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Born in Cologne, Germany in 1975 to American parents, my dad's buisness took our family to Atlanta, Paducah and finally St. Louis through my childhood. As a storyteller at heart (fueled by my love affair with Star Wars), I went to college in STL for Film Production and made my way out to Los Angeles in 1998, working on various TV shows and films while trying to get my big break as a screenwriter.
I moved up to the mountains north of LA in 2004 and moved my focus to marketing and promotions for the studios, eventually finding my way to a startup doing augmented reality experiences tied to blockbuster films in 2017, where I work today.
Always interested in Sci-Fi and Fantasy, D&D came in and out of my life since I was about 13, until 5e, when my wife and a group of our friends started playing regularly after all getting addicted to the Critical Hit podcast back in 2013. We've been playing 10-12 hours a month ever since. Being able to exercise my storytelling impulse in the game as a DM has scratched that itch that brought me out to LA originally.

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James Gasik

47 (for a month longer at least) from Illinois. Spent my early years in the urban sprawl of the south suburbs of Chicago, and later Joliet. It was in Joliet that I first encountered Dungeons & Dragons, as the public library had several 1st Edition books, that I fell in love with. Then moved to Kankakee county, a more rural area to the south- and I hated it. No hills, no trees, nothing to do, no place to go- I went from being able to ride my bike anywhere I wanted to go to...zilch.

Then at a garage sale with my mom, I found it- the 1st Edition DMG. The cover was slightly water damaged and battered, but the pages were in great shape. I brought it to school to read at study hall, and a kid walked up saying "I want to play that game". And that's how it started.

I was a DM from the very beginning, and I had NO IDEA what I was doing- I just wanted to tell stories. I bought 2nd Edition the instant it came out (assuming that this naturally was an improved version of the game- the reality is...a little bit yes, a little bit no). Back then, I was a rules lite kind of guy, but soon I had players running roughshod over me, and that's when I decided to sit down and read the rulebooks cover to cover.

I've been a "rules guy" ever since, as I discovered a love for how systems work, and what the thought processes behind their creation were. If a game designer wrote down their thoughts in an article or interview, I made sure to read it.

When the game started to get stale (and it felt like everyone playing was a grubby powergamer), I got out of D&D to start playing other games. Vampire the Masquerade, GURPS, Rolemaster, Palladium, and a slew of indie games most people have never heard of. But fantasy roleplaying was my first love, and when a friend swung by my work to tell me about 3rd Edition...I was hooked all over again.

I love D&D, even if it, the people in charge of it, and sometimes, the players, drive me crazy. I still try new games, but this is the one I always circle back to.


Born and raised on a farm in southern Minnesota, graduated from High School with the biggest class (and one of the last before the school consolidated) they had seen for a while, a whopping 28 kids. Started playing D&D when a friend's brother brought this new game back from college in 76(?) with dwarven fighters, hobbit thieves, elven fighter mages and the only alignments law and chaos.

We didn't really know what we were doing but all of us were fans of Tolkien and various fantasy authors. We switched over to the blue box basic set when it came out and then AD&D and I continued to play of and on in college. After graduating and getting into software development had a dry spell for a while until a group formed at work and I joined a game with my wife to be.

The rest is history. Moved around some (well, too much) because jobs dried up where we were largely because I tried to stick with the same company that was slowly shrinking. But we formed new groups everywhere or got involved in public games and it was a great way to meet people. Ran one game day and helped run another game days during the transition from 3.5 to 4E and then for most of 4E's run. About the time 5E came out the game days were dying and I had switched to home games. A few years ago we moved to a suburb of Minneapolis in Minnesota to be closer to family. We started up yet another home group I run and my wife runs a game for me, my sister, nephews and 1 significant other.

Back in High School I did a lot of traditional dungeon crawls, with fun things like a dungeon who's hallways spelled out things like DOOM and DEATH. But even back then I started mapping and building out a world that I still use to this day. Once I got back into D&D in the 90s, our DM eventually burned out and rather than just admitting it decided to see how unfun he could make the game before we quit. It didn't take long. Since then I've been DMing about half the time, either in public games (from Living City to Adventurer's League) or with my wife running a game.

Outside of gaming, last year was pretty momentous because I retired and turned 60. Thankfully everyone we game with is vaccinated so we're back to gaming in person, although we don't get together as often as I would sometimes like. Oh, and we have too many cats.


