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As long as i get to be the frog
I know very little about anyone here. This is an introduction thread for us to learn more about each other. Hopefully it's fun and entertaining while also helping us remember that we are all people behind our Avatars.

I'm from rural Virginia (U.S. for our international friends). My dad was in the Army, stationed in Germany the biggest part of his life. It's a very nice country if you ever get to visit. I grew up on my papaw's tobacco farm. Still live relatively closeby to where I grew up but am closer to the town and city. 34 years old. Went to a college for Math and Computer Science that was right in the middle of coal mining country. I currently work at a bank. I played some D&D computer games back in the 3e era. Started trying table top during 4e. It was a great fit because my games weren't regularly occurring at the time but I really enjoy analysis/optimization and 4e had a good online community for that. I play 5e now. My roleplay has improved significantly compared to my 4e days. Though I still enjoy the optimization aspect - it's just not the primary decision driver when I play anymore.

That's enough about me for now. What about you?

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Morkus from Orkus
I was born in San Francisco and lived my first year on the corner of Haight and Ashbury(70's music central). My father had the biggest light show on the west coast, so he knew and partied with the Grateful Dead, Janice Joplin and others. My parents split and I ended up living with my dad who moved back to rural Michigan after converting to Christianity. We spent a few years living on a farm, then bought a house in town(population 400ish).

When I was 13(1983) I went over to a friend's house and saw this strange book that had a red dragon, a unicorn, a centaur, a green thing and a feathered thing on the cover. Intrigued I started to flip through the pages, but my friend's mother said that my dad would have to give me permission before I could learn about a game called Dungeons & Dragons. He refused. Sad panda.

About 3 months later my father who was both an alcoholic and drug user at this point had an intervention by his friends. It was agreed that I would go live with my mother in Los Angeles, California. When I got settled in my mother asked me if there were any games I was wanted her to buy for me and I told her Dungeons & Dragons. So we went to The Last Grenadier in Burbank and she bought me the core three books and maybe a module or two. I talked the kid upstairs into playing the game with me and haven't looked back.

I spent several years working in retail before going back to school to be a paralegal. After 14 years in that field I got laid off due to Covid downsizing. I initially became a paralegal with the intent to go on to law school and become an attorney, but after seeing the stress that attorneys go through behind the scenes I said "No way!" At the time of my layoff I was pretty bored with legal work and being fortunate enough not to need to go back to work right away, I decided to study to be a real estate agent. I passed the exam late last year and am at this point about a month into my new career. So if you know anyone in the Los Angeles area who wants to buy or sell, message me. :p


Front Range Warlock
44 years old. First played D&D (Holmes Basic) in 1985-ish at school as part of a gifted education program. The GE program was subsequently discontinued and the teacher fired as what I much later became convinced was part of the "satanic panic" phenomena of the day. Started playing AD&D regularly in 1994-95 (a kind of mashup of AD&D 1e and 2e). Started playing other RPGs in 1996-97, starting with Palladium Fantasy and Shadowrun, then branching into Call of Cthulhu, GURPS, and many other games.


Originally from California, moved to Mississippi in '86 (with some time working in Atlanta). Been playing some form of D&D since about '80, and had to endure the "satanic panic" in the Bible Belt.

I always wanted to work for TSR in some form of game design, so I consider my claim to fame getting an adventure published in Dungeon magazine called the "Winter Tapestry", and tried to do a small business during the 3E era (my products are still on DriveThruRPG).

le Redoutable

I mean you no harm
I am a little frenchie, born in '71 at Mulhouse , could have been assistant professor because I had the flag "model student" ; unfortunately my prof didn't approve; later on I could have been solo singer at the Chorale, but unfortunately my prof didn't approve ; by that time I was helping retarded students, to a point that I became myself an attarded;
due to orthodontist workaround I couldn't approach any girl ( just like in Orange Mécanique, as I saw years after ) ;
for two years a nurse checked my height which hadn't changed ( 1.44 mètres ) ;
this leads to my intro to Ad&d world, with floor plans and figurines :)


