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[Tavern Thread] The Dunn Wright Inn


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Ru gives a shrug as Menik asks him about joining. Still feeling out of sorts after his long and tiring sojourn through bug-infested jungles, he's grateful Menik recognizes his decision, though he smiles a bit as he sees Lem enter, as well, remembering the group's trip to Grimspiller's lair.

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When Lem only mentions Galandra and Menik as people he was wanting to find, Amien lightly protests, "Hey! What about me? I'm still around too! I even found us a new ally to join us." He would then use that opportunity to shift subjects, over to Maui, "This fellow over here is Maui, whom I am sure his cat would make a great taste tester."

He points over to the dashingly dressed swordsman, "And he seems to be with us too. I didn't find him though."

When Galandra mentions 'pulling off' looking like a Druid, it does spark a memory in Amien's head, "Hang on! I still have one of those cloaks that conniving backstabber backstabbed me with." He pulls it from his Haversack, "Maybe this will help? Who had the other one again?"


"Don't worry" Galandra pat Amien on the shoulder. "I just happened to know them from other job. I would have looked out for you too"

"I believe Lydia had it. Hasn't seen her around though. Keep it for now. We will surely find it a use when we get there"

Scott DeWar

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"So, Maybe I can pass as a *ahem* 'merchant'?" looking at his worn clothing he frowns, "If so, I better get something more appropriate." Vincenzo ducks out and scoots over to the 'Pearl'.

He returns soon enough wearing what a well to do merchant would wear, in the house colors and style of family Del Vecchio da via della Rosa D'Avorio* when he steps in. Ivory buttons on rich blue vest and shirt with Ivory
colored trim and collar. Trousers and cape of deep red with gold trim on the cuffs and pat seams an the cape's trim
with rich blue trim on the lower edge. He uses a hat just like his other, just newer.

*Strangely enough, this is his family's colors, so yes, that IS his family!

As he stands you see his rapier and dagger are on a belt, but under his cloak. His long bow is held in
hand awkwardly. "I'll just have to keep this near-by."

While he stands there a messenger wearing similar colored attire with an envelope in hand. "Mi lord," he bows as
he addresses Vincenzo, "Does this mean you are helping in the family business this month?"

Vincenzo smiles as he takes the Ivory colored envelope and reads the ivory paper stationary. He sighs and says,
"Regretfully, I am not able to attend this festival with Uncle Vincenzo. I am off to deal with bandits who think
themselves merchants."

"Uh, What?" the servant asks.

"Slavers, my friend. I need to stop some slavers.

"oh!" He bows with the verbal message and leaves quickly.

"I am ready." he says flatly
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Scott DeWar

Prof. Emeritus-Supernatural Events/Countermeasure
OOC: Also a heads up: I will be recruiting 1 or two more first levels after Sunshadow 21 gets his victims, er, uh, players.



Meanwhile the man with jangling spurs enters the inn. He carries himself like a warrior and has a finely crafted breastplate and sword on his belt. His demeanor just exudes authority.

He catches a few of your eyes as he approaches Grog for a few quiet words. The half-orc grunts a reply and the grizzled warrior gestures to a table over in the corner with seating for about 8. After laying a few coins on the counter-top, he turns to walk to the table and beckons those he recognizes to join him.

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Ru orders another drink and a plate of food. He takes his drink, moving off from the bar to a table by the back wall to await the food and watch with interest the gathering with the man with jangling spurs.

My but there always is someone interesting walking in this place, isn't there?" he thinks.

[sblock=ooc]@sunshadow21, if you desperately need a fourth for your game, I think I may be getting to a point where I'm not afraid I'll leave everyone hanging. Ru is 2nd level, though. I'm still getting back in the groove, though, so if you think the trio you have can handle it, I've no overwhelming need to get 'back in the game' just yet, and am happy to let actual newbies take the space / have the fun while I get settled back in.[/sblock]


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Ragzhul o'Brian

The tavern's door opens, and a half-orc wearing dark leather armor enters the room. He is muscular and has yellowish skin, but is also fine featured for his kind and has bright blue eyes and reddish hair. His eyes scan the tavern, his suspicion unmistakable, but after a few moments he takes a deep breath of the place's air and scents and, wearing a dumb smile, exclaims in his deep bass voice "Now this is a place of my liking".

His eyes confident and stature proud, he walks slowly to the bar and, after ordering a beer, he stands up says to the other patrons "My name is Ragzhul o'Brian, and I'd suggest you remember it, might be useful one day. I am in search of great tales, tales of heroes and monsters, adventure and conquest... and specifically ones which revolve around my name. Now, seeing as there is a bit of a shortage in those, I guess I have no choice but to make some, which brings me to my final question:

Does anyone know of any work that needs be done?"