The skinny on Payn;
  • 42 year old borderline Gen x'er
  • Born and raised in the Twin Cities Minneapolis/St paul, Minnesota (Whats up Oofta!)
  • Purified in lake Minnetonka
  • Bourbon > Scotch > Whisky
  • Play Guitar sorta well, play piano sorta bad
  • Have a Masters of Science in Technical Communication
  • I am a project Manager for Target Corp (Come June will be 20 years with Target!)
  • First got into RPGs with Nintendo Power's Final Fantasy Guide
  • Late bloomer didnt really RPG until late 90's and didnt really really RPG until 2010's
  • Favorite RPGs currently; Traveller, Pathfinder classic, Forbidden Lands Free League.


Moderator Emeritus
When I first joined the boards, before they were the ENWorld forums and were just part of Eric Noah's Unofficial 3E News site (circa 1999), I used the handle Nemmerle (like the archmage from The Wizard of Earthsea) but after one of the many forum collapses back then (around 2001 or 2002), when I re-signed up I put my name backwards on a lark and it stuck.

I'm Puerto Rican and grew up in Brooklyn, NY and while I have lived other places, it is where I lived longest and most often - that is until 2019 when I moved to Pittsburgh with my wife (who is from here). I've been playing (and mostly running) D&D games since the summer I turned 12 (1983 - so yes, I turned 50 last year).

During my first stint on the boards I was a web developer for a company that owned a myriad of trade mags making the move from print to online, but my return to grad school and change in careers coincided with my not running games (though I played in one or two sporadically). I got my PhD in English Literary Studies with a focus on Post-War and Contemporary American Literature and Popular Culture (you can get a sense of my public scholarship from my blog The Middle Spaces anything else is behind stupid paywalls) in 2014- near the end, before giving up on academia, I was focused almost completely on comics studies and was on the board for the International Comics Art Forum. However, when the tenure track job market turned out to be even worse than I was warned it would be and when I decided the contract faculty job I had at NYU was not necessarily a great fit, I agreed to the move I mentioned above. I have been unemployed ever since. Thankfully, between my wife's successful-ish career as a YA novelist and some freelance editing on my part we've been able to make ends meet - since the pandemic made finding a new job and switching careers very difficult.

My wife is not into RPGs but we have a huge board game collection (which she prefers) and play games on the Nintendo Switch regularly.

I am currently running two 5E games based on Ghosts of Saltmarsh. One is a local game my wife's good friend talked me into starting (and whom helped me recruit people) and the other is a remote game with friends as far afield as Los Angeles and Milan, Italy - which I started after the pandemic forced my first game to be temporarily remote and I got the hang of running that way. I still prefer in-person gaming and I don't use a VTT.

I love painting minis and making terrain and you can follow some of those projects and general D&D reflection on my instagram account: HOW I RUN IT.


As long as i get to be the frog
I forgot to mention mine as well: Missy and Rascal. They are four month old siblings. (My children named them.)

I’m a dog person myself (had a miniature dachshund I named Memphis Belle when I was a kid), but I’ve grown to like these kitties.

I once worked with a woman who was fascinated with minutiaer snauchzer butts being cute. She even joined a Facebook group for it.

I’m a 36 year old Canadian. Born and raised in big city Ontario, who has eventually moved to medium city British Columbia. Currently in my 13th year of policing (yes we have crime in Canada).
Started out with Palladium’s “After the Bomb” and a homebrew zombie game my brother ran for just me. From there cut my teeth on 3.5E as both player and DM. Enjoyed a few years of 4th Edition before jumping head first into 5e. These days I’m looking more into the OSR and using some of the older editions ideas and principles for my next campaign, which will be the mega-dungeon of Barrowmaze.


Great Old One
Born in France in 1964, so a while ago now. Always loved to read and started to write software really young especially for France at the time. Also read lots of science and discovered about D&D in the scientific press, just a very short article that I've been unable to find since then. But also incited me to read the Lord of the Rings, about the only fantasy widely available in France at the time. Then went on a fateful linguistic trip to the US, talked to the family about D&D, and they managed to find and offer me the basic set. My english was too bad at the time to run it for the boy of the family and his friends, but started right way with high school friends when coming back, and been playing ever since. Did a number of work experience in software before graduating from Ecole Centrale, then went on to work as a software, then systems engineer for a large French company, then branched into product management, then pure management. Started heavy LARPing in parallel to TTRPG, organised large events and ran multi-years campaigns. Got married, one, then two, daughters, moved to the UK where our third daughter was born. Stayed 5 years in the UK, great time there, lots of roleplaying with new friends. Went back to France, stayed a few years, then moved to Australia. Branched into managing into different domains, security and defense. Did some roleplaying there, but mostly kept playing with my old friends over Roll20. Then moved to Singapore, alone with my wife since my daughters were in the UK (now Australia), Italy and Canada. Ended the marriage, moved back to France, found another partner. Resumed playing mostly face to face until Covid hit. Now CTO of a French-US Joint Venture in the Defence sector for NATO (so very hot these days with Ukraine), quite happy but getting a bit tired of the politics at high level in company and parent companies, looking forward to retirement in a few years to increase the level of roleplaying and LARPing, and taking care of grandchildren.