43 years old. Grew up in the Bible Belt during the Satanic Panic with parents who didn't understand or support my nerdom. Ridiculed and bullied by those outside of the hobby - so I really enjoy the social acceptance here online. Became a librarian with a wife who eventually found religion and forbade me to game with my friends and divorced me. Over the years became a published RPG writer. Spend too much time preparing and discussing games, playing or GMing about three a week.
Currently married to a fellow gamer, with friends all around who play games. Life's pretty good now.


Started gaming early, moved to RPG's in 78 or 79, before that it was war games, playing the Battle of Five Armies by TSR, and Imperium by GDW before D&D and Traveller. 54 now, live in Indiana between Chicago and Indy. Am dragoner or a variation of on most places of the internet. I have a publishing co called Wild Bee, with some stuff on dtrpg, and I just opened an itch store recently: dragon3r - itch.io

Not today Russia! Just kidding ;)

Grew up with classic RPGs on the NES (Zelda, Dragon Warrior, Final Fantasy), played Heroquest, and watched the D&D cartoon. My older brother wouldn't let me join his D&D group, so I made my own RPG based on what I remembered from the 1E PHB and these games. His DM interrupted one of my "sessions" with my friends, and was impressed with my passion. Not only did he immediately invite me to his game (to my brothers ire), but he planned to apprentice me to become a DM (a necessity back in the day). When he left town, he bequeathed his suitcase of rulebooks and adventures, and I completely took over.

I ran 1E until we could no longer hold out against 2E, but eventually just mashed the two together. In college I reverted to just being a player, largely playing in 2E Forgotten Realms, but also some homebrew. I dabbled with running 3E when it came out, but I was primarily running Legend of the Five Rings RPG. During this time, I continued to play in 3E and alternated GMing L5R. I only ran 4E in an attempt to convince another group to switch, but they chose Pathfinder instead. I tried to like 4E because of how much I had come to hate 3E, but it was just a different hate. We switched back to 2E until the D&D Next playtest, where we went full bore 5E. I returned to DMing, and alternated with other DMs for 5-6 years. I began a hiatus about 5-6 months ago, and of course the itch to DM has returned. I've got a mini-campaign set to run after our high level game ends (giving the DM time to prep the next campaign), and an idea for a full campaign once one of the DMs is ready for a break.

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This certainly should be an entertaining thread to read.

My last name is Cash. Like Johnny Cash, my uncle on my grandpa Grady's side. On both sides of the family, the Cash side and the Stinnett side (my mother's family), we're bananas about music. Everyone plays something, there are always instruments hanging on the walls in most rooms here, at my maternal grandparent's home.

Since I was a kid I've always lived with and taken care of my great aunt, and later my grandparents. We're fortunate to come from a family that decided in the past to live by the Native American principle they were taught "never sell land". So we've merely paid taxes on most of our properties, even way back since 1913, when my great grandmother bought the house I grew up in. My aunt, uncle, cousins, nieces, nephews, they all live in properties that my family has owned for a long time and completely paid off.

It has immensely helped the family with living comfortably and some of us, myself included, just pick up part time jobs here and there as our bills really aren't oppressive. We're very close knit and I've had many, many D&D sessions with family members.

Edit: oh, I see we're playing the places game too, lol. Born in Oklahoma. Grew up in California. Lived in Utah for four years. Living in Salem, Oregon now. About half Norwegian, a quarter Irish, some German, some French, a mutt like anyone else.

Happily married, twice.
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Hawk Diesel

Welp, I'm in my late 30s and live in Chicago. I played college football and track (thrower) and then rugby for 10 years after graduating. Currently a therapist working with DCFS and considering private practice. Just had knee surgery, got a full hip replacement 18 months ago, and have had even more surgeries in the past because my only speeds are "Stop" and "Ludicrous Speed." I'm happily married going on 5 years, and eventually managed to get my wife and her friends to play D&D.

