That Full D&D Renault Commercial Is Here And It Features Tiamat And Venger!


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Thank you both. I've only read the first two and following to the reading order, I shouldn't even read those two according to the author himself.

If it wasn't that expensive in French, I would buy them all.
Guards Guards and Mort are the best starting places, in my opinion. Small Gods and Wyrd Sisters are good too.

The first two books are hilarious, but they're pure farce (in the style of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy). That's an upside to some people and a downside to others (personally, I really like them).

And yes, I highly recommend Discworld. I didn't discover the series until 2015, but I've read all 41 books since then and re-read almost half of those. I imagine it's something I'll be returning to every now and then for the rest of my life.

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Pratchett felt he did not discover plot until Sourcery, which was the fifth book of the Discworld. Going Postal is also a good starting place. There are plot threads, but most of the book can be read as-is starting cold.


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Well, this is the single greatest thing to ever happen in my life, at least for today.

Not sure how the conversation got onto Pratchett, but I enthusiastically second anyone who is suggesting that those unfamiliar with his work read all of it.


I think this is just the first of a mini-series of commercials so expect more to come.

Also I wish they'd re-do the cartoon intro with the original audio using these actors. Just for kicks.

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