D&D General Thaco the angry clown... really?

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Goblin Queen (She/Her/Hers)
Yeah, that.

How about the Apprentice Adept series ... which, you know, has a major plot line about, um, who is allowed to wear clothes?

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Biological Disaster
I'm now thinking back to the one Xanth book I read as a kid, and having a lot of realisations about how many really sexist and rather not-okay ideas were in it, and... yeesh.

As to Thaco the clown... I can definitely see why the people it's lampooning would take offence to it. But it feels to me more like self-referential tongue-in-cheek easter egg than attacking a group they feel is "other". Especially since the majority of their current audience probably doesn't even know what thaco is, and the reference is going to fly right over their heads. Still, considering he appears to be an entirely negative character based on an entirely negative stereotype... yeah, probably not something I would have included.

Bill Zebub

“It’s probably Matt Mercer’s fault.”
No one is saying that people shouldn't be offended. People should feel what they feel. We derive meaning and build our identity from a myriad of things and experiences, and that may cause us to atribute a joke directed at something we like as a joke directed at us. That is a natural human response. That said, I think it's valid to differentiate when a joke is pointed at a thing we like (even if I as a person derive identity form it) from when a joke is directed at a person or a group.

...and when a joke directed at a person or group is intended to reinforce a caste system, or has the unintended consequence of doing so.


WotC just can't win for losing.

Remember the old 4e joke about the troll getting pooped on? I mean, it was a pretty obvious send up of internet trolls, and not meant to be a broader joke. But, whoah, did folks take that one personally.

And, here we are, ten years later, and a teeny, tiny joke, a bit of a send up that's not even really mean spirited, becomes a major issue. Sorry folks, but, if this joke gets your back up, perhaps a little self assessment might be in order. Why does this joke bother you? Otherwise, we're back to people losing their poop because WotC mentions cloud watching.

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