroes of the Infinite Planes for character options inspired by the wonders of the multiverse! 45 new subclasses, 30 backgrounds, new spells, and more!​


Encounters in the Infinite Planes gives you short adventures you can use to spice up the multiverse!

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