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Tell Me About Your Current or Most Recent Character


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Tomas Albann, Scots (Variant Human*), Gloom Stalker Ranger, Covenanter
After the royalist defeat at the Battle of Wigan Lane, Tomas fled and eventually made his way to Port of Neuzen in the Dutch Republic becoming a mercenary in the Anglo-Dutch wars and later in Lithuania. Tomas is haunted by the ghost of his friend Ewan who died at Wigan Lane and also learnt that he is the son of the Erl-King (Archfey) …

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Updating, Sig Dando and company have wrapped up their adventure and finally gotten back off-planet, eventually pocketing at least partial payments from three of our five sort-of-patrons and parting company on reasonably good terms with a fourth (who at least agreed not pursue criminal charges or shoot our ship down as we left). The fifth group is mostly dead and gone (only partly due to our direct actions) but their offworld backers are still out there and may have beef with us going forward.

All in all, a fun game even if many of Sig's personal hooks and cues didn't come into play. That's on me for not getting a better idea what the overall game plan was, we didn't do a session zero exchange and I'd expected more space travel in Traveller where it turned out we were planet-bound for almost the whole time. I did get to interact with (read: threaten and shoot at) a few actual pirates even if it was a dirtside fight in a warehouse, so that was okay. Thankfully I didn't overspecialize (hard to do in LBB Traveller anyway) and was still useful outside of a shipboard environment.


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One of mine:

MSgt Harrington Wells joined Her Majesty's military service young (possibly too young, it is rumored he lied about his age upon signing up) and served in extended campaigns on Earth and Mars, as well as intermittent postings on Luna and various other bodies about the inner Solar System. Due to his loyalty, resolve, discretion, cunning and overall effectiveness, in the latter half of his career his postings and assignments became less about military engagements, and more adjacent to shadow diplomacy and intelligence matters.

Shortly after his retirement from service, he was hired to act as bodyguard and guide for the Lady Lavinia Badgely-Wakefield (an eccentric botanist and bio-chemist, Lord Badgely-Wakefield's favorite daughter) on an expedition to the jungles of the planet Venus, which is the current hotbed of political tensions as various Imperial powers vie for control of its resources. While on Venus, MSgt Wells and company have learned of many strange effects of Venusian plant-life, and they are now on a race to locate a rumored lost city, in hopes of securing the secrets of mass mind-control before they fall into the Wrong Hands.

The MSgt has repeatedly had to manage the problem that nobody seems to believe he is actually retired from service. Everyone with knowledge of military, political, or intelligence matters is of the opinion that his retirement is a cover, and that he is actually on detached deployment for the War Office, or that he is a direct agent of the Crown, reporting only to the Queen herself! While it is frequently a nuisance, he has not been shy of using this presumed status for his own benefit, leading to the enduring question whether they are altogether incorrect in their assumptions....
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I’m on a bit of an insect kick at the moment, so while I’m not currently playing a character as
I’m DMing for my group, I have a character concept for when I do get to play again.

Her name would be Monarch, and she was once a normal fire ant queen with her own thriving colony. However, when a magical calamity took place in the forest that this colony called home, Monarch underwent a strange transformation into a huge biped creature with enhanced intelligence, while her colony perished and became a ghostly swarm. Despite this, the ethereal colony still follows their queen, protecting and serving her as she must now figure out how to survive in with this strange new form and discover what happened to herself, her children, and her home.

She would be a Thri-kreen Swarmkeeper Ranger, initially forgoing the use of modern weapons by taking the Druidic Warrior fighting style to utilize Primal Savagery and Produce Flames to somewhat magically mimic fire ant’s venom and formic acid spray.


My one current PC is Armand Armando Amontillado de Casa del Toro é Fortunado. Armand Armando for short.

He's a 5e Diviner Wizard gnome. He is, in fact, short. Barely 3ft. What he lacks in height, he makes up for in his parents money. He's an academic dilettante who started adventuring to pay off gambling debts incurred while self-funding research into probability manipulation, which, coincidentally has practical applications related to gambling.

Armand recently went to engineering school to make his mom happy (she's the CEO of the Engineering Guild). He plans to use his newfound knowledge to fulfill his childhood dream of building an arcane clockwork race car and driving real fast in it, once he fulfills his adult contractual obligation to find and recover a fallen star from the interior of the Hollow Earth.