Scott DeWar

Prof. Emeritus-Supernatural Events/Countermeasure
... ... ...I am in search of great tales, tales of heroes and monsters, adventure and conquest... and specifically ones which revolve around my name. Now, seeing as there is a bit of a shortage in those, I guess I have no choice but to make some, which brings me to my final question:

Does anyone know of any work that needs be done?"

OOC: wow, so melodra .. .. .. ah, nevermind


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A swarthy human in deep crimsons and black raises a glass to the newly-entered half-orc.

"Well met, Ragzhul," Ru says with a disarming grin. "And well timed. I think someone's still looking for a strong arm or two in the back room if you hurry," he adds, pointing to the door in question.

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"Ah, then it seems it was made to be" Ragzhul says with a smile and finishes his beer. "It's a shame though, I haven't even had the chance to color this evening with well woven tale" He looks around, trying to catch the picture in his memory. He nods to Ru before turning to the door "Many thanks friend, may your bed be warm and blade be stained with victory"

Ragzhul leaves the room into the mentioned door.

Boat Nectar

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The door to the inn creaks open, and a large green skinned half-orc slips through. He is dressed as a simple warrior, chain shirt and several weapons strapped across his back. Quietly he surveys the room with strange yellow eyes, before settling them on an empty spot at the bar. He quietly moves and sits down in the empty chair, once again eyeing the tavern common room.

"One ale please." he says to the bartender, gently placing a weathered coin on the counter.

Once he receives his drink he thanks the bartender and asks ​"Would you happen to know of any honest work around here?"

He sits back in his chair, patiently awaiting an answer.


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"Goodness but Venza does seem to be attracting a lot of green and gray these days, doesn't it?" Ru mutters to himself with an amused grin. Then he clears his throat.

"I think there was a small group of folk headed out just a few minutes ago. If you hurry, you might still be able to catch them?" the swarthy southerner offers to the newly arrived half-orc.

[sblock=ooc]I'm not sure if he's closed recruitment or not, but the adventure seems to have just started today over in To Bee or not To Bee I'd say make a quick OOC post over there to see if you can meet up with the others on the road, since it seems like they just left this morning. If not, I believe there's another low level adventure in the works waiting enough people for it.[/sblock]


=== Charity, Human Female ===

A young woman steps into the inn, toting a glaive. Her 5'4" frame is clad in the best used scale armor money can buy. With the exception of her long red hair, she has a rather unremarkable appearance: easy on the eyes, yet nothing extraordinary. As she steps towards a wall, she wiggles her backpack off and sets weapon and pack out of the way (along the wall) before turning and surveying the establishment in what could almost be said to be a wide-eyed awe. Catching herself, she orders a drink, her clear alto voice adding to the background for just a few moments.

Thanking the barkeep, the woman takes her drink to an open table and sits, sipping slowly, and turning her attention to the other patrons. Eyes roam the room, washing over each patron in turn, with a quick double-take on Lem, followed by a look of realization, before continuing. It is as if she is uncertain what she is looking for, but in no great hurry to find out.

She's spent the last two years working as a guard at the temple of Cortesia, it's possible a regular of the temple could recognize her on that basis.


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A well-groomed and -dressed young man with the swarthy coloring indicative of the Rhat'matani leaves his table and moves to the bar.

"You know, they have a tradition in the Dunn Wright that newcomers should always introduce themselves," the young man says with a charming smile. He's dressed in crimson covered with black leather armor, a pair of exotic blades hanging on either hip.

"Of course, I know the value of keeping things close to the vest, which is why I never offer more than 'you can call me Ru.' Which you can. How about yourself?"


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"It's also good luck to buy the handsome darkwolf a drink or two," comes a voice behind the newcomer, but when she turns around there's only a large black wolf with crimson paws sitting behind her.

"Woof?"the creature says, glancing hungrily at the bar. He tries to turn a soulful, puppy-dog look on Charity, but the effect is rather spoiled by his blood-red, vertically-slitted, and otherwise thoroughly demonic-looking eyes.

[sblock=Mini Stats]

Sylla the Grim
AC: 20 (15 flat-footed, 15 touch)
HP: 46/46
CMB: +7 CMD: 22
Fort: +2 Reflex: +7Will: +5 (All saves +2 when adjacent to Boots)
Perception: +10, Low Light Vision
Initiative: +5
Current Weapon in Hand: Cestus (+8, 1d4+5, 19-20x2) & Longbow (+10/+10 or +12, 1d8+5, 19-20x3)
Current Conditions in Effect: Arcane Strike
Spells Remaining (1st): 5/5
Spells Remaining (2nd): 4/4
Spells Remaining (3rd): 2/2


25 (22 flat-footed, 13 touch)
HP: 62/62
CMB: +11 CMD: 24 (28 vs. trip)
Fort: +7 Reflex: +8Will: +2 (+6 vs. enchantment)
Perception: +9, Darkvision 60', Scent
Current Weapon in Hand: Natural weapons (+9/+9/+9, 1d6+9, 20x2)
Current Conditions in Effect: Power Attack
Used Items: