That Full D&D Renault Commercial Is Here And It Features Tiamat And Venger!

Sometimes I have tried to imagine an official sequel, set in the next generation, but now the older one would be Bobby's child.

An action movie? Yes, but it would be like a clone of Jumanji. Other idea is about DM's pupils caused accidentally by fault of time travel an alternate 80's where D&D are in the modern age, like d20 Urban Arcana, and secret plane-gate to the other world, like the saga "Gate - Thus the JSDF Fought There!".

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Somebody get Netflix and WotC to partner up on this immediately! Hell, they can even use those same actors and do it all in Portuguese. All I know is I want this, and I want it to be exactly like the commercial above (sans car).


Seems like someone in advertisement finally fulfilled a wish he kept since he was a kid in the 80s. The cartoon was very popular in Brazil despite D&D was released only 10 years later. Even now, many people -- such as my wife before we met -- fail to make the connection between the show and the game.
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I have got a idea for a sequel. A new game of augmented reality is the hook for a traps, and the victims are boys abducted toward the other world. A little group of heroes come back to home, but they know they are more still in the other world. Then they have to travel there time after time to rescue them. The members of the group can change sometimes, and somebody become a humanoid (elf, dwarf, half-ogre, aasimar, gnome, halfling, tabaxi....or even a dragon!) in the other world. Some children ride a magictech vehicle what can become a construct mount...(has anybody said "dinobot"?).

We could create a character with the name "Renée Kewid (Kevin-William-Daniel) Outlander" or something like thing like a homage to the spot.
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Yeah, everything was properly licenced.

Renault did an amazing job with the advertising for this car model here in Brazil. When they released it two years ago they did a huge marketing campaign with Marvel Studios and Hulk, at the time of Thor Ragnarok.

The D&D cartoon was very popular here (still is, in fact) and the marketing staff at Renault mentioned that they wanted to use a IP that could be evocative to people of 35-40 years - like me! They just hit the mark!!!

Here are some links of the featurette for the making-off of the D&D commercial and the previous one with Hulk:

D&D commercial featurette (in Portuguese):

Hulk commercial (also in Portuguese):

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