Edit: Forgot to mention that, for my most frequent games today, our weekly campaigns, 3 other players are friends that I've known since engineering school back in '84, so not far from 40 years ago. And 2 people are also people that I've been organising LARPs with/for since '88. And although we have younger players and others recruited more recently, especially in other games, I think it's great that some gaming friendships lasted for that long, especially with my long overseas periods...
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Born in London in 1963. Bit of a tough childhood but made it through. Enthusiastic rugby player, both for my school and university.
Became a teacher of History and International Relations and ended up as a school principal, serving a challenged community, but where the kids were amazing.
Travelled a lot in China, Russia, Australia and all 50 US states as well as Europe.
Married with one daughter and two grandkids. In what seems like great succession planning but was actually just chance, as I retired from school leadership, my daughter was appointed the youngest high school principal in UK.
Still active politically and in rugby coaching.

Started playing D&D with the white box in 1976. Love the game (and its various relatives).


Morkus from Orkus
Shoot! I forgot to mention my two cats! Lord Baelish and

Born in the UK on Grand National day 1959, meaning I'll be 63 in about three weeks time! :eek: Brought up in Berkshire and since reaching adulthood have lived in London (for a few years), Oxfordshire (for 30-odd years) and now Rugby in Warwickshire.

Played wargames a bit as a kid (mostly because my older brother was and still is a very keen ancients wargamer), but then discovered D&D in 1976/77, was given the white box (plus Supplement I) and never looked back.

Studied law and have worked in legal publishing for the last 40+ years.

Two kids, now in there 30s who I introduced to D&D with 3.x and who now form two-thirds on the group I DM for (the third being a friend of my daughter's).

Musing Mage

Pondering D&D stuff
Canadian born and bred. Turning 49 in a few weeks,

Got into D&D as a kid with the Mentzer Red Box in the mid 80s, and a lifelong favourite pasttime was born. Quickly moved on to Palladium games, TMNT, Heroes Unlimited, Robotech etc, and then jumped into AD&D 2nd end when it came out. Skipped over 1e back in the day, despite having the books, finally revisiting it about 9 years ago and deciding to give it a proper go, only then realizing what I'd missed all those years... :eek:

Went to Journalism school in my early 20s, abandoned that career path for one in the entertainment industry in my mid 20s. Have worked as an actor, casting director, script consultant, among other things (like tutor, PR liaison etc etc.) to pay the bills. Pretty mercenary... a Jack of all trades in some cases... ugh, I guess that makes me a Bard. :sick:

Currently my favourite edition is 1st Ed Advanced, though I also run an Experimental 5e game online. (Experimental in that I am testing a bunch of house rules to ground the system a little more, rather than the baseline easy-mode superhero edition that 5e normally is.)

Lately I have become somewhat obsessed with the sheer simplicity of Basic D&D and the retroclone Old School Essentials (went a little gonzo on their kickstarter :oops:) ... so am to planning to run a game using that rule-set. I was invited into a B/X game, which turned out to be the most fun that I've had as a player in a long time. (The games I DM are, of course, always immensely fun. If they're not it's the fault of the players! :p) There's something to be said for paring things down to simple, core elements. I am beginning to think all D&Ders should play basic once in a while for a bit of a realignment.

Anyhoo... that's the Cole's notes/Cliff notes/Sparknotes (pick one) version of me.
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Scion of Murgen (He/Him)
Mid 40s, US Army brat; grew up in a few different states around the country, settled back in NH as an adult. Pagan, anarcho-libertarian family. Ordained neopagan/reconstructionist priest. Terminally online, ever since my family got Prodigy in the late 80s. Home schooled until college, got the Menzter Basic set for my 10th birthday and played a bit with my brother and miscellaneous neighbor kids without knowing what the heck we were doing for a while. My dad had gotten us hooked on Tolkien as bedtime stories, so between that and stuff like Lloyd Alexander's Prydain books, we were absolutely primed for D&D. Collected a mix of D&D and AD&D books, plus issues of Dragon, Gamesmaster International, and some other RPGs. Some of my parents' friends were gamers, and I started attending local conventions around the age of 13 or 14 and through that got exposed to miniatures and more exotic games, picking up copies of games like Talisman, DungeonQuest, Blood Bowl, Dark Future, and Advanced HeroQuest from GW, which my brother and I played endlessly.