As for D&D, I got started around 16 with AD&D, and was super thankful I could ditch THAC0 because 3E was released soon after. I had no one to play with for a long time, so I just reread and memorized the rules. Being a total Edge Lord, I eventually found my way to the now defunct Realms of Evil forum. There I learned about the joys and frustration of Play-By-Post games, and even became the forum's resident expert on Eberron and got to be moderator of their Eberron section (which I thought of as a huge flex at the time). When I got to college I finally found a group, and eventually accepted my fate as a forever DM (with couple games here and there I'm lucky to play in as a PC).


I’m (nearly) 41. Originally from the City of Brotherly Love. Now a long-time resident of the City of Sails. Started with 2e in the 90s when some classmates invited me to join them. I think I was about 12 or 13 at the time. My mother had obviously heard some of the stories that came out of the satanic panic, so she was a bit nervous about me playing at first but soon got used to the idea and didn't object as I amassed a large collection of D&D novels and 2e game books (mostly at her expense).

When I moved countries, I left all my D&D things behind as I didn’t think I’d ever play again. But my wife’s younger siblings got me back into it with 3.5e. Burned out on that just as 4e came on the scene. Played that for a bit but didn't really like it. Been playing 5e since it was still Next.

My wife now plays in one of my games, as does my middle daughter. (My oldest played for a bit but got bored of it.)

EDIT: Also, I eventually reclaimed most of my 2e collection.
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the magical equivalent to the number zero
I like this idea. Getting to know a little about my fellow posters.

I am a 39 years old Dutchman, a psychologist working in addiction care, and married to a woman I met through D&D. We don't play as much as we used to, mostly due to having a kid and the various social lives of our friends and us.

A friend introduced me to the D&D miniatures game (this was sometime during the early 4E period) and as I found the RPG interesting but that friend didn't have a game I could join, I found one through social media around 2008 or 2009 (so I was about 25) in my former residence of Amsterdam. That first game was 2E, and it is where I later met my wife.

She introduced me to 3.5, which we still play. She also introduced me to a (now offline) Dutch webforum where I started PbP games, and after that website went down I found this one. We've played 5E together, but my wife prefers to stick with 3.5 (or another RPG entirely, like World of Darkness or Agone).

Eventually I'm sure our daughter will be playing D&D with us (she's obsessed with dragons and can name goblins in art), but she's too young now.


Hello, I'm Dave and I like Dragons! Anyway...

I'm almost 50, born and raised in the suburbs of Ohio, USA. Now I live in the city. I have a Master of Architecture and have been an architect for about 26 years. As a young intern I built a one-bedroom, 2-story home for my partner and myself and 25 years and 2 children later it is a 3-berdoom, 3-story home for just us, our dog and 2 cats.*

My D&D adventure started in the '80s with purchase of the books (BECMI boxed sets, 1e PHB, DMG, & MM) and minis. I read the books and built a huge (at least 4' x 8' maybe larger) diorama for years before I actually started to play in the mid '80s.

I've played with the same group (mostly) since the mid. 80's with a mash-up of 1e AD&D & BECMI that eventually evolved into a 24 page house-ruled game that relied more on our own rules more the books! We played 1e for years and then life took us away for the game for a bit. I have a few 2e books, but never played it or 3e but kept an eye on the game.

When 4e came out it felt very much like D&D and started to get the group back together. I was also coaching my sons in soccer at the time and another coach was into D&D. We decided to teach our children 4e and ended up being the DM for a group of young (6-8) for about 4 years along with my old group. The boys started to run their own game and my original group transitioned to 5e when it came out. However, we have been on a hiatus since Covid and other personal issues for the DM (me) came up.

EDIT: I thought I would add my most challenging adventure: Ir was a 12+ hr adventure over two days played while travelling in a minivan. It was a 4e epic level 30 adventure that culminated in a battle with Tiamat. I was a little lenient and the last player standing was able to banish Tiamat back to her home plane.

*I currently have one dog and two cats, but my list of pets over my life include:
  • Iguanas
  • Anoles
  • Collard lizards
  • Basilisks
  • a Savanah Monitor
  • Nile Monitors
  • skinks (that I caught)
  • Garter Snakes (that I caught)
  • a rat snake
  • a king snake
  • red-eared sliders
  • a snapping turtle (that I caught)
  • caimans
  • an alligator (that I caught)
  • frogs (that I caught)
  • salamanders (that I caught)
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King Babar

God Learner
31. Born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin. Received my bachelors from the UW and then worked as a bartender for three years before moving to Germany to do my masters. I've been in Germany for around four years now and don't plan on leaving. I currently work in education. My German skills are less than stellar.

Despite being something of a fantasy and sci fi nerd since I saw Star Wars and Jurassic Park when I was young, I only got into D&D in 2018. It simply wasn't on my radar until a university friend of mine invited me to a campaign.

Outside of D&D and other games, I enjoy cooking and running. I completed a half marathon last year. 💪


TL;DR - I just had wrist surgery and am on drugs. I rambled.

49, Pittsburgh native that is currently trying to leave again. Besides a stint in Germany with the Army, I've lived in Ohio, New Mexico, and South Carolina.

In 1983, I got a new neighbor who had a red box...

My first couple years were spent as a player, though we usually played one shots. Ran a couple AD&D campaigns through high school, including a group of 8 players that made their way through the Temple of Elemental Evil.

While in the Army, I switched to 2e and discovered player-focused sandboxes, and haven't looked back. Ran in Greyhawk all through this time, and ran several long games in that time.

After getting out of the Army, I struggled to find a new group, and didn't play for over a decade. Bought, read, and made characters for 3.0, 4e, and Pathfinder, though never got to play. I also started world building during this time, with several proto-worlds that became my World of Eska.

At this time, my kids were old enough and interested in playing. I was kit-bashing together a fantasy heartbreaker pulling together Pathfinder, 13th Age, and several retro-clones when the Next playtest dropped.

We don't play together anymore, but my 16 year old twin boys play in two campaigns with friends. Being 16, they only grunt in response to any questions, so I'm not sure how their games are going.

My 21 year old daughter runs a game that I wish I could be a player at. It could be best described as an off the rails Twilight Saga set on the plane of Innistrad. They use Lego minifigs for minis, and she builds monsters and set pieces with Lego. We often bounce adventure and world buildings ideas off each other.

I currently run a pseudo West Marches style game. Only 5 players, but use "character trees" where each player has (currently) two characters.


48. From upstate NY.

Life-long learner (2 master's degrees- Mathematics and Educational Technology, working towards Ph.D. in Instructional Design).

Lived in Ukraine (was engaged actually to a Ukrainian woman) back in 2007-2009 and I am still very close with many friends I made there. So, I am very upset considering the current state of things, but I get daily updates from them and so far they have all remained safe.

Now I work contract jobs while I help take care of my parents and until recently, my grandmother (she passed a couple weeks ago).

Started D&D in '78 when I was 5. DMed when I was 8 and from then on, really. I've always really loved super long sessions (like 12+ hours) and when we were younger we would do entire weekends. Our record during one summer was 84 hours straight! That was crazy, Thursday 10 AM until Sunday 10 PM with only breaks for making food. Sigh, when we were young...

Finally, it is nice to actually learn about others. Thanks for sharing! :)

well I 23 born in the uk and live near the countryside the inspired tolkien personally I hate it I might just be a city mouse.
I started playing dnd relatively recently within the last five years and I can never find a group so I have only managed three campaigns ever.
I have several mental disorders and I will be a student again by the end of the month.
interestingly I learn a variant of ninjutsu and I am likely the only person here who never dms.

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