Grimm Darkroot, Male Bugbear, 6th-level Ranger (Gloom Stalker)/1st-level Rogue

He was born to a tribe of Bugbears who lived in The Reaching Woods just outside of Scornubel and Berdusk on the continent of Faerun. He was orphaned at a young age after a disaster of some kind took his tribe, and was raised by a human adventurer. He spent his early years trying to overcome the negative stereotypes typically associated with Bugbears. His adoptive parent channeled his predatory instincts by training him to becoming a bounty hunter, and a successful one at that. His parent's old friend, Leosin Erlanter, taught him that earning a reward through patience, diplomacy and negotiation was it's own virtue. He typically works alone, and operates out of the towns that sit next to The Reaching Woods in the Western Heartlands.


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My most-recent character was an Abjurer named Belarius ("Bells," for short). Eberron campaign, Mark of Passage human.

Bells served in the Last War as high-ranking officer for House Orien. He was a 20th level wizard back in those days, but he fell on hard times after the war. He struggled with depression and PTSD, then struggled with drug addiction as he tried to cope.

His trauma and drug habit cost him everything--all his money, his belongings, his friends, his spellbook, and even his freedom when he turned to petty theft to feed his habit. While he was incarcerated, drug withdrawal and a mental breakdown took a heavy toll on him, and he forgot himself and almost all of his training. When he was finally released, he returned to his house only to find his wife had moved out. She had left a note, explaining that she had to sell the house in order to pay his legal fees, but she left him a gift in the closet. It was a blank spellbook. "For your fresh start," she had written in the inside cover. "Find me in Sharn when you're ready."

So he was a 1st level wizard again...he only remembered a couple of cantrips and some first-level spells. But he was clean again, and he was keen to become a better man--the kind of man his wife deserved. He joined an adventuring party, and began looking for opportunities to better himself and make the world a brighter place.

It was an interesting twist on "learning" magic--rather than learning new stuff every time he gained a level, he was remembering stuff that he had forgotten or blocked out of memory.

He eventually got all of his memories back, faced the demons in his past that had driven him to the brink of madness, and found his confidence again. He became a hero of some renown, as well, when his team of adventurers defeated the Lords of Dust just a few months after his release from prison. When the campaign ended, in the final scene, the party saw him walking through the gates of Sharn with a dozen roses.

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Man will make it his purpose to master his own feelings, to raise his instincts to the heights of consciousness, to make them transparent, to extend the wires of his will into hidden recesses, and thereby to raise himself to a new plane, to create a higher social biologic type, or, if you please, a superman. --Leon Trotsky

Capt. Semya Ivanova is an Inspirational Russian Explorer and a Devout Communist. Since she Grew up in Science City Seven, she can be Cold Blooded. (Aren't aspects useful?)
The captain grew up as a peasant, and was 17 during the revolution. In honor of the new system, her rural town was transformed into a nukeograd. Her natural wanderlust, party loyalty, and susceptibility to psionics made her a perfect exemplar of the New Soviet Woman.

What makes her interesting to play is how she flips between beloved world traveler (with Contacts as her second best skill) and cruel mind breaker. As a pulp adventurer, she’s constantly rubbing shoulders with interesting people from all over the globe. Her favorite collaborator is the Javid, Afghani sniper turned photographer; she has nothing but disdain for Trudy, the Aussie rich-girl reporter.

She carries a whip (an idea added from when someone else played the character!) and is responsible for the death of hundreds of Nazis in a Zeppelin factory conflagration. Her top skill is Provoke.

Semya 4.png


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edit: Man, the more I'm getting into playing Gwen, the more I really wish I could play Lifeline.
Well, I didn't find a game for Lifeline, but I am now playing an alternate universe version of Nathan Summers-- the Hobgoblin; he's replacing the more standard version of the character that exists in the game already, but is on hiatus. He's from an alternate version of the MC2 combined with elements of 616's "current future" where he grew up with his mother-- and later his stepfather and stepbrother, Norman and Harry Osborn-- as a recurring Spider-Man and X-Men villain until a change of heart led to Nathan and Harry siding with Spider-Man against their parents and later joining the Avengers. He's on the verge of retirement when he encounters the "main timeline" version of Cable fighting to protect several timelines from Apocalypse... and ends up forced to switch places with him.

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