Got more seriously into RPGs in the 90s with 2nd ed AD&D, Synnibarr, as well as Vampire, Werewolf, and other White Wolf games. Collected a hundred or so other games I didn't play or only rarely. In the 90s got into first Vampire LARP through the Camarilla and then boffer LARP with NERO and a couple of others for about 5 years. Then into Warhammer and 40k, getting passionately into that hobby for about 15 years, traveling to local tournaments around New England and weekend long grand tournaments around the country. Including winning an invite to GW's Throne of Skulls tournament in Las Vegas in 2011, where I won Best Chaos Space Marine player. :) I still casually play wargames occasionally, having substantial painted armies for Wood Elves, Chaos Warriors, Chaos Space Marines, Dark Angels, Blood Angels, and Eldar. Plus Starks and some Lannisters for the Song of Ice and Fire wargame, and Cryx for Warmachine. Moderated on Dakkadakka.com for several years.

Got into M:tG casually in the 90s but didn't have that big a collection before mostly quitting in '97, then came back in 2013 and played that competitively for several years.

Got into 3rd ed with some wargaming buddies about 20 years ago and have played steadily since, playing and enjoying every edition, though about 12 years ago, by chance I met Frank Mentzer at a local convention, played a couple of games of 1E AD&D at that con and Frank referred me to Dragonsfoot. Which got me into the whole OSR scene and blogosphere. Most of which I only got to play at conventions once or twice a year, until the pandemic.

Was married for ten years to a Bulgarian and did some traveling in Europe. Worked in international travel assistance and repatriation for five of those years, so between those two things got outside my parochial American bubble a good deal. Have worked in call center management, in contract administration in the electronic payment sector, in homeless assistance and social services I&R, and now back in contract admin but for a hospital, doing purchasing. Religiously I attend and help officiate holy days with my local Grove and at a UU near me alongside their Earth Centered Spirituality Group, and I attend services with a couple of nice, inclusive heathen groups in the area. Outside gaming my hobbies include movies, concerts, dancing and drinking at goth clubs, karaoke (those last few mostly on pandemic hiatus the last couple of years), hiking in the NH mountains, and some travel. Since the pandemic I've added both making fancy cocktails at home and finally going to the gym and lifting weights, after decades of procrastinating on that. Yes, I'm aware that those last two are what the MtG folks call a nonbo. :ROFLMAO:
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Final Form (they/them)
Mid-30's, non-binary transfemme educator living on the north coast of California. Introduced to D&D at a fairly early age, grew up with AD&D 2nd edition, primarily through PC games/programs (Eye of the Beholder, AD&D Core Rules CD-ROM, Baldur's Gate) and pickup games in AOL chat rooms.

Went to college literally right after 3.5 dropped, played a lot of 3.5, Star Wars D20, ran a little bit of the old school Hackmaster game as well... basically all the early 00's games considered nearly unplayable today. Tried, mostly unsuccessfully, to get the crew to switch 4e when it was brand new. D&D group split after undergrad and I never really found a new group. Got my BA in History & Theatre, followed immediately by an MA in Theatre Production. Finishing my thesis for my second MA (Sociology) this month. Writing about mental health crisis intervention.

Spent some time running a casino-hotel before getting a job at my old university, where I've worked in academic affairs since.

Married the college sweetheart, had a daughter (who's 7 now), and started transitioning around 2019.

Managed to get a couple of groups running in recent years, mostly by finally convincing board game friends to give D&D a try, and even successfully completing threeish campaigns (one short summer 3.5 campaign, one year-long run in 3.5, and another shorter one in 5e that was supposed to keep going but ended after the first main arc). Last group fizzled out running Candlekeep Mysteries right around the time we were about to start Shemshime. Hoping to start up running at least some one-shots once summer hits, maybe get a D&D game running through work.

Two-time and current EN World Iron DM champion. If you're looking for a mystery-genre romp solo one-shot featuring a shapeshifting protagonist, that's apparently my wheelhouse. :p

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