Release That is not dead which can eternal lie - The Black Seal #4 reanimates

Old Castro

As dreamers across the world awaken from their disturbed sleep, The Black Seal magazine stirs from its aeons-old slumber and reanimates into life. The Black Seal #4 is back!

The Black Seal is a fabled modern-day Call of Cthulhu fanzine hailing from the UK. It lasted three issues before succumbing to a mi-go hibernation weapon. Now it’s back with a fourth issue, themed about the persistence of life, and features seven articles and two scenarios.

To celebrate the Seal’s return, we offering the following discount:
25% off (until 11 June 2023) - Order Contents

You can read more about the revived Black Seal #4 and its contents here:
The Black Seal #4 - Sixtystone Press |

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Old Castro

Just a quick update to let you know that the POD version of TBS4 is now available. If you have already purchased the PDF and allow email from publishers you should have received a voucher to buy the POD version for US $7.50.

In case you missed the voucher, here it is again and its valid until 30 June 2023: - Order Contents

If you don't have TBS4 already, feel free to use the voucher above to get a hard copy at a special discount. If you buy the PDF at the standard price as well, that adds up to a 30% discount on the combined PDF+POD price.

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