That Full D&D Renault Commercial Is Here And It Features Tiamat And Venger!


That D&D-themed Renault commercial in Brazil that we mentioned a few days ago has now arrived in full! And not only does it feature the cartoon heroes in full action mode, it also stars TIAMAT! Plus Uni the unicorn and VENGER! Lucily, the Dungeon Master shows up in a Renault to save them!

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It's only copyright infringement if they did not license the property beforehand.

Whether they actually have the license or not is beyond my knowledge.


Here's the translation until someone makes proper subtitles:

Sheila: Do it, Bobby!
Bobby: Arrrrgh!

(Cave crashes)

Bobby: Uniiii..?

(Venger comes flying)

Hank: It's Venger! Run!
Sheila: Do it, Eric!
Eric: Arrrrgh!

(Car stops near party)

DM: Time to return home, kids!
ALL: Let's go.

(Car pursued by Venger)

Venger: Fools! You'll never escape!
Hank: Go, go, go, go, go!

Eric: Presto, do something!
Venger: Noooooooo!

(Car goes through portal)

Narrator: Leave the impossible behind.

ALL: We're back!
Bobby: Wait... where's Uni?

Narrator: New Renault Kwid Outsider, the Compact SUV.
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The High Aldwin

The funny thing is about six years ago I started writing an updated movie script based on the old D&D cartoons... maybe I should dig it out LOL! :)

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