Black Flag Tales of the Valiant Kobold Press Kickstarter opens Tuesday, May 23rd

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Doing the best imitation of myself
Does anyone know about VTT support? I would back this if the full game had Foundry support. (In case anyone cares, that's a requirement for me these days since parenting prevents playing in person at the moment).

Okay, that was an AWESOME trailer! I also loved the stinger!

Now, can I quit refreshing the Kickstarter page? I'm anxious to back LOL

EDIT: Some analysis below.
1. Though it was revealed several weeks ago, I really like the slogan of, "Be brave. Be bold. Be valiant." It seems to set the tone for what you are attempting to accomplish.
2. Lighting is nice and bright. I may be a minority, but I am tired of darkness in both lighting and fiction themes.
3. Music is inspiring.
4. What's this? You're giving a little representation of a game in practice? But that will destroy the arcane/occult (read: hidden, requiring secret knowledge) prestige of RPGs! ;) Just kidding, that's great.
5. Machinist class? My best friend and regular DM will eat that up.
6. Nice to see that the set pieces chosen are out-of-doors.
7. The Labyrinth? Is this a new setting, too?
8. The stinger is HILARIOUS

I will state that I am someone that is tired of morally grey or dark games. I like being a hero rather than a murderhobo. The vibe given off in the video definitely aims not for murderhobo, mercenary, or superhero, but regular heroics we used to see in the 80s for kids, and which was formative for me. I could be reading this incorrectly, but, if it is aiming to give that as an option and is an overarching design goal thematically, then I don't see myself regretting my forthcoming backing of the project.
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