D&D 5E Thay Land of the Red Wizards Available From Realms Creator Ed Greenwood

Thay Land of the Red Wizards is a Forgotten Realms supplement by Forgotten Realms creator Ed Greenwood, plus Alex Kammer and Alan Patrick. The 108-page books is available in PDF ($17.99) and hardcover ($39.99) over on the DMs Guild.


Known to the wider Forgotten Realms® as a sinister land of Red Wizards, slavers, and marching undead armies, Thay is the distant—or uncomfortably close—menace that “may become our doom if Szass Tam turns his attention in our direction.”

And Thay is that, but it is also so much more. A truly magical land (thanks to a secret that even the goddess Mystra helps to keep) of rich culture, a rising middle class, ambitious nobles and Red Wizards who fear Szass Tam more than they hate him, but may soon be forced to defy him, and wealth beyond the imaginings of even wealthy and proud realms elsewhere.

This tome is your guide to the Thay of right now, a valuable resource for Dungeon Masters and players alike. It sets forth the people and places of the Land of Red Wizards, what life is like, and seeds, hints, and secrets sufficient to spur adventures for years of enjoyment at your gaming table.


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Before you purchase this, consider Ed Greenwood's seeming support for nuTSR

Greggy C

Before you purchase this, consider Ed Greenwood's seeming support for nuTSR
Ed has never said a bad word about anyone at any time, and for you to write such a thing implying anything other than he is an upstanding person, is quite disgusting.

Ed is an incredibly kind and answers every question on twitter about the forgotten realms with paragraphs of new canon.
He is very generous with his time and will be interviewed, join podcast and live streams, regardless of who asks, just because D&D and writing is his passion. To incorrectly assume something, without having watched the stream...
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Greggy C

I did actually watch the stream, unfortunately, and was disappointed by both Greenwood and Kask. I link to some specific moments here; feel free to watch and make your own determination.
Please provide a quote of words that Ed said that was problematic, if you can't just shut up.

Do you even know who Ed is? The creator of the Wotc default setting, the Forgotten Realms. He is the beloved father of Faerun who wrote a hundred books for TSR and Wizards of the Coast. He is a wizard, magician, much beloved and much respected. If you tried to disparage his name on any modern social media platform your voice would be quashed quickly. Thats the problem with these old forums where any old uninformed twit can come and post a link and invent their own untruthful and dishonest opinion.

The guy is probably 100 years old having survived a heart attack, and the fact you would come here, try to besmirch and take a mans remaining career and livelihood away, its just incredible and speaks to the person you are at your core. I think you need to take a hard look in the mirror.

We are Eds customers, how would you like it if someone came to your place of work and talked to your boss and explained that you were going around creating a web of lies trying to take away a kind old man's legacy.
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Did people like the Border Kingdoms one?
I didn't read it cover to cover only bits and pieces. I found that it made mention of areas that aren't detailed in the book and had to look up those areas elsewhere online. The map in the book is small although a .pdf did come with my purchase of the softcover. A political map or at least kingdom boundaries would have helped. I found it hard to figure out where one area/kingdom started and ended, but the premise of the Border Kingdoms is that they are constantly in flux so I just made stuff up. There's a lot of detail in typical Ed Greenwood fashion but it seemed like reading a wall of text at times and hard to parse out the important stuff, but it's probably just how the book is formatted. Not positive but I think this was their first FR product for DMs Guild, so I'd think that by 3 books later they're probably only getting better. I liked what I did read, is it great, no, but definitely more than enough to run an extended campaign in. I thought it was worth the money.


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Does the supplement include some background infos about the current Zulkirs?
It does have the names of the Zulkirs for most school (a couple vacant they explain) and what they are doing now but no stat blocks for them. Ex is Valindra for necromancy. Roughly 2 pages that covers the the Zulkirs and their schools.


Wonder how much of this got neutered down because people can't handle actual villainy? Like the entire fact that it's a nation based on slave labor and other exploitation?
when has ed ever watered something down? I am not a huge fan of his creations, although I like HIM as a person/player/creator, but I was under the impression he didn't care for watering down settings